Hello this is my first fanfic of any kind. So please be kind. Warning stupid grammar mistakes . plus I kinda like to make Takano suffer just a bit because ,I liking messing with his head so beware of jealousy chapter(s?).


"An-chan wait"! Ristu watched as the young angel flapped her wings , her white gown swaying in the in wind.

" Come on! Ri-han I'll be fine." Her voice rang like bells. She giggled." Now don't you move I need to find more flowers and I don't want you to mess up the crown I just made for you."


Ritsu knew he couldn't deny her anything , and apparently so did she . He was sitting by a large tree surrounded by soft colored petals. His head now decorated by a crown made of pink, yellow and blue colored wildflowers and his wings were tucked in. Had any human been present they would have gasped in amazement for such a pretty picture they made; both angels were indeed beautiful even by their standards.

As An-chan was about to fly away Ritsu realized something.

"Wait! An-chan!"

" What! What is it?"

" Come here for a second I've got something to give you"

The young angel nodded and flew back to Ritsu .

Ristu then unfolded his wings , his beautiful snow colored wings expanding to their full length. He then plucked a single feather off his back.

"Ritsu!" "What are you doing!" the young angel stared at Ritsu with confusion.

"Don't worry, I know I'm doing " Ritsu held the feather in front of him and closed his eyes chanting softly . An-chan watched curiously and then her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing . It was a ritual that certain higher upper angels could do, this of course included all the arch angels. She knew that Ritsu was strong ,but until this moment she hadn't realized just how much advanced he was. The feather would act as a shield from most demons; large amounts of purifying energy condense into a single feather, it took a lot of discipline to center ones energy into such a small space. The feathers glowed with pale light. Ritsu opened his eyes and kissed the feather.

"Here" An-chan took it gingerly in her hands. She then watched as Ritsu plucked another feather and kissed it.

"Ritsu?" the young angel tilted her head. "What's that one for?"

"This, will bind us for now. If you need help just whisper into your feather and I'll hear it in mine, I don't think you'll need it but just in case"

An-chan leaped at Ritsu arms ready to hug.

"Thank you Ri-chan!, I"ll be back soon . Promise!" With that the young angel left Ritsu and flew toward a meadow not too far away.

Ritsu smiled, he knew he was being too protective but one couldn't be too sure. They were in the human world, grant it the humans couldn't see them but that didn't mean demons couldn't.

The war between the angelic and demonic may have been temporarily stopped but that didn't mean attacks would. Ritsu sighed and breathed in the sweet smells around him, he felt at peace. Little did he know a storm was approaching.

Demon world (few mintues before)

Takono's Pov

" Please…. Don't, I'm sorry!"

It was pathetic. He was the last of them. They had attacked him! And now this piece of sh*t had the nerve to plead for his life.

I laughed.

He was still begging. I walked slowly toward him, a twisted smile glued on my face, knowing that he was probably shitting his pants now. He should be. After all, he just watched me slice through his friends with my bare claws, and now he was next. I wanted to take my time with this one though, mess with his mind.

"p-please… " he whimpered

I was standing above him now.

" YOU wanted to kill ME," I reminded him. "YOU wanted to take over MY title."

"…..". Couldn't say a thing NOW could he?

"See I'm…. I'm very possessive over my things. "

I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled his face closer to mine.

I traced a single claw against his face and drew blood, he whimpered.

" YOU wanted to take something that is MINE . That is something I can't forgive"

Then I slammed my claws into his chest, he gasped in pain. I kept my eyes on his, his eyes were full of terror. Just the way I liked it.

I grabbed his heart and squeezed, feeling its erratic pulse. "No, I can't forgive" with that I squeezed harder and burst his heart open. He cried in pain. And then there was silence.

I stared around me , nothing but corpses. All in a days' worth, I guess. I looked at my claws still drenched in blood and started to lick, I didn't particularly like the taste ,it was mostly out of habit.

I sighed. Man these bastards never stopped.

I was tired, They had interrupted his nap. I guess this is an occupational hazard. Being the demon king of the North had its advantages, but now I wondering if it was worth it. Bastards always tried to prove themselves and tried to "overthrow" him. It was Funny how they always ended begging for their lives.

I yawned.


I was about head home, but then a thought came me.

Yeah .

I could go to That place.

I quickly summoned a portal and then I was off. To the place I was never bothered. The place I could be in peace. Under a huge Cherry tree, my favorite place to nap. It was the perfect place. Everyone knew, that if the fucked with my spot, I'd tear them a new one.

It was mine spot. I'd be damned if someone took what was mine.