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Chapter 4-Naruto's Tournament part 1

Naruto Uzumaki was accompanied by Tsunade, Rock Lee, Sakura Haruno, Jin Kazama, Helena Douglas, Lili de Rochefort and her butler Sebastian as the group traveled together by boat due to Naruto's friends having never been in a plane. Tsunade had left the village in the hands of Shizune and Kakashi Hatake.

The group was told by Helena that they would arrive in Japan within ten hours or less at best depend on the weather.

Standing outside on the upper deck, Naruto was having a chat with Rock Lee and Sakura. His two friends were still a bit shocked about him having so much left behind.

"So Naruto, what's the first thing you'll do when we arrive?" Rock Lee asked Naruto.

"Not sure, to tell ya the truth. I got a lot to catch up on, but first I want to see my girls." He chuckled with a big grin.

"I'm still surprised you're a dad, Naruto." Sakura smirked at her blonde teammate.

"Yeah I was shocked the first time when I found out about Nita and then Canna. I can't wait to see them again." He sighed with a big smiled.

Both Rock Lee and Sakura smiled. Naruto had never been this happy, at least not around them.

"Naruto," they heard Helena's voice. "We'll be arriving in Japan soon."

"Thanks Helena," he smiled at his beautiful fiancé.

"So Naruto why did you pick these two to accompany you?" Helena asked him.

Naruto looked at his friends with a smirk before he gave Helena his answer.

"The style of fighting Lee and Super Bushy-brow use reminds me of Forest Law and his father's way of fighting. And I think Lee and Forest would make good rivals. Besides, Lee always looks forward to new challenges."

"And what about me?" Sakura asked.

"Well, there are a few people I want you to meet Sakura-chan." He smiled.

"Like who?" she asked.

"Sakura-chan do you like…wrestling?" His question was.

"Well I do enjoy watching it on TV at home, why?" Sakura looked curious.

"I'll keep it a secret Sakura-chan for now, besides no need to rush. Besides, I want my friends to meet my new friends. I could bring almost the whole crew but…maybe another time, yeah that sounds like a good idea."

About two hours later:

Jin Kazama was standing on the front deck of Helena's large ship with his mind focused on other matters besides helping Naruto.

"Jin, that's your name right?" Jin looked over his right shoulder to see Sakura Haruno.

"Yes," he said coldly.

'He reminds me of Sasuke, but only a little,' she thought.

"What is your relationship with Naruto?" she asked.

"He's my friend," he said. "He helped save my mother. He also saved me too. I own him a large debt."

"How he did that?" she asked.

"I was born with an…unusually gift. A gift from my father, my mother was the only good thing that has ever happened to me in my life. As a child I never knew who my father was or who my grandfather was. When I was fifteen, my mother and I were attack by a being called Ogre." The memories of losing his mother and being focused on seeking his grandfather for help became one of his greatest mistakes and yet some good came out of it.

"What happened next? Naruto told me your mother is alive and well right?" Jin nodded.

"I thought she was dead until a few months back." He looked at the sky as he remembered the day, how that day turned out, and how ugly the outcome almost became.

"A tournament was being held roughly three weeks after the sixth Tekken Tournament I held. Someone was behind it. I was found in a desert after failing to free myself from my cursed bloodline. It was Naruto and Raven who found me."

"During the tournament that was called the Tekken Tag Tournament, there was a dark power that revived my great-grandfather whom I defeated in the fifth Tournament. I wasn't sure what was going on. But I asked Naruto and a few others whom I could trust to help me stop him. It was around during the finals when things started to not make any sense. After defeating both my grandfather and my great-grandfather, Naruto and I encountered Ogre. Together we defeated him, but Ogre had another form called True Ogre; he was much stronger in this form. He almost defeated us."

"What happened next?" she asked.

"A bright light came to our aid and defeated True Ogre. When Naruto and I awoke, I was home. Back at my old home before it was destroyed by Ogre, but we were at Mother's water garden. My mother, Jun Kazama was alive and well. I had no idea how it was possible or where she been all this time, but there one thing for sure: she was alive."

Six months ago: Jun's Garden

My mother Jun Kazama was the final foe left in the tournament. She had secretly joined the tournament and defeated many warriors along her path. My mother was very skilled; I learned the art of fighting from her first.

Neither Naruto nor I was in the shape to fight my mother.

"Jin," Jun said with a motherly smile.

"M-mother!" Jin looked shocked to see his mother alive.

"That's your mother?" Naruto looked at Jin with a shocked look as well.

"I'm so proud of you. You've become a very handsome young man. But I'm afraid I shall be your final challenge before you can claim your prize." Jun entered her fighting stance.

"Jin," Naruto muttered carefully. "You know neither of us are in the shape of fighting, even if she's your mother. We have to defense ourselves."

"I know, but I won't fight my mother." He bared his teeth.

But then Jin's tattoo that bore the Devil Gene started to glow bright purple. Jin held onto to his left arm as he sensed an evil aura familiar to his own. Jun frowned when she saw Jin's tattoo. Naruto stood in front of his friend while Jin was fighting the dark power surging within him. Jin fell to his knees.

"Come on, keep it in control man," he muttered.

"I am, but…I feel something strong…something evil close by." Jin struggled for control, as he felt his dark side which was known as "Devil Jin" was crawling to the surface. Naruto and Jun saw a tattoo appearing on Jin's forehead.

Jun walked towards Naruto and Jin, and placed her forehead against Jin's.

"Jin I'm so sorry for the trouble I've caused you. I should have had my brother took you in, not your grandfather. Can you forgive me?" she asked.

Jin felt his darkness being pushed down by something.

Naruto watched as Jun used her power to ease Jin's devil power.

"Mother I forgive you. I missed you so." Jin wrapped his arms around his mother's hip and hugged her.

But then something happened: Jin's Devil tattoo gave out a large pulse that echoed loudly.

Jun gasped when she heard it and held her right arm in pain. Jin let go of his mother as he and Naruto watched. Jun fell to her knees in pain.

"Mother!" Jin yelled. Jin was about to go to his mother's side, but Naruto stopped him before he could.

"Jin, don't. Don't you see it?" he asked.

Jin looked around as the beautiful garden started to change from a beautiful color of light to dark colors while some of the trees started to rot away. The once pure liquid water started to become a dark thick purple liquid. The skies quickly began to darken.

Jun's body started to glow with purple aura. Jun leaned her head down, staring at the purple water. When Jun lifted her head, in an instant her body and personally changed completely. She was now half naked with the purple liquid rising and covering her lower body and breasts. Jun's once beautiful brown eyes were now golden yellow, and her kind smile had been replaced by an evil smirk.

Jun sank into the purple water. Naruto and Jin waited for her to resurface, but then they felt something grab them from below. It was Jun.

Jin kicked his mother in the face with his left foot before she even had the chance to drag them into the water.

Rising upward, Jun again smiled at the two. Jun swung her right arm at them, causing purple spikes to emerge from the water. Jin and Naruto dodged them, but they kept coming. Jun raised both her hands in the air but nothing seemed to happen. Naruto looked and saw a giant water hand came out from behind Jin and was about to crush him.

"JIN WATCH OUT!" Naruto pushed Jin out of the way only to be smashed by the giant hand of Jun.

"Naruto!" Jin yelled, rushing over to his friend. He was alive but knocked out cold by a giant water hand.

Jun smirked evilly as Jin glared at her.

"Mother! Stop this! You're stronger than this! My power is nothing compared to your light! Your light was the one that helped me control my power! Fight it mother! FIGHT IT!" he shouted.

Jun heard Jin's voice reaching to her and she grasped her head in pain as she fought to reign in the evil energy that had taken over her body.

"You're weak. Neither you nor the boy can control such power," a new voice said. Both Jin and Jun gasps when they heard the voice, the voice was so very familiar to them.

Jun looked back only to see a hand grab her by the face. The unknown person was none other than Kazuya Mishima, Jin's father and Jun's ex-lover.

"I'll take that power." Jun felt the Devil Gene power being drained from her body. Kazuya let go of Jun's face as she fell to the water, utterly lifeless.

Kazuya started to laugh evilly as he transformed into his Devil form.

"Yes…my power…YES MY POWER!" Devil Kazuya laughed and flew off into the skies.

Naruto woke to the sound of Kazuya's laughter, but opened to his eyes to see a shocked Jin and Jun's body slowly falling deep into the water.

In a blast of energy, Jin instantly transformed into Devil Jin. He grew two pair of horns on his head, the devil tattoo was shown on his forehead, and his eyes were deep gold (or amber). His teeth had became sharp fangs; on his back was two large black feathered wings.

"RAGHHH!" Devil Jin shouted in fury, his rage focus on one thing and one thing alone: the death of his father, Kazuya Mishima. Devil Jin's wings spread afar as he was about to take off into the skies.

"Jin wait!" Naruto called out to his friend.

His voice fell deaf to Devil Jin's ears. Jin took off into the sky, thirsty for revenge.

"Damn it," Naruto cursed. He looked to where Jun fell.

"She's the only one who can help Jin. I gotta act fast!" He ran over to the area and drove down into the dark water only to find there was a deep area down below.

End of flashback:

"So it was Naruto who saved your mother." Jin nodded.

"While in my Devil form I was so filled with rage I couldn't find my father. But I heard my mother's voice reaching out to me. Once again she saved me from being consumed. When I finally got control of myself, I found myself in a city, and I found my father. But someone had already defeated him, I wasn't sure who it was. But whoever that person was, had the same warm light my mother had." Jin sighed with a small frown.

"You've been through a lot Jin," Sakura said with a frown.

"Remind you of Sasuke?" he asked. Sakura looked shocked. "Naruto told me about him. Naruto made a joke about how he and I are almost alike. The only difference is he was about to save me and I'm 'not much of a jerk-face', he said." Jin chuckled.

"What is Naruto to you?" she asked.

"At first I thought he was just a fly in my way. But in the end he became one of the few friends who I'm very lucky to have. He knows what it's likes to carry a weight. We both have a power that can hurt those we care for and love. My mother, my cousin, my friends and everyone have a special relationship with him. But there are times I wonder about the thing he went through."

Jin walked by Sakura as he left the front deck but not before he spoke last few words to Naruto's female teammate.

"The friendship you have with Naruto, don't waste it. A friend like him is hard to come by. He is worth being your friend and those who hurt you just for being their friend. Choose your friends wisely or it may bite you." Jin looked at Sakura, who nodded with a small smile.

A few hours later:

They finally arrived at the dock where a group was waiting for Naruto, much to his surprise.

There waiting for the group to arrive was a older looking man wearing a biker leather jacket with dark blue jeans. He had a very unusually hairstyle: his blonde hair was standing straight up.

The woman beside the blonde man had long brown hair in a long pony-tail hairstyle and light blue eyes. She wore a long dark blue dress and small of brown shoes. The most noticeable thing about the woman was that she was fix to six months pregnant.

The third person was also a woman, but she was a younger woman with short pink hair. She wore an outfit consisting of a light and dark purple ombre dress slantingly split down the front that ended in a back skirt, with a white belt decorated with chains with three blue roses on the side, and white boots with black cuffs.

These three people were Paul Phoenix, Michelle Chang, Alisa Bosconovitch, and one person whom Naruto wasn't familiar with. But beside those four people, standing in front of them were two little girls. One had short blonde hair with bright blue eyes, and the second had short red hair with bright blue eyes as well, and both little girls wore white small dresses.

"Daddy!" The two little girls shouted.

The two little girls ran towards Naruto, who welcomed them with open arms. Naruto smiled at his two lovely daughters, Canna and Nita.

"Hey kid! I see you came back!" Paul laughed with delight. He rubbed Naruto's head, messing up his spike hair.

"Gah, not again," Naruto ruffled his hair as Paul always did that. But Naruto smiled at his father-figure/Sensei.

"Who are they?" Michelle asked Naruto.

"These are my friends, Rock Lee and Sakura Haruno."

"So this is the kid with kicks like Forest?" Naruto nodded, and Paul grinned.

"Guys, this is one of my Senseis, Mr. Paul Phoenix. And these are Ms. Michelle Chang and Alisa Bosconovitch." He turned to Paul.

"Where's the others?" he asked.

"Ah, everyone is kind of busy. But they said they'll catch up with you in your welcome back party," Paul told the young Uzumaki.

"Paul! That party was supposed to be a surprise party!" Michelle admonished. They both quickly covered their mouths, and Naruto laughed.

"It's okay guys; surprise or not, I'll welcome that party anyway." He smiled.

"Daddy, Daddy! Grandpa also has a surprise for you too!" Nita told Naruto excitedly.

"So you two actually hit it off huh? Took my words at last, huh Paul?" Paul just smiled while giving Naruto the thumps up.

"Boy or girl?" He asked the two.

"A girl," Paul rubbed the back of his head.

"Does Julia know?" He asked them.

"She knows, and well, it's gonna be awhile before she calls me dad," Paul laughed.

'Man who would have thought, Paul and Michelle? Well then again I did help Paul out, he's had feelings for her since the First Tournament. I'm glad it worked out for them.' Naruto smiled.

"I'm bit disappointed you didn't introduce your friends to me." The fourth person spoke to Naruto.

Naruto looked at the fourth person, the fourth person was a skinny short blonde hair man. The short blonde hair man wore red sweat pants along with red sweat shirt.

"Do I know you? Your voice is familiar have we met?" He asked the man.

"Its me, Naruto." The skinny man said with a deep stare.

Naruto pause for a moment, moment became a minute as the Uzumaki stare at the skinny man.

"No way...is that you...BOB!"He looked deeply shock "You've lost a lot of weight, what happen?" He stare.

"Let's say being famous is a pain." The Slim Bob sigh.

Canna tugged on Naruto's right arm.

"Yes Canna?" he asked his stepdaughter.

Canna whispered something to him, and Naruto frown for a moment but quickly his smile return. He gave a nod and when he did, Canna let out a small laugh of joy.

"We'll do that after we stop by home okay? That's goes for you too Nita." He looked at his blood daughter. Like her half-sister, Nita also let out a small laugh of joy. Canna and Nita grabbed both of Naruto's hands.

'I have so much to catching up to indeed,' he thought.


Somewhere stood a giant glass tube that held a red-haired woman without arms or legs. There was a device that was hooked to the back of her head. The woman appeared to be asleep.

"So this is what the team found in the ice carvens?" A deep male voice said.

"So it seems, still don't know who she's with or what caused her to be like this?" a woman replied.

"Doesn't matter, what of the other item they found?" the man asked.

"Some broken sword, looks like a piece of junk to me," the woman sighed.

"Junk to some but could be more useful to us, Anna." The man said.

"Whatever you say Boss," the woman known as Anna Williams said. Anna wore her trademark long red dress.

'I sense a great power within this woman. I almost lost my power too, thanks to that winged woman. I have to gain my full power back soon,' the man thought.

"For now, leave her be. When she wakes I want to know who she is, who she works for, and what was her mission is. Understood Anna?" the man said with a deep glare.

"Y-yes of course, Mr. Kazuya," Anna said with stutter in her voice.

Kazuya Mishima, still alive and still head of G-Corporation, wore his infamous dark purple suit he wore during his days as the CEO of Mishima Zaibatsu.

Anna left the room with Kazuya.

The red-haired android stood floating in the water tank. A red aura suddenly glowed around it for a moment. Around the stomach area of the android, there was a deep stab wound. However the stab wound suddenly closed.

"Awaken…my vessel," a dark voice spoke within the android's mind.

The android's eyes shot open as her once green eyes were now replaced by crimson red.

Somewhere in Japan:

Standing on a rooftop of a tall building was a woman with blonde hair wearing a brown trench coat,. The woman looked down below where many mortals lived normally.

The woman had a saddened frown on her face. "I feel his darkness yet I cannot find him. Devil, where are you hiding?"

But then the woman sensed the aura of someone who had just entered the city.

"So the Star of Light has returned. Staying longer, I hope. This world will need your light very soon, little one." She smiled.

The woman looked up at the skies as a pair of large white feature wings came out from her back. The woman known as Angel took off into the heavens.

"But for now my search goes on. Live your life to the fullest Naruto. I'll be needing help again very soon."

End of Chapter 4

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