CHAPTER 2 warning Takano has a bit of a potty mouth. Please pardon his speech.

Takano's POV

I walked through the forest, enjoying the peace and quiet, something that seemed so distant in my hectic life.

I leaned my head back and breathed in the scents around me, searching. Making sure there was no one else around.

Like I said, I don't share.

I sniffed the air, not finding anything until….THERE!

"Damn it!" I swore under my breath, I recognized the scent. I followed it, and wouldn't you know it, the damn thing's scent was in my spot.

"Damn birdbrains can't stay in their fucking nest!"

Damn how I hated the angels, always so damn righteous about every damn thing. War or no war I wasn't about to let those birdbrains take what was mine. Heck even if the angel was just near my spot I would've killed it, No fucking way I was going to get any rest with their insufferable laughter, and giggles and overall stupidity.

I sighed, and began to walk toward it, concentrating on making my presence disappear. I wasn't going to exert more energy, just sneak up on it and smash the damn thing's head in. Bitch move I know, but honestly I wasn't going to risk the chance of messing up MINE spot, for some birdbrain.

I stalked between the trees, till was only a few steps from my tree.

And then. In one moment my world was flipped on its side.

I felt my breath hitch. My eyes widened at the sight.

Sitting under the cherry tree surrounded by wild petals of pink and yellow and blue sat the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. Soft light brown hair, glowing pale skin with lips plump and pink, a crown of flowers decorated his heart shaped face.


He looked up and I saw his eyes. Green, beautiful pools filled with wonder and curiosity. If I had a heart I'm sure it would've stopped.

"Whatever you are, please come out" he spoke so suddenly I was taken aback.

"I can feel your presence, so please come out"

I was surprised, I'd hidden my presence completely, and yet he had noticed my presence. I felt myself smile, and become uncharacteristically curious.

Not wanting to make him wait any longer I started to make my move.

Third pov

Ritsu sat there waiting, he had called but no one had answered, he thought he was going paranoid. That is until he felt a shift in the wind, the presence was back. Ritsu looked at the trees in front of him and then all of a sudden it was there. He was there. Ritsu, looking very much looking like a deer in head lights, found himself staring back at Takano. Takano smirked at the young angel as he watched the look of pure shock wash over him. Ritsu finally remembering how to breathe jumped up and tried to put as much distance between the stranger and himself. Finding his nerve he stood his ground and got ready to defend himself.

"State your business" Ritsu's voice was calm and steady despite his racing heart. The demon before him was at least a head taller, he was slender but toned, his muscular form could be made out through his very fitted clothing, his hair looked like a raven's wing and contrasted perfectly with his flawless pale skin. His eyes though, were his most distinctive trait , glowing faintly his amber eyes resembled a wolf's. Hungry and playful. Ritsu felt trapped he couldn't help but stare at those golden orbs.

Takano chuckled

"I'm not doing anything wrong, am I?"" am I not allowed to take a stroll?"

Ritsu narrowed his eyes. "Answer my question what do you want? ""And may I remind you that You were the one hiding! Of course I have a reason to be suspicious!"

Takano remained silent, not bothering to answer, he was too busy taking in all the features he hadn't seen before.

The young angel's gown hung loosely and barely reached his knees, revealing slight curves and slender limps. The angel looked so sweet so alluring.

Takano for the most part had never been fond of sweets, but he definitely wouldn't mind taking a bite of such a delectable looking morsel.

"You haven't answered my question, what do you want?" Ritsu practically screamed. He didn't like being snuck up on and he definitely didn't like to be ignored.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head; I won't hurt you ,I just want to get to know you better." Takano's mouth curved as he spoke an idea had popped in his mind. And he liked it.

Instinctively Ritsu answered.


He didn't have time to react as Takano flung his arms around him, clutching him close. He felt a dark mist surround him, and soon his body felt very heavy. Scared and helpless he clutched at the feather that linked him and An-Chan.

He felt weak and soon began to lose his sight.

His strength left him and soon he fell into darkness.