Earth: February 24, 2001, 1800 hours

Doggie stands by Kat for a picture taken by Danny. They were put up to this, he remembers, looking at a younger him, hovering awkwardly by Kat's side. Kat looks lovely, though it's different to see her hair less curly than it is now. He remembers being glad Danny took the photo, though; Kat is wearing a red dress that looks simply divine on her.

Earth: June 26, 2010, 1600 hours

Kat stands with Doggie in the newly installed zords bay. She remembers how grumpy he was at the initial idea for it but he lightened up when he saw what she had done with the place. That was also the day she discovered the joy of a yellow popsicle, half of which she is holding in the picture—it matches her yellow tank top.

Earth: September 3, 2025, 1100 hours

A commemorative photo to mark the beginning of B–Squad, when Jack and Z were first brought in. No one seems particularly happy in this photo.

Earth: October 31, 2025, 1900 hours

Syd demanded they take a picture with costumes on. After a month of getting more used to each other things seem more at ease. Syd is dressed as a fairy, while Sky stands beside her sternly dressed up in his cadet uniform (creative). Bridge is either Peter Pan or a very low–budget Robin Hood. Z and Jack, a little unfamiliar with the tradition, are more or less dressed as each other; Z wears oversized red clothes while Jack has his hair in a ponytail, wearing all yellow. Kat took this picture; Doggie refused to indulge their "silliness" in any way.

Earth: November 11, 2025, 11:11 hours

Boom took this picture, in honor of the SPD officers who fell during past wars. Kat made sure to include the honoring of Commander Cruger's rank of active officer in the ceremony, for which everyone paid their respects. They also set off paper cranes for the victims of the Troobian forces. Cruger sent one off for Isinia. Kat sent one off for her husband and unborn son.

Earth: December 24, 2025, 2000 hours

Syd overdid it on the Christmas spirit, though she managed to squeeze some out for Hanukkah, alleviating her crushing aura of cheer. She has them all gather around the tree she erected and everyone is actually pretty happy. Even Cruger smiles a little bit. This might be because Kat has her arm hooked through his, leaning on him heavily so he'll smile "just a little".

Earth: December 25, 2025, 1700 hours

Kat managed to make them a beautiful Christmas/Hanukkah dinner, despite the fact that all Cruger could find in the fridge was a box of baking soda, half a loaf of bread, what could have been part of a chicken once, and a banana. The table is beautiful, and Kat's smile is even more so.

Earth: December 25, 2025, 2200 hours

Boom took this one of Cruger and Kat under the mistletoe. While Cruger tries to object, saying that Kat doesn't have to do anything she didn't want to, she is already leaning up to kiss him gently. He demanded the photo from Boom, but didn't destroy it like you would think.

Earth: January 1, 2026, 0000 hours

Kat grabs Cruger's collar and crushes his lips against hers—he does not complain.

Earth: April 4, 2026, 1100 hours

A kind of after photo for B–Squad. Jack stands to the side with Cruger and Kat. Sky wears red well, with Bridge in Green. Z and Syd proudly reclaim their usual colors. They smile.