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"The Term after the War"

Severus Snape was startled out of his writing by a brisk knock on his office door.

"Enter if you must," he drawled.

Headmistress McGonagall entered, wearing her usual tartan robes and pointed hat.

"Ah, Severus!" she said as she approached his desk. "I'm glad you're here. I have the schedules for the first week of term."

"Thank you, Minerva, I'm sure I will greatly enjoy learning in which order I must waste time teaching the newest batch of dunderheads."

McGonagall smirked. "I have no doubt you will, dear Professor," she inclined her head, turned and strode for the door, pausing on her way out. "I suppose it goes without saying, but Severus I must ask you to try and make the new students feel welcomed. I would hate to deal with a sobbing first year because of you."

Severus raised an eyebrow delicately. "I'll be sure to send the first student to break down directly to your office."

She rolled her eyes dramatically, and left.

He watched as she closed the door, and warded it after it shut. He wanted to be alone for a few hours before the Welcome Feast started.

Severus sighed. More students to teach potions to. More students to blow up cauldrons and injure others. More students to write barely passable essays on the properties of Wolfsbane.

He wondered, for a moment, why he returned to teaching at Hogwarts. Why? Severus mulled this question over for a few minutes. He hated how the majority of students who passed through his class had such a low appreciation for the subtle art of potions making. Why did he continue to suffer through it?

He knew the answer, of course. It was because he had nothing else to do.

After the war, after everyone got over the initial shock of his still breathing form appearing in the Great Hall after the battle had been won, after being pardoned from his Death Eater crimes due to the memories he gave the Potter boy, he did not know what to do. So he returned to Hogwarts.

Severus smirked, remembering his colleagues reactions when he decided to resume Potions teaching.

Now that his ill-fated love for Lily Potter was common knowledge, it seemed he had become quite the ladies charmer. They all seemed to think he was some long suffering hero, doing all he did for love.

He found it supremely irritating. As if idiotic students weren't enough, he had to deal with women as well. A teary-eyed Professor Sprout offered him full access to her green houses, and Professor Sinestra, the Astronomy professor, told him that her office was always opened to him.

Severus wasn't too sure how innocent her offer was, but he wasn't about to find out.

No, professionalism and distance from his many colleagues was something he definitely practiced.

He scowled, remembering the headmistress's pleads for him to socialize. He supposed he may take her up on her offer of tea and a game of chess sometime, but otherwise he would stay in his quarters.

He had books, and potions to make. The wizarding potions magazine always took the articles he wrote on various potions and ingredients, so it wasn't as if he had a lack of things to do.

Besides, Minerva didn't understand that because of his new found public image, he needed to be as cold and withdrawn as he was before the war, lest someone actually believe he was the tragic character of some ill begotten romance.

Severus glanced at the clock, and frowned. It was a quarter to seven, which meant the start of term feast was about to begin. He stood up, putting the parchment he was writing on in one of the drawers in his desk. He was still the Head of Slytherin, so he was required to attend. His scowl deepened, and he slammed the drawer shut. Time to go face hundreds of students, and the dozens of shining new faces waiting to be Sorted.

No, he didn't think he would be enjoying this Feast anymore than the previous ones.