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Anyway enjoy the show. Once again I say this is a prototype idea.

Chapter 1-What left behind

This story all begins with a young boy a new comer of fighting. Who wishes to be known as number one and respected by others, a young child at heart but body of a warrior who destiny surrounds him in darkness and light.

His name is Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto Uzumaki, a boy born with a cruel destiny...
Naruto was born in a village hidden in the leaves. But fate was cruel to him during the night of his birth. Losing both of his parents and having the nine tailed fox Kurama within. Naruto dealt with sixteen years of hatred.
But within that hatred he found a way of dealing with it. Making friends from enemies and as some friends became enemies.
Naruto grew and become one of the most powerful ninjas there was.

The village idiot some would say but young Naruto Uzumaki has climb from the ranks of his weakness and has grown to be a powerful ninja. In the village hidden in the leaves the will of fire that burns within his soul has many times given him strength to overcome many challenges.

At last there were tough and hard times with his childhood but none the less stop him from becoming leader of his village. His number one dream but shortly an event that nearly left Naruto to a point of being helpless after a special promise he made to a friend.

After losing a ninja whom he believed was worthy of being called his best friend. Naruto sent out on a three years training around the world with the Toad Sage Jiraiya, who was one of the students of the third Hokage and was one of the three Sannins.

For three years the two traveled together discovering new lands and meeting new people. Some became new friends and some became new enemies. But none of it would matter, once those three years were up Naruto and Jiraiya would return to the land where Naruto calls home.

However the bonds Naruto made within the new lands he has discover within three years, won't let go. There are some bonds that are worth keeping and some that are just unbreakable to shatter, Naruto will discover very soon.

He is not alone as he think nor is he the idiot many believe he'd to be.

It wasn't long after seven months since his return. Naruto Uzumaki has encountered many difficult challenges. Gaara's kidnap, a new Team Seven form, Sasuke sided with Orochimaru completely, the Akatsuki high on Naruto's tail, learning and controlling a new Jutsu and while doing so try to control the power of the Nine Tails.

These seven months were difficult for Naruto to handle.

Naruto's Apartment:
Naruto woke up in the morning; it has been raining for three days. Naruto watch the rain as the sound of rain reminded him of the day he left the modern lands and return back home. Naruto didn't want to leave behind everything he has made and done and everyone he has met and became friends with.

Flash Back:

"Pervy-sage, why can't I say goodbye to them?" Naruto said as Naruto and Jiraiya were in the courtyard.

"Naruto, you don't belong in that world. The both of us don't belong here. We are part of a world on the other side, and that side we will remain." Jiraiya said without looking back.

"That doesn't make sense! Pervy-sage you got to be kidding me, why. Tell me why? Everything seems perfect for me, I made new friends, and I saved and helped a lot of people." Naruto said as his heart ache with being force to go back to his home land.

"Naruto you idiot, do think Konoha allow you to leave? Why do you think I'm here with you, so Konoha would know their knuckle head ninja didn't leave them behind, he didn't betray them by joining another village. Or leave behind those cares about you." Jiraiya said.

"Why should I even care about them?!" Naruto shouted "Why should I even give a single FUCK ABOUT THEM?! They wanted me gone! All I am to them is an annoying ninja, a dead last, a drop out an outcast! If it wasn't for me Tsunade-baa-chan wouldn't become Hokage, if it wasn't for me who would stop and save Gaara?!" Naruto growled.

"And if it wasn't for you, then Sasuke Uchiha may have stayed in Konoha. You made a promise Naruto, or did you forget? You made a promise and swore to me that you will stop at nothing to save and bring back Sasuke Uchiha. Or does Naruto Uzumaki can't keep his promise, breaking his ninja code his ninja way. I know what all of this seem to you Naruto. But the Fourth Hokage and Third sacrifice their lives for the sake of the village. You yourself would do the same would you not? You want their respect wasn't that your dream?" Jiraiya said as the toad sage cross over his arms.

"Damnit," Naruto bare his teeth.

"There are some things that never should happen. This is one of them, but think about it Naruto. You did great good here yes, but you also did brought harm as well. Remember the day of your training, the seal nearly cracked." Jiraiya said with a frown.

"That is because YOU touch it." Naruto snarl.

"Even so, I wasn't the one who put Kasumi in a coma for a month." Naruto's fists cracked.

Naruto let out a sigh while frowning. Jiraiya placed his right hand on Naruto's left shoulder.

"I'm sorry Naruto I truly am, but happiest comes with a price all ninjas must bare." Naruto look at his godfather, Jiraiya saw Naruto's eyes were blood red but soon vanish as they return to their original blue.

"I made a promise, Naruto Uzumaki never break his promise. You win Pervy-sage...let go home." Naruto was frowning but deep down on the inside. He was furious as his heart was in such pain. He felt as if it was ripped out and was spat on. Naruto hated Jiraiya for what he said, but deep down he knew Jiraiya was cruel and cold he was to the young boy.

"Hey…pervy-sage." Naruto's voice caught Jiraiya's attention.

"Yeah?" Jiraiya asked as he turned his back.

"You think I could have lived a good life here? Jinchuuriki or not?" Naruto's question was.

Jiraiya fall silence which angered the young Uzumaki. Naruto bare his teeth and held out his right hand as energy started to gather together within his right palm.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto shout.

"You idiot." Jiraiya dodge Naruto's Rasengan and strike him where the seal was. Naruto felt Jiraiya putting chakra into his seal. Naruto fell to his knees.

"Damn you…" He said before he fell to floor blacking out.

"I'm sorry Naruto, truly I am but you're just too important. Even if you did enjoy this new life the Akatsuki would track you down even to this place." Jiraiya picked Naruto up placing him over his right shoulder.

Jiraiya looked back one last time before he ran off with Naruto. Leaving behind a life worth so much to Naruto Uzumaki.

End of flashback:

Naruto stood up from his bed and looked over at a desk. He remain silence for a moment, he let out a sigh. The young Uzumaki went over to the desk and grab a piece of paper and start to write. For what he wrote was unknown to all but him.

It took him about four hours to finish what he wanted. Once done there were over ten letters beside him all finish.

Knock, knock, knock!

Naruto heard the sound of someone knocking on his door. Naruto answer the door only to smile who was there.

Kakashi Hatake Naruto's former Sensei of Team Seven.

"Naruto, you wanted to speak with me? Shizune told me you wanted have a word. So what's up?" The copy ninja asked his young student.

"Actually there I needed you to do a little favor for me." Naruto smiled. Kakashi stare at the young ninja wondering what he wanted him to do. Naruto hand Kakashi ten letters as each of them had a different location, location that Kakashi wasn't familiar with.

"Can you send a messager hawk to deliver this letters for me? I never really know how to do this, so can ya help?" The Uzumaki asked.

"Do I get something out of this?" Kakashi ask his young student, but the young ninja shook his head.

"No, but you will be helping me out. I am delivering letters to some friends of mine. I made during my travels with pervy-sage. It would really big help if you would do this Kakashi-Sensei." Kakashi saw Naruto's smile was filled with hope. Kakashi gave a nod and did what his young student ask of him.

"Ok, but first deliver the first three together and the deliver the rest with two." Naruto told Kakashi. Kakashi looked a bit confuse for a moment. Naruto sigh at first but point and told Kakashi which letters should be delivers in what order and with what type of bird should be the one to do it.

Once he left Naruto's apartment. Kakashi flip from one letter to the next, as one each one was for a different person.

Douglas, Hayabusa village, Kasumi, Doo San, Rochefort, Kazama were the main name Kakashi saw as he didn't look at the last four letters. He was surprise how many letters Naruto wanted him to deliver.

Two weeks later: Somewhere in the Modern lands

A large hawk flew in the sky as the brown color hawk flew over what appears to be a large village. The brown hawk flew down towards the village as the Hawk flew inside a small tower. Inside the small tower were two men who had messager birds like the ones in Konoha but a bit different from theirs.

The two men open the small black box that the hawk carried on its back. The two men found about four villages as each letter were tie for the Hayabusa village but each of them was written for four different people that lived within the village.

"I'll deliver these at once." One of the two men said.

The man grabs the letters and quickly left the tower to deliver the letters to one whom was within the village at the moment.

Hayabusa village's shrine temple:

Upon entering the temple grounds, at the temple grounds was there was a young woman with long beautiful black hair. The young woman wore white shine maiden outfit.

"Shrine Maiden Momiji!" The man called her name. Momiji turned to see who called her name. The man walks over to the Shrine Maiden and hand over the letters to her.

"For me?" She asked the man.

"These letters they were sent by someone of the name Uzumaki. There four letters, one for you, Master Ryu, Ayane and Kasumi." The man told Momiji. Momiji was surprise by the news.

The man gave Momiji the letters as the man bow his head to the shrine maiden and took leave quickly. Momiji as she looked at the letters she has within her grasps.

'Ryu, Ayane are out on a mission. And Kasumi is out as well. I'll wait for them to return to tell them the news. Huh what's this?' Momiji thought. She saw that the letters were open. The seal on the letters were broken as Momiji could sense Naruto's chakra on each of the letters seals. Momiji sat down on the stairs of the temple and decide to read the letter with her name on it.

Dear Momiji

Hey Momiji-chan. It's me Naruto. I know it's a bit of a surprise to get a letter from me. I know you and everyone else is mad at me or not. I'm not sure how everyone felt when I leave. I'm not sure if you hate me or would call me a baka for leaving ha-ha-ha.

Anyway if you're reading this letters this mean I am either dead or I still never gain what I always wanted from my village. Either way, this is my goodbye letter to you Momiji-chan. If it wasn't for you or your skills as a shrine maiden I would have been dead that day when my seal nearly cracked.

I wanted you to know that I truly care about you and that the bond between us was worth it. I truly mean it, I always thought I was a failure and that I could never become a great ninja. But you and everyone show me there is more than knowing Jutsu and being stealth to understand what it means to be a ninja.

Thank you Momiji

Love Naruto Uzumaki

Momiji frown for what she read. Her right hand tighten up in a fist. But suddenly she noted there was more as she saw a little arrow pointing to the back of the letter. Momiji turned around and saw more written down.

PS-I may not ever gain what I want from my village. But I know within the Hayabusa village I have friends that love and care about me. Though I am a Jinchuuriki, the Hayabusa village made me know that I too am a human being. I Naruto Uzumaki am a Ninja.

One day we will meet again.

"SIS!" A familiar voice called out to Momiji. Momiji look to see Sanji. Sanji was one of the young ones whose dream is become the best ninja of the Hayabusa and hope one day to become Ryu Hayabusa's student.

"Sanji," Momiji said while smiling.

"Sis, Master Ryu and Ayane have return." He informs Momiji. Sanji noted something while staring at Momiji.

"Sis, why are your crying?" He said. Momiji gasp as she caught herself crying. Momiji wipe her tears away.

"It's nothing Sanji. Can you tell Ryu and Ayane to come here, there's something I want them it's very important." Sanji nod his head and ran off quickly.

'Naruto, I really hope you're doing well. I really do.' Momiji thought.

Somewhere in France:

Young twenty-three year old Helena Douglas the illegitimate daughter of the deceased Fame Douglas, once a former opera singer now, Helena is now the current-head leader of the Dead or Alive Tournament and of DOATEC

Alone within her office, Helena had her eyes closed while letting out a small sigh. She open her eyes when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." She said.

The doors open as a bald dark skin man wearing a black colored suit enters the room. The man ran over to Helena's desk while panting hard for a moment to catch his breath.

"Helena, you got a letter you're not gonna believe who's it's from." The man known as Zack said with a smile.

Being curious what this letter was from whom? Zack hand over the letter too Helena. There was silence for a moment until Helena's blue eyes widen.

"But this is from." Helena gasp as Zack nodded.

"Ya got that right. I knew it my boy didn't chicken out on us. I read my letter but he said your letter is a bit more special if ya dig what I mean ya know?" Zack laughed while Helena looked away as her cheeks lighten up.

Helena read her letter. Zack could see some disappointment in Helena's beautiful blue eyes. But however, when she closed her eyes for just a second.

"Zack," She said.

"Yes Ms. Helena?" He asked.

"I want to have a meeting with the ninjas, but also a few special guests." A large smile came across Helena's face.

"Yes Ma'ma." Zack nods.

Few weeks later somewhere in Konoha:

There was a knock on Naruto's door. It was seven in the morning, Naruto was bit of having a visitor in the morning especially early of this hour?

Naruto answer the door only to be greeted by Kakashi Hatake.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei what brings you here?" The Uzumaki yawned.

"Lady-Tsunade would to see you. You have a visitor waiting for you." Kakashi said.

"Baa-chan and there's someone who wants to meet me?" Kakashi nodded.

"Get dress lady-Tsunade wants you now." Naruto nod and went to get dress.

Tsunade's office:

Naruto Uzumaki enters the room to see Tsunade was sitting in her seat with a very unhappy look on her face. While Shizune was standing to Tsunade's right with a nervous look.

Naruto enter the room to see there Tsunade and Shizune was but there was something one else there within the room. There were two people within the room beside Tsunade and Shizune, those two people Naruto knew right away.

A beautiful woman with beautiful blonde hair with blue strong eyes, the woman wore a dark blue dress with black high heel shoes.

The second person was a young man with black hair. His dark eyes were strong and cold. He wore a black coat while wearing a white shirt underneath, wearing black pants to match his black coat and black shoes.

Naruto was speechless upon seeing the two people.

"It's rude to say nothing to your guest, especially to some old friends." The young man spoke. As he smirk at the shock Uzumaki.

"Jin, Helena. What brings you two here? How did you find out where I live?" He asked them.

"It was easy. Tracking you down wasn't so difficult as we thought. Your letters was the first clue to your location." Helena smiled at the young Uzumaki.

"Would you explain yourself Naruto, sending letters to people whom I never know of." Tsunade said with a glare.

Naruto walked over to Jin and Helena and sat down on the opposite couch. He sighs at first before he looks at Tsunade with a sad look on his face.

"It was three years back when Pervy-sage was training me. We discover new lands and new places to train. We did a lot of things in those three years, but mostly didn't have barely any time to train me. Most often he left me in the care hands of others who train me. Jin and Helena are who I met in my stay in the other lands for three years. It's a really, really, really long story Baa-chan trust me." He said, Tsunade stare at her young Uzumaki and judge the look in his eyes and believe him.

"You can give me the full detail later or I can hear it from that idiot Jiraiya's mouth later. But right now give me some detail the elders of Konoha feel very threaten to know your friends could easily find our village." Tsunade sigh.

"To make a long story short it all started three years ago. I enter a tournament called The King of Iron Fist Tournament Three it was from there. I met Jin and many others fighters, I was new to the tournament and was easily floored. Though I was defeat and never made it to the final rounds. I had a blast though it was from there I decide to take training of martial art serious. Pervy-sage had vanished somewhere and I was left with no teacher so one day while searching. I met an old man by the name of Gen-Fu. He was cool looking old guy, he saw I was in trouble I told him I needed a sensei who could teach me the art of fighting. Gen-Fu spent about two to four months training me. It took some time but I got it done somehow." Naruto laughed.

"Go on." Tsunade said.

"Right, after half of my training was near completion. Gen-Fu sent me on a task, he told me to enter a tournament that was called The Dead or Alive Tournament or DOAT for short. I enter the tournament to test my skills. I was still a long way from how strong I wanted to be. It was there I met Helena. She defeated me in my seventh round in the tournament I was only two fights away from the finals in the tournament I came in third place, but I did won a large sum of prize money." He smiled at the end.

"What did you do with the prize money?" Shizune asked Naruto.

"I use half of it for my own ends it was a small amount I used but gave the rest away for those really needed it."

"Fifty thousand he gave away." Helena spoke. Tsunade's and Shizune's nearly popped out of their heads.

"F-f-fifty thousand!" Shizune was shock to hear about much money Naruto won.

"What! Who did you gave it to you!?" Tsunade smash her hands down on her desk while as she yell.

"Gen-Fu, he really needed, his granddaughter was very ill and needed the money for her treatment. As repayment for teaching me I gave him the money he needed. But the money I gave him wasn't enough, but thanks to Helena here, everything turned out just fine." Naruto smile at Helena as the woman smiled back at the young ninja.

"Wow that is quite a story Naruto-kun." Shizune grinned.

"I told ya, it's a really, really, really long story. Just a few hours alone won't be enough." He rubbed the back of his head while sweat-dropping.

"Telling the story of the events that happens three years ago is quite a large ordeal." Jin said while looking at Tsunade.

"Indeed, but what brings you two here? Surely it's not just to see me is it?" Naruto smirk at his two friends.

"Actually yes and no, Naruto before you left that night. You left many of us greatly disappointed. You left behind many things behind. Not everyone will be happy to see you especially after you leaving without saying a word." Jin explains to Naruto.

"Or even a goodbye kiss." Helena added.

Naruto's facial expression stank down into sorrow.

"I know that, but I had to come back. I am needed here." He said with a frown. He knew he was bullshitting himself he didn't want to leave but he was force too.

"What did this young idiot leave behind?" Tsunade sigh at first as she asked Helena and Jin.

"Friends, family, teachers, a home, a pet and love ones and many others things." Helena told Tsunade. Tsunade turn her attention towards Naruto, Naruto look away from Tsunade's sight.

"Naruto, did Jiraiya told you to leave this behind?" She asked him. But Naruto didn't speak he only remain silence for a long moment.

"Naruto,' Tsunade spoke his name while staring at him.

"Yes Baa-chan. He didn't just told me…he made me." He nodded he sigh afterwards.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because, he said I am needed here. That this is my fate I cannot have what I made there. Cannot have the life I always wanted. I am a Konoha ninja and always will be. Also I made promises here and I never break a promise. And also I'm a Jinchuuriki, yes Jin and Helena know about it. They…saw in action." The more Naruto told Tsunade more depress he felt about leaving everything behind but also telling Tsunade or anyone of his friends in Konoha about this either.

Tsunade knew there was more behind this then she knew. Jiraiya force Naruto yes but she knows how strong Naruto was. Jiraiya wouldn't force Naruto by just words. She will find out the truth soon enough.

"Naruto for now let us skip ahead of this matter. I will deal with this with Jiraiya whenever I see him…again." Naruto, Shizune, Helena and Jin could hear the sound of Tsunade's knuckles cracking.

"Sure thing Baa-chan," He gave her a nervous smile.

"So who are these two friends of your please introduce them to us." Tsunade said as she smiled.

"This is Jin Kazama the Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Like me he to carries a dark power within him but he's is far different from mine." Naruto introduce Jin to Tsunade and Shizune as the young Kazama nod his head.

"This is Helena Douglas the head of DOATEC. Her father was the former head of DOATEC but he was assassinated, Helena took her father's place and as I said it's a long story behind everyone I have met." Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"You also left out that I am your fiancé darling." Helena chuckled.

Tsunade's jaw drop in awe shock while Shizune's eyes nearly popped out from the news, Naruto was blushing bad, while Helena was very calm after telling what her relationship with Naruto was. The room was silence with a long pause until Naruto spoke to break the silence.

"So Jin how's your mother? Jun doing better now is she?" He asked the young Kazama.

"She's doing fine thanks to you. She's wanted me to ask you if you're coming back for this years thanksgiving, Lars, Alisa and Asuka already plan on coming. She still kind of shock about knowing my father being alive and him being head of G-Corp, I don't see them able to look at one another for a long awhile. I don't know if they ever married before I was born. But she's single now, I can't blame her, father's power hungry also try to kill me and his old man twice. Also she's made new flavor of Ramen for you, a reward for what you did for the Kazama family." Jin explains to Naruto.

"That's good…I guess." He'd sweatdrop.

Naruto looked back at Tsunade who's face pause in shock. Her golden eyes widen still in shock as her mouth hang open wide.

"Helena how's Kasumi, Ayane and the Super Ninja?" Naruto chuckle at his nickname for Ryu.

"Kasumi has recovered just fine. She looks forward seeing you again and so are the others. I ask Ryu would he like to come with me to Konoha. But he said he rather not see the village that shape you into the knucklehead youth. Kasumi wanted to come but Ryu and Ayane forbid her, she has recover but she isn't at her full strength not quite." Helena giggles at Ryu's comment on Konoha.

"That's Ryu for ya, yeah not a good idea to force Ryu into that kind of thing. It would have been nice to see everyone see me. Then again I am pretty sure everyone is piss at me for leaving, I can't really can't blame them." Naruto rub the back of his head.

"Canna and Nita wanted me to give you this." Helena reached between her breasts and pull out a small card and hand it over to Naruto. Naruto open the small card and smiled for what he read.

"Who's Canna and Nita?" Shizune asked Naruto as Tsunade finally snap out of the shock.

"Canna is a little girl who sees me as her big brother though she called me father one time." He said with a big smile.

"And Nita?" Shizune asked.

"Canna's half sister and she's also Naruto's daughter." Helena said.

Once again the room was silence with pause, until both Naruto and Jin counted down in their minds how long before certain busty blonde blew her top.

"SHE'S YOUR WHAT!" Tsunade shouted.

Next Chapter-Naruto's True Strength

What Naruto left behind is:

Naruto's Teachers/Senseis-So far Naruto has other sensei though.

Gen-Fu-Martial Art-Xinyi Liuhe Quan(Mind, Intention and Six Harmonies fist)-Chinese martial art

Ryu Hayabusa-Martial Art-Hayabusa Ninjutsu style

Paul Phoenix-Martial Art-Karate, Judo style

Baek Doo San-Martial Art-Tae Kwon Do

Family-Those who Naruto see as family or are family to him (Note-Those who listed as crush are those who really likes Naruto but has not pushed the relationship to the next level) being friend or best friend listed how close bond he has with them. Those of Figure are those really close to Naruto, might know he's a Jinchuuriki or know his childhood was shitty.

Helena Douglas-Naruto's fiancé

Momiji-Best friend/Girlfriend

Kasumi-Best friend/Crush

Canna-Daughter figure (Canna is the little girl from Ninja Gaiden 3)


Ayane-Sister figure/Friend/Crush




Tina Armstrong-Friend/Crush

Gen-Fu-Sensei/Grandfather figure

Lili de Rochefort-Believes she's Naruto's true fiancé

Ryu Hayabusa-Brother figure/Sensei

Paul Phoenix-Father figure/Sensei

Alisa Bosconovitch-Friend

Kunimitsu-Sister figure/rival/friend

Jin Kazama-Brother figure/Friend

Asuka Kazama-Rival/Friend/Crush (Her Baka)

Naruto left behind also weapons and gifts and items upon his journey on the other side of the world. He has done a lot of things during three years. He has a lot to caught up and do when everything comes to together.

Naruto been out of action for awhile and has forgotten nearly everything his senseis, friends, love ones have taught him, and yes Naruto does have a pet but who that pet is in question. Its not Roger or Roger Jr. or is it Kuma the fighter badass Bear or is it Alex the boxing Raptor or something else?

That has all for now everyone later!