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Second, I apologize for language and cultural details. While I am an anime and manga fan, I'm not that big of an otaku to be fluent in the culture and language. However, I am a stickler for details so I will try to get the honorifics and linguistic lingo correct. Hopefully as I write I will become better at those things. This is one of the reasons why I am writing fan fiction because I want to improve my writing, and working within these cultural parameters will help me become a better writer.

Thirdly, in the case of this story, I will be using conventions that I know are true where I live (U.S.A.), but it might not be true in Japan, the setting of these stories. Again, I apologize for the disparity, but I find it is necessary for the story.

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Heart on the Mend


It was quick. It usually was; she did not want to spend time thinking about what she was doing. She did not want the guilt to weigh her down any more than it already was. Her silken veils lash through the air breaking the sound barrier like the crack of a whip. The white ribbons impact their targets with violent but non-lethal impact. She abhorred her actions enough; the thought of killing her victims would be ludicrous.

She stepped over a fallen female form, tugging down the back of the victim's shirt, she whispered, "By the veil of my contract, my Ashikabi's nightmare will be dispelled." After the last words of the norito passed between her lips, silken veils fluttered in the wind, whisking her away before the unconscious boy lying close by could wake up. That's when the cries of anguish would come and she could not bear witness to that. The pain of her actions was already too much for her to bear.


Sahashi Takami watched from the helicopter cockpit as the recovery crew retrieved the body. The team had to sedate the former ashikabi before they could complete the job. An MBI ambulance was already on the scene to take him to an affiliated hospital where he would receive care and counseling, not that any of it would help in dealing with such a loss. With a sigh, the ashen haired scientist pulled a cigarette from a package with her teeth and lit it. This was the third sekirei eliminated anonymously. There was no sign of the victor of this battle anywhere. They had a sekirei assassin on their hands, and she did not like it one bit. Not that it mattered, it was all part of that crazy bastard's game, wasn't it? When she heard the doors of the chopper slide shut, she signaled the pilot to take them up. No time to dawdle, there were still scores of other sekireis out there to monitor and keep her busy.


With slumped shoulders, Sahashi Minato plodded away from the campus of Shinto Teito University. Another year, another failure, he hoped this wasn't becoming a pattern. He even tried those relaxation techniques that one of his tutors at cram school taught him. None of it seemed to work. Minato pulled out his cell phone and hesitated before dropping it back into his pocket. He would call his mother later, maybe after he had a plan for the future figured out. His mom would have numerous questions and he wanted some answers before being interrogated.


That one didn't go as planned, she thought as she put some pressure on the throbbing wound on her shoulder, blood seeping through her veils. Her sekirei powers would eventually accelerate the healing process; she just needed to find a place to let her body mend itself. She dropped down into an alleyway and wedged herself between two dumpsters, not the most sanitary place to recover, but that was of little concern now. Her head lolled back against the concrete walls of the building behind her. She blinked as her vision started to blur as if she was plunged into the depths of the ocean. Maybe her powers wouldn't be enough to save her this time. She might die here, leaving behind a pile of bloody veils amidst the other bits of trash. Maybe it was for the best, her existence not being anything special at the moment. Then again, she would leave her behind, her dear beloved Chiho…