Phoebe sat in the back seat with Monica, while Chandler drove them to the hospital. She was at their Central Perk with them, moments ago, when her water broke. They, along with Ross and Rachel, were meeting there to go to the opening night of a play Joey was in, and they had an hour before it started. Monica gave Phoebe a sympathetic look, smoothing her friends hair with her hand. "Phoebe, I wish I had some advice for you, but I've never been in labor before!" she said.

"Don't worry, I've done this three times already, and this actually isn't so.." she froze, feeling her first contraction coming on. "Oh my God! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! IT HURTS SO MUCH!"

Getting stressed out, Monica kicked the back of Chandler's seat. "Chandler! For the love of God, get us there faster! Phoebe is in pain!"

"I'm trying! But you yelling at me is not helping!" Chandler said in a panicked tone. He pulled made a turn pulled up in front of the hospital. "We're there! It's ok, nobody panic!" Chandler got out of the car and went around to Phoebe's door and opened it. "Pheebs, are you ok!? Come on, let's get you inside.." He said, reaching down to help her up.

Phoebe grabbed Chandler's arm to pull herself up. She though her contraction was over, but as soon as she moved, she felt the sharp pain hit her again like a ton of bricks. It hurt so much more than she remembered. "Oh, thank God I only have to do this once, this time! Ow, OW! OWWW!" she screamed.

"AHH! OW! OW!" Chandler screamed back, as Phoebe latched onto his arm, squeezing for dear life. "Monica, make her stop! She's hurting me!"

"I can't do anything to her, she's a pregnant woman!" Monica replied, getting out of the car. "Come on, Pheebs, just breath through it! We're almost there! Chandler, where's Joey!?" Monica demanded.

"If I knew that, do you think I'd be the one having my arm twisted off right now! Remember, Pheebs, Joey's the one that did this to you, don't take it out on me! Please!"

Taking a few deep breaths, Phoebe slowly stood up. "Sorry Chandler...I think it's over. God dammit, that hurt! I just hope the baby is ok.."

Monica put her arm around her, helping her ease her way to the front doors. "Don't worry, Pheebs. You and the baby are going to be just fine!"

Chandler rushed to the front desk to check Phoebe in while Monica helped Phoebe inside, so that they could get her in as fast as possible. He reached the receptionist's desk, out of breath. "Hi! Uh...I have a baby...coming out!" Chandler said, gesturing with his hands. The receptionist gave him a strange look. "Oh, no! Not me! Let me rephrase see.."

The receptionist looked around him, seeing Phoebe coming in behind him. "It's alright sir, we'll get her in to see a doctor as soon as possible. Now, are you the father?"

" See, you see, the father is doing this play, but he should be here soon..I hope." Chandler explained. A nurse came over to Phoebe, bringing her a wheel chair to sit in, and handing her a clipboard with some papers.

"We just need you to sign this, and we'll get you into Maternity right away, ok, ma'am?" The nurse said.

Phoebe took the clipboard and pen, and started to write. "God, where is Joey?" she said, suddenly worried. "This wasn't supposed to happen for another 2 weeks! What if he doesn't get here in time?"

"Don't worry, Pheebs, he wouldn't miss this for the world." Monica assured her. She looked up at Chandler when she heard his phone go off. "Is that him?"

Chandler looked at his phone, reading the text message. "No, it's Ross. Him and Rachel are on their way. I'll try calling Joey again."

Chandler took his phone, and stepped aside to call Joey while Phoebe got signed into the hospital. He waited impatiently as it kept ringing. He knew that Joey had taken this job, not expecting the baby to come so soon, and there was the possibility he wasn't answering because he was on stage. He finally got his voice mail and hung up, frustrated. "Oh, pick up, dammit!" he cried, calling the number again.

The lights dimmed to darkness on stage, and Joey heard applause from the audience. It was the first intermission, and his character had just been brutally killed off in the play, about Lizzie Borden. He got off stage before the lights could come on again and went backstage. He was worried, because he couldn't help but notice the 5 empty chairs in the audience where Phoebe and his friends were supposed to be. This wasn't the best gig he'd ever done, but he did it because he knew that him and Phoebe needed money for the when the baby came. Regardless, he was still a little hurt that his friends weren't there. They said they were going to be there tonight, where could they be? He was pacing around backstage, still in costume, and covered in fake blood, when he reached into his pocket for his phone. He had to put it on silent while he was on stage. He saw that he had 5 missed calls from Chandler, so he called his number. Chandler answered on the first ring.

"Joey! Why didn't you answer your phone, man?" he heard him say, sounding frantic about something.

"Uh..because I was on stage. Why, what's going on? Where are you guys?"

"I've been to your plays before, when that hasn't stopped you from answering it! Anyways..we're at the hospital. Phoebe's gone into labor!"

Joey's eyes widened. He felt his heart start pounding with both excitement and anxiety. "Oh my God! She's..she's having the baby!? Right now!? Why didn't you tell me, man!?'s she doing? Is she ok?"

"She's fine, so far. She's had some contractions, so if I were you, I'd get down here as soon as you can, because I don't think this baby is gonna wait much longer!"

"Ok! I'm coming! I'm leaving right now!" He said, hanging up. "I can't believe it..I'm gonna be a dad.." he said to himself. "I'M GONNA BE A DAD!"

The actress playing Lizzie stood nearby, looking at him strangely and still holding her axe.

"Hey, listen, tell the director I had to take off early! Kind of an emergency! I mean, I'm dead here anyways, I don't have anymore lines, right?..I gotta go!" he said, as he rushed past her and ran out the exit to the parking lot and got in his car.