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Chapter 27: A Day of Death

"Did we really have to go to the party?" Ron asked, he had been so bored there.

"We were invited Ron," Hermione replied with a huff of annoyance, "And it would be rude with how excited Nearly Headless Nick is."


"Do you hear that?" Harry said over the bickering of the others.

"What?" The two said in unision. Ron with annoyance and Hermione with curios concern.


The dark haired boy ran down the hall as fast as he could. Following the voice. Dread filling him up, something was going to happen if he didn't hurry. Someone would get hurt, or worse.

"Harry, slow down!" Hermione shouted.

"Keep up 'Mione" Ron responded, only a pace behind their friend.

"Look!" Hermione shouted, pointing to the glimmer blood on the wall.


"That isn't," Ron said timidly, pointing to the hanging lump underneath the threating message.

"Mrs. Noris," Harry breathed out. But why?

"Harry, I don't want to stay here." Hermione said, pulling at his arm. "We should get a professor."

Just as she said that though, a crowd of happy, full students came down the hall. Within seconds all their happy chatter and laughter stopped. All eyes went to the wall then to them, zeroing in on Harry.

"Enemies of the Heir," Draco laughed nastily, feeling secure with his blood line. "You're next Mudbloods."

Argus Filch screamed pushing his way through the crowd, "My cat! Who killed my cat?"

"Out of the way," Severus growled steps behind him, pushing his way pass the children.

"You murdered my poor Mrs. Noris!" Argus grumbled, his eyes piercing Harry.

"No-no, I, um." Harry mumbled, taking sta step back with his arms up.

"Potter, Grander, Weasley." Severus snapped out, wanting to remove them from the whispering crowd. "With me at once."

"Perhaps we can use my office, Professor Snape." Gildery pipped up from behind them. "It's just down the hall. Quite cozy too."

"Yes, yes, just go." Severus touched the boys' shoulders and pushed them in the correct direction. "As for the rest of you, to your dorms at once. Do not let me catch you out of them!"

"We didn't do anything," Ron complained, squirming about.

"Honestly," Harry chimed in.

"Quiet," Severus commanded, staring down at the three.

The three children shuffled about, with Gilderoy babbling in the background. All other members wished that he would simply such up.

"Now, what did you three see?" Severus asked, shutting the door firmly and casting a silencing spell.

"Nothing," Harry mumbled, playing with the ends of his sleeve.

Severus glared at the boy. With a matter this serious, disgruntle teenage attitude was not amusing.

"Really Professor," Ron added, noticing how the man looked. "We saw the cat hanging same as you. We were coming a party."

Neither adult looked pleased to hear of a party. Gilderory likely only because he was not invited.

"Yes professor, Sir Nearly Headless Nick invited us to his Death Day." Hermione added on, hoping that would clarify for the man. "It was dark and dreary, like he likes."

"But that's all we were doing." Harry finished, he didn't want either of them talking about the voice he heard.

"Weasley, Grander, to your dorms. Can I trust you to do so alone?" Severus said, ushering them out. "And do not speak of this to anyone."

"But professor, what about Harry?" Hermione asked, turning around.

"I am in need of him for something else." Snape replied with a glare. "I'm sure you're already aware of our arrangement."

That seemed to be enough for the two. Ron gave him as much of an attitude scowl as he dared, but Severus did not have time for that at the moment.

"Professor," Harry whined out, a bit fearful he would face punishment yet. Sure he wasn't exactly supposed to be out of the dining hall at the time, but it wasn't forbidden either.

"Take a seat Potter," Severus motioned with his hand. A tap of his wand and a cup of pumpkin juice appeared just in front of the boy.

Harry did so cautiously, reaching for the drink. Despite his fright, he had miss dinner.

"You aren't hiding anything from me, are you?" Severus asked pointedly.

Harry sunk down into the chair. Will he even believe me? Hermione did say it was weird even for wizards.

"Omitting information is the same as lying." Severus reminded sternly, his glare seeming to only get worse. "I would hate to find out later that you had done so."

"Now, Severus must you be so hard one him?" Professor Lockhart asked, looking very concerned. "This is Mr. Potter after all."

"Need I remind you that he is under my care, as my ward?" Severus asked cuttingly.

The room was still for a moment.

"No, no." Lockheart mumbled, appearing much like a deflated balloon. "I was merely saying this tragedy is hardly his fault."

Biting his lip, Harry made up his mind. At worse, the professor would think he was making it all up to avoid further trouble. While he didn't want a spanking, he could handle taking one. The man hadn't been all that hard over the bad grade.

Here goes nothing.

"Um," Harry mumbled, gaining the attention of the two adults. He grabbed at the end of his shirt tightly. "I heard a voice."

"A voice?" Lockhart echoed.

"Yes, like the one in your office." Harry ignored the incompetent professor altogether. Snape was clearly the one in charge here.

The Potion master sighed nasally, "Again?"

"Yes sir," Harry whispered, waiting for the inevitable backlash. Who would believe him? A teacher that at best hadn't killed him yet for getting into trouble. Or the blundering idiot.

Severus leaned over him, the man's dark hair covering most of his face. "And you promise me that this is the truth?"

"Yes sir." Harry squirmed into the back of his seat.

"Very well," Severus took a step back, "I believe you."

Relief seemed to floor his very being, "Really?"

"Unless you give me a reason not to, yes." Severus replied, his toe strong but soft. "Now, what does this voice say?"

Harry closed his eyes for a moment. He didn't like thinking about what it said. That cold clammy voice that sent shivers down his spin. "Every time I hear it, it just talks about blood, killing, and tearing."

"Hm," Severus tutted, looking deep in thought.

"Professor?" Harry ventured to ask, "Do you know why I'm hearing this?"

"Sadly, Potter adults do not always have the answers." The man mumbled, glancing over at Lockhart. "However, you are safe here."

"Every," his gaze slide to Lockhart for a moment. "Professor present is highly skilled, you and the others will be protected."

"But of course, Mr. Potter." Lockhart jumped on that opportunity. "I battled hordes of dragons don't you know! Whatever is out there, I'll take care of it for you. No doubt."

Harry nodded, trying his best to look as though he did actually believe it. He would much rather cower behind Snape, no matter how mad the man was with him. At least Snape could do something.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Severus's POV ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"If he is hearing a voice, what does this mean?" the potions master concluded relaying the night's events to the headmaster.

"That, I do not know. But, he has survived the power of the dark lord." Albus said, stroking his pet phoenix. The bird was clearly elderly, matching it's owner quite well. "Perhaps there is a reason why he can hear this voice."

"It's unusual even for wizards." Severus pointed out, frustrated that he knew nothing. There was little he could do with the fragments of information that they had scattered about over the night.

"The answer will come in time, likely when we need it most." The elder man said, sounding hardly concerned at all.

"We do need a plan though." Severus stated, thinking himself what could be done. A stricter curfew for sure. "If this thing were to attack a student…"

"Perhaps you are correct, Severus." Albus stated, standing. "However, Hogwarts will not close while I still live."