Letty didn't know it as she straightened from under the hood of the car, but he was watching her. They had been together for close to ten years, they had known each other for almost twenty. But no matter how long it had been, Dom still caught himself staring at the girl who once dared him to kiss her then cried when he had.

He tilted his head as she stretched out her tired muscles before tugging the band from her hair and letting it fall loose around her shoulders. It reminded him of a chocolate waterfall, one he wanted to bury his face into. If he was closer he would smell the coconut shampoo she used.

His eyes squinted slightly as he focussed on her lips. He loved her lips; the way she bit the top one when she was agitated or concentrating, and how they pursed together when she said his name. The thing he loved most was the tiny, almost imperceptible scar in the dip of her upper lip. At times he was sure he could practically feel it when he kissed her. Her laugh was confident, free and infectious and her voice had a rasp that could make him shudder. When she spoke in Spanish he knew she could get him to do anything she wanted. She knew it too.

His own lips suddenly felt dry and he swiped his tongue across them before continuing his observation of her. Her cheeks were touched pink with the heat and hard work, and he spotted small droplets on her dark brows, brows that were currently knitted together in thought, framing her eyes. Those eyes. Ever since they were small, Dom swore whenever she looked at him, she was staring right through into his soul or reading his mind. She had a way of sensing his feelings, sometimes before he even knew that was what he felt and he could keep no secrets from her, she would always know if he was hiding something.

Her arms lifted above her head in another stretch, leaving a gap between her top and jeans. A grin spread across his face as the gentle curve of her stomach was exposed. Letty had always been petite and he enjoyed teasing her, saying she was like a Chihuahua, small but feisty. He knew she hated getting bigger but he was obsessed by measuring her growing stomach. Soon he would have to stop letting her work on cars. In three months it would no longer just be the two of them. No more 'Dom and Letty against the world'. No more 'Bonnie and Clyde' as others called them. He wondered if motherhood would mellow her, but he doubted it.

"Stop staring, Dom."

His eyes snapped back to hers, seeing her amused look. He just smiled. Of course she knew he was watching her. He brought her into his arms. She was everything to him, his best friend and partner in crime, lover... She was the mother of his child.

"I have a question for you, Lett." He couldn't wait to add wife to the list.