ok I must ask what is with people and blond hair. I read about forty stories and ALL of the girls were blond.
I personally like dark hair and unnatural hair(white, blood red, green, blue, purple etc.).
Lias eyes are sort of like the Picture for the story just hers are brighter.
Ok well I'm going to be evil and you shall see why.

I walked out of Jamies room and in to our dining room. I was tired and was about to go get something to eat.

"Lia" My fathers voice reached my ears and I turned to him.

"yea dad" I saw his suitcase in his hand.

"Vivica will be coming to pick you up in the morning" I looked at him with a puzzled expression. He walked fast until he was a foot away.

"you will forget that boy. Jack Frost. He will forget you and you him. He was meant to not have a single memory but he got one a small one of his family but not anymore. You will forget and so will your friend" He said sternly and griping my jaw.

"bu-" He pulled out a small pouch.

"Take care of your brother" He hugged me then threw green prouder in my face. It was thick and hard to breath. I was choking I slowly blacked out.

Jack p.o.v.

I was flying away from the room that Lia was in. Her voice was beautiful and it made me smile.
I instantly started to choke. I grabbed my neck trying to breath. I stared to fall. I was maybe two hundred feet in the air. The impact was going to hurt. My eyes closed as I was feet away from the ground.

Violets p.o.v.

I was laying in my bed twiddling with a calculator.
I felt drowsy suddenly. I grabbed my remote and opened the window.
I felt something enter my lungs and clouded my mind. I couldn't breath. I tried to call out for my mom or dad. Nobody came. I blacked right in front of my door.

1 Year and somewhat months later
Lia P.o.v.

I was walking down the street when the wind picked up and cooled my overly warm body.
Easter was in two week and the children were buzzing with excitement from the fact we had a snow day today.
There was a bit of morning frost covering the ground.
I was on my way home from my job. Dance was still my favorite thing besides drawing of coarse.

"SNOW DAY" I heard a familiar voice shout with happiness.
Where have I heard that voice before.

"oh well gotta get home to Vivica and Sophie" After dad left he didn't comeback we went to Vivicas like dad told me. She had rooms set up already.
Her daughter was so adorable.
Her hair was long and blond most of the time messy. I covered her face a lot of the time.
She loved the easter bunny so I often told her made up adventures of him. I walked up to the house just in time to see Jamie and his friends run towards the park across the street.
I sat down with Sophie who had followed them outside. Vivica came and put a hat on Jamies head.

"you don't want Jack Frost nipping at your nose" She said with a laugh.

"who is Jack Frost" He asked adjusting his hat.

"nobody important" She said heading back inside.

"HEY" I heard the voice from earlier protest. I stood and looked around for the owner of the voice but nobody was to be seen.

"weird" I whispered to myself.
I watched as a snowball fight broke out between my brother and his friends.
Jamie then hit the most unhappy kid on the block. Her name is cupcake she has a huge obsession with unicorns.
To my surprise she started to laugh and run after them with the head of her snowman.
After afew minutes Jamie started to run with his sled but magically he started to ride all over the road.

"JAMIE" I shrieked. Sophie ran inside to get her lunch.
I ran over to were Jamie was flying through the air on hid sled and he landed with a thump.
He stood up laughing and we all erupted until he was hit with the red couch that fell out of the moving van that swerved when Jamie was sliding on the road.
his arm shot up holding a small white thing.
I chuckled. It was a tooth.
His friends cheered and they went to put it under his pillow.

"ah no. nooo. but we were having so much fun come on" I heard the voice again

"who the hell is talking" I said storming off.
I got home and went upstairs to my room. I took off my coat Violet gave me last year and placed it on my bed.
My room was very spacious. I asked for the attic/loft because I could turn it into a dance space.
Vivica agreed after a little while. She thought that since I am apart of the family I should stay close to everyone. But then I told her about the way I would use the space and she agreed. We made one of the walls a canvas for me to paint on. My room was white walls with different shades of gray shadowing the bottom and I had light gray snowflakes that as you got to the north wall turned to summer which turned to fall and so on.
I grabbed a Black tank top that had "I am frost" printed on it with snowflakes around it I slipped it on as well as dark blue fuzzy pants with white snowflakes on it.

"Whats with me and frost and snowflakes"well I guess its because the snow makes me calm. When I feel sad I go out my window and sit on the point of the roof and lay in the snow and play with it. Its my secret get away.

I turned on Up Is Down - Pirates of the Caribbean, arrangement for piano duet.
I set up my foot position and started to dance.

"right toe, spin, left toe, jump, jump, leap" the random ballet routine went through my head.
The song ended and I wiped the sweat from my brow and walked over to the spring side which was the art space it had boards that sort of blocked it off from the rest of the room.
I looked at my first sketch book.
I flipped open the book to the page I knew so well.
I stroked the page with index and middle finger.
The icy eyes that comforted me so well.

"LIA I NEED YOU TO GO GET MILK" Vivica called out.

"OKAY LET ME GET DRESSED" I shouted and grabbed a pair of tights and a tan tight turtle neck that covered my thighs. I put a pair of knee high fashion boots.
It was warm today so I left my large coat and grabbed my jacket that was designed to look like Night wings suit.
My closet was full of sweaters designed to look like character outfits.
I took off the bff from the Tiara that Violet gave me and I put it on the night stand while I put the tiara on my head.
I ran down the two flights of stairs and kissed on the head Jamie as he was getting ready for supper.

"MOM she is leaving now" Jamie called to Vivica. We got use to calling her that she was just perfect and motherly.

"love you be back soon" she called as I grabbed the money she put on the table near the door. I ran out and felt like some thing was pulling at me screaming to go home.
I got the milk and started to walk home. I saw and smelled smoke I continued walking I saw a house on fire. My heart told me to investigate. I saw firefighters holding back a woman who was screaming.

"MY BABY SAVE HER" she bawled

"we cant nobody can fit" said the man holding her back I dropped the milk and ran towards the flaming door. I kicked it down and ran in.

"HEY DONT GO IN THERE" I heard a man scream but some wood fell and blocked the man from me.

"HEY...HEY KID" I yelled running up the stairs the heat was unbearable. I heard crying at the end of the hall. I ran almost getting hit by exploding and falling wood.

"OK GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR IM KICKING IT DOWN" I heard shuffling and lifted my leg up and kicked it until it went down.
I saw a terrified five year old sitting on her bed surrounded by fire.

"hey little girl whats your name im here to help" I asked putting out my hands to help her.
she continued crying.

"it doesnt matter im going to die" wow strong words for a five year old.

"do you like princesses" I asked examining the burning remains of her room. she nodded.

"okay then come here and you can wear my tiara but you have to hurry" I said pulling it out.
The floor under the bed was cracking. She stood up and was about to jump but every time she moved the bed shifted and the floor cracked.

"I'm scared" she said eyes full of tears.

"I know you are I am and all princesses would be to. Okay on three jump in to my arms ok" she nodded.

"one...two...THREE" she jumped as soon as the bed fell. She was in my arms and I had to get her out now.

"see was that so hard your such a brave princess but its not over yet" I said putting the tiara on her head. I looked out her window. There was a entire squad of cars and what I was looking for...A tree but there wasn't one.

"okay stand right beside me and hold on" I punched the glass because the window wouldn't open. My hand was all bloody it hurt alot but my main goal was to get her out. Even if it meant I didn't.

"BE READY FOR HER" I yell so they can hear me

'Okay I'm going to do a little dance don't look until you feel snow under you and I stop singing okay" I said softly and picked up the girl and ran as fast as I could to the stairs.
I sang Once upon a December.
I twisted dogging the falling wood like I was dancing.
We got to the main hall and I ran raster.
I tripped she went flying out the door and landed in a pile of fresh snow her mother ran and showered her with kisses.

"thank you" I saw her mouth but the cracking of the foundation muted her voice.
I wiggled my foot but it was stuck.
I smiled at the woman and daughter A tear rolled down my face. The little girls eyes widened
The house came down on me.