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Midnight Phone Call

Danny stared at the TV screen. He sat on his couch in his tiny apartment. If his mother had been in the room she would have been after him for watching TV in the dark. She would be scolding him that doing so would ruin his eyes. Danny's mind was too full to pay attention to his mother's voice nagging in his head or to the show that was playing. It wasn't work that had him worried. It was his up coming custody battle with Rachel his ex wife. She was moving to Las Vegas with her husband. Of course she wanted to take Grace with her.

Had Rachel forgotten that he had already followed them to Hawaii? No, of course she remembered. He couldn't pick up and leave again. Emotionally he couldn't do it. It hadn't been easy to leave the Newark Police Department not to mention his family. Now it was different. 5-0 was such a close knit group. He didn't want to leave. Everyone he worked with had become his family, his ohana.

Danny of course was fighting it. His lawyer thought he had a good chance of winning, but he had been told the same thing the first time. Look how that had turned out.

Danny's thoughts turned to his other home in New Jersey and to his other family. His sister had told him flat out that his folks didn't think he would stay. Danny knew better. His parents didn't think that he wouldn't make it out in Hawaii. They hoped that he would change his mind and come home. His dad had tried to get him to appeal the judge's decision, and even offered to pay for it. The truth was Danny's couldn't go through all this again and wasn't going to do that to Grace. Anyhow, an appeal would take too long. Maybe when I've got these lawyer bills paid off. He remembered the words he had spoken to his father. They had shot down both suggestions of an appeal and financial help from his parents.

Danny yawned. He was mentally and physically exhausted. Danny picked up the remote and clicked off the TV. The room was completely dark. He pressed the button to turn on his cell phone and used it to light the way into his bedroom.

Danny placed the phone on his nightstand next to a picture. He sat down on the bed and leaned over to switch on the lamp. The bright light filled the dark room. Danny sorrowfully picked up the framed photograph. He stared at his daughter's smile. He couldn't lose her. He wouldn't lose her.

A brief thought crossed his mind. If the pass code for the gate was still Grace's birthday he could break in, take Grace, and disappear. He vigorously shook his head to get rid of the thoughts. Would he really stoop so low as to kidnap his own child? Was he that desperate?

Danny set down the photo, stood up, and began unbuttoning his shirt. His feet carried him towards the bathroom. When he was done with his shirt he started on his pants. He tossed the clothes towards his hamper before exiting.

Danny flipped on the light in the bathroom. He splashed cold water on his face. Danny watched it drip down his skin in the mirror. He slapped himself across the cheek for thinking such awful thoughts a few moments ago. He wouldn't do that to Grace. And he wouldn't stoop to Rachel's level. He suspected that if his ex had her way he wouldn't be allowed to see Grace at all. If Rachel got her way again it would feel like his daughter was being kidnapped just like before.

Danny finished in the bathroom and headed back to his room. Still wearing his boxers and undershirt he fell face first onto his bed. The bed bounced a little with the fall. He wanted to just shut his eyes and go asleep right then and there, but forced himself to crawl the short distance to the head. With half his face pressed into his pillow he reached one hand over to Grace's picture.

"Goodnight, Monkey," he whispered as he placed a kiss on the glass plate.

Every night since his divorce the detective had repeated this ritual unless he had the real thing staying with him. Danny sighed as he shut out the light. Gratefully his head sank into the pillow. He took a deep breath as he felt his body beginning the welcomed sleep cycle.


Danny woke with a start. His heart was pounding from being awoken so abruptly. A light filled his room. He could hear a ringtone mixed with vibration. It took his foggy mind a moment to realize his phone was ringing. He glanced at the time before the caller's number as he picked it up. 11:58. He'd been asleep for less than hour.

Danny groaned as he looked at the string of unfamiliar numbers. The call was local, but wasn't one he recognized. Irritated, he hit the ignore button, put the phone back on the nightstand, and his head back to the pillow. He figured if it was important they would leave a voicemail. A few moments later his phone rang again and the caller ID had the same number. Either something was wrong, or it was a really pushy telemarketer.

"Hello?" he answered groggily hoping it was the telemarketer.

"Daniel Williams?" came a female voice on the other end.

"Yes. . .this had better be-" he started.

"My name is Gwendolyn Makikonu," the female voice interrupted, "I'm with the department of child services. I'm calling in regards to your daughter. . .uh. . .Grace Williams."

Danny was instantly awake and giving the lady his undivided attention.

"What's going on? What's happened?" Danny yelled into the phone, "Where's my daughter?"

Danny sat straight up in the dark room. He reached a hand over to switch on his light.

"She's safe Mr. Williams. I am here with her at your ex wife's home. I need you to come and pick her up."

Danny was up and rushing to his dresser to find a pair of pants.

"What's going on?" he repeated grabbing the first thing he saw, a pair of gray sweat pants. Danny tucked the cell phone between his cheek and shoulder while he put them on. Danny heard the woman let out an annoyed breath.

"Look either you come and pick her up or I put her in a home for the night."

"No no don't do that I am on my way."

Before Danny could say any more he heard a beep signaling the end of the call. Adrenaline pumped thought his body making him alert. His heart pounded and he grabbed his keys and as a second thought his badge, and gun too.

The screen door slammed behind him as he jogged to his car and once inside struggled for a moment to put the key into the ignition. After only about 10 seconds, although it felt like 10 years to the panicked detective, he got his car started and peeled out of the parking lot.

Danny took one hand off the wheel and picked up his phone. Keeping one eye on the road he tapped number one on his speed dial and waited impatiently listening to the ringing. He set his phone to speaker so he could put both hands back on the wheel. It rang several times. His heart sank when he heard Grace's recorded voice saying to leave a message.

"Damn it!" he said ending the call.

Taking one hand off the wheel again, he hit number two on his speed dial.

"Hello?. . . .Danny?" came the groggy voice after two rings.

"Steve I need your help," came Danny's anxious reply.

"What's wrong?"


Steve McGarrett stared at the dark road watching the white lines pass by the car. He glanced at the clock on the Camaro's radio. It was 12:30. His phone was pressed to his ear as he listened to the ringing.

Steve thought back to just a few hours ago. Catherine Rollins had met him at his place after work. After a quick dinner the pair had become quite comfortable on his couch and eventually moved the festivities to his bedroom. The couple had spent quite some time "tangled" in Steve's sheets. The commander had been happily snoozing next to his female companion when he had received Danny's call. Steve had immediately jumped out of bed, quickly explained to sleepy eyed Catherine the situation, and got himself dressed.

"Will you try again, please?" Danny begged as he saw his partner take his phone from his ear.

"Grace isn't answering. Besides if the child services lady said she was safe then she's safe."

Danny had been calling Grace's cell over and over after getting off the phone with Steve. He wasn't going to take some stranger's word that his daughter was okay. He needed Grace to tell him. He had given Steve the job when he had gotten in the car.

The two men could see flashing lights from HPD squad cars parked in the large driveway of the house. Danny parked on the street and ran toward the open gate. An officer stopped him.

"You can't come in here," he said blocking the detective's way.

He was a young officer, more than likely fresh out of the academy and stuck on the night shift. He probably had only been on the force long enough to hear about 5-0, but not met any members in person yet. This is the only reason why Danny didn't punch the rookie in the face.

Danny pointed to the badge clipped to his pants.

"Detective Danny Williams. I'm here about my daughter."

Danny's frantic eyes scanned the area for any sign of her. It was difficult as the flashing blue and red lights from the cruisers were blinding him. The officer moved aside and let him and Steve through.

"You find Grace, and I'll see if I can find out what's going on," Steve said turning back to the HPD officer.

Danny ran towards the front steps. Relief shot through his body as he saw a Grace sized figure sitting on the bottom step.

"Grace!" he called picking up speed.

The little girl stood, and took a few steps toward him with a blank look on her face. She was dressed in a short sleeved pajama top and long pants. Her feet were bare. In her arms she held a purple stuffed Monkey. It had long dangly arms and feet that could be velcroed together to make it look like it was hanging onto your neck.

When he reached Grace, Danny got down on one knee so he was eye to eye with her. He wrapped his arms around her body pulling her close. Danny felt her arms begin to move. He expected her to wrap them around his neck or to slide them under his arms with hands resting on his back. She didn't. Instead Grace put her hands against his chest, still holding the stuffed animal, and pushed him back with all her ten year old strength.

Danny let her although he could have forced her to stay put. As he caught his balance he saw that Grace's blank stare had been replaced with fury.

Grace pulled her hands apart. One hand was balled into a fist, and the other squeezing the monkey. Danny watched as the toy he had given her was dropped onto the cold ground.

The furry creature wore a white t-shirt that said "Danno Loves U" on it. Danny had seen the personalized monkeys hours after his arrival in Hawaii. He had surprised Grace with it as well as with himself when he had gone to see her later that day.

Danny watched as the same hand that had dropped the monkey smacked against his chest. The shock of the motion was more severe than any physical pain. He could have stopped her but he didn't mostly because he was stunned. Her second hand, still balled into a fist, followed suit.

"YOU LIED!" she screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Danny just stared at his daughter. Grace had never acted this way towards him before. Both hands were now balled and she struck him again.

"You lied to me Daddy!"

Danny still didn't stop her attack his heart breaking a little each time she made contact. His shock was now curiosity for his daughter's behavior.

"Baby, I don't understand." he said keeping his voice calm, but shaky.

Grace's outburst had caught the attention of everyone outside the large house including Steve. Steve followed as several officers made their way towards the father and daughter. Steve quickly went around them stopping any ideas of separating the pair. He gave the HPD his best Navy Seal death glare. It was as if he was saying you take one more step and I'll kick your ass from here to next Tuesday.

Grace and Danny hadn't noticed that anyone was approaching. Danny was too focused on Grace and Grace on Danny. Both had different reasons.

"You told me that only bad guys have to wear handcuffs!"

Danny nodded his head.

"That's right, monkey."

Grace's fists dropped, but she didn't pull back. Danny saw what was coming next seeing her hand open and quickly brought to his face as she slapped him as hard as she could. Danny winced only for a moment and put his focus back on his irate child.

"Mommy is not a bad guy, and they put hand cuffs on her! Stan too!"

Danny didn't know what to think. He had been so focused on getting to Grace that Rachel and Stan hadn't crossed his mind. Grace lifted both arms ready to continue pounding his chest. Danny, this time, stopped her by wrapping his hands around her wrists. Her hands struggled to break free of the firm, but gentle grasp. Ignoring her protests Danny pulled her close to him. He trapped her hands against his chest and wrapped his arms around her one more time. This time he didn't let her pull away. After a moment she stopped struggling against him, but instead made her body stiff.

Danny let her pull back preparing himself to be smacked again. She still was fuming, but didn't strike. Danny picked up the purple monkey and stared down at the message on its shirt not wanting to meet his daughter's gaze. He held the toy out to her.

"I am so sorry. I don't know what's going on, monkey. I'm going to find out though."

Danny couldn't keep his voice from cracking or the tears from filling his eyes as he spoke. He saw Grace's small hands accept the monkey after a few moments. She turned it so the words on the t-shirt were facing up.

"Danno?" came Grace's voice.

She no longer screamed and her tone had become softer. Danny let in and out a few deep breaths as he chanced to look up at her again. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at him and hugged the monkey at the same time.

"I'm sorry," she whispered through her tears.

Danny's heart skipped a beat at her words. He grabbed her pulling her close. This time she wrapped her arms around his neck chokingly tight. She sobbed loudly onto his shoulder. The detective let out a relieved breath glad that her tantrum was over. The Stan and Rachel problem tried to seep into his mind, but he pushed it away and gave 100% attention to his frightened daughter.

"Mr. Williams," came the same voice that had called him on the phone.

A woman in business suit approached him. She was of Island descent. Danny reluctantly pulled Grace away from his shoulder, stood up, but kept a firm hand on Grace's back. The little girl encircled his waist with her arms keeping a tight grasp on him. Danny put a hand on the back of her head. Although Grace had calmed down Danny did not want to take any chances of having her go ballistic on him again.

The child services employee, Gwendolyn Makikonu, handed Danny a piece of paper.

"Please sign this, and then you will be free to take your daughter."

Danny pulled his hand away from Grace's head and looked at the paper. The porch light made it readable. The woman offered him a pen. Danny took it, but didn't sign.

"Wait a minute, I only see Grace's name on here. What about Charlie?"

"I know I said on the phone that you would be picking up Grace Williams. Charles Edwards is being taken care of."

"They put him in a car and drove away," Grace whimpered into his shirt.

Danny patted her back, but remained focused on the woman.

"Mr. Williams I looked up a copy of the baby's birth certificate and it said that Stanley Edwards was his biological father. I am afraid that I can only release him to next of kin. I believe that Mr. Edwards has a sister who lives locally. We will continue to try and get a hold of her."

Danny took in a deep breath not wanting to yell at the woman. Instead he quickly signed the paper. It was a difficult task without a hard surface to write on and only one hand. Makikonu took the paper and placed it inside her brief case. She turned without another word and walked towards her car.

Danny looked down at Grace. She, in turn, looked up at her father.

"What now?" she asked.

Danny wasn't sure, but he gripped Grace under her arms and lifted her up. That seemed like a good start.

Steve had managed to keep the officers at bay while Danny dealt with Grace. Once they could all see that everything was under control Steve had gone with the HPD officers out of Danny and Grace's hearing range to learn more about what had happened that night. The seal kept Danny and Grace in sight while he listened.

"I'll look up the warrants and such later," he said as the officer finished his account. Steve noticed that the woman who had approached Danny was now leaving. He could look deeper into the arrests of Stan and Rachel Edwards later. Right now he had other priorities.

Steve watched Danny pick up Grace as he approached. To Grace's surprise they didn't say anything to one another. The look on Steve's face told Danny that he had been successful in finding out why Rachel and Stan had been arrested. However both knew that now was not the time or place to discuss it. Grace yawned a big yawn.

"I think it's time to go," Steve said looking at Grace's drooping eyes, "I got permission for you and Grace to go up to her room and pack a bag."

Danny nodded gratefully in his partner's direction, and headed into the house carrying his daughter with him.


Danny felt his head jerk, and startled he opened his eyes. He hadn't realized that he had fallen asleep. Bleary eyed, he looked out the car window at Steve's house. He was sitting in the back of the Camaro with Grace. Danny didn't fight Steve about driving when they had left Rachel and Stan's. His daughter was snuggled into his side holding tightly to her purple monkey.

Danny let out a big yawn and looked toward the front seat at the back of his partner's head.

"Thanks Steve I owe you one," Danny said through another yawn.

"Don't mention it. . .Come on lets go in," the seal said turning off the car.

"Wait. . .what?" Danny asked thinking he had misheard the man. "You both are coming inside and staying the rest of the night."

"No, Steve you don't mean to do that. I'll be fine to drive home," Danny said.

"Look Detective Williams I don't want to get another call in the next hour that you've crashed because you fell asleep at the wheel."

Steve using Danny's work title reminded him of when he would be in trouble with his mother and she would call him by all three of his names

"I'll be fine," Danny yawned once more.

Steve didn't buy it and Danny knew his mother wouldn't have either. The seal got out, opened the door and pulled the seat forward. Steve stuck his head inside and the pair had a stare down. Danny's next yawn broke off their gaze and he gave in. For the first time in two and a half years Danny was too tired to continue arguing with Steve.

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