Hyperion bridge, en route to Aiur…

He had lost her. He had lost everything. The only thing left was his sanity and his will to do the right thing.

Faster than the speed of light the Behemoth class battle cruiser flew through space and beside it was the Gantrithor, Tassadar's flagship. But it wasn't Tassadar that flew the flagship. Fenix, once a Protoss Zealot and Praetor of the Protoss Defense Forces but now encased in the body of a Dragoon, was the pilot. Both the Terran and the Protoss were embarking on a mission. A mission to rescue Gantrithor's owner, Tassadar.

It seemed funny to him that the so-called noble Protoss would fall into political squabbling just like those that happened within the Terran faction. But then both Tassadar and Zeratul did educate him of the way of the Protoss and their millennia old histories. He certainly should have expected all the things that would happen but it seemed that his optimism had taken over his reasoning.

Aiur was now under heavy bombardment by the Zerg of Char. The Protoss defenses was still standing at that very moment but Raynor knew that it won't be long before they fell to the might of the Zerg. He had seen firsthand on how the Zerg fought. The Zerg were relentless. They were without numbers. They won't care whether or not they get to live by the end of the day. All that matters was the mission given by their caretaker, the Overmind.

Thinking that name alone was enough to make his blood boiled. First Mengsk, and now this. Both had taken something precious away from him. Mengsk left her on Char. The Overmind infested her, stripping her off any previous resemblance of her as a human.

Jim Raynor no longer cared whether he'll live or die. All he knew that someone will have to pay the price for what they did to him and Sarah Kerrigan.

The Zerg Primary Hive, Planet Char…

She saw what he was thinking. She saw his frustration and his anguish. She saw of how he had lost his will to live.

Hours ago, her father had given her the command to come to Aiur at once but until now she hesitated. She knew that she will once again meet Jim and right now she wasn't looking forward to any of it. She knew that if any meeting was to occur on Aiur, it will spell the death of someone whom she was still in love with.

"Lady Kerrigan?"

She turned toward that voice. "What is it Duran?"

"We're ready to depart for Aiur, my Queen," replied Samir Duran.

Kerrigan gaze at Duran long enough before she finally made her decision. "We won't be going to Aiur."

"But my Lady, we have our orders!"

"I know!" snapped Kerrigan. Even in her human life, she never took kindly of anyone who questioned her motives. However, as the future leader of the Zerg as she envisioned herself to be, snapping herself every now and then won't be doing her any good. Calming herself down, she softly spoke," I know the Overmind gave us that orders but just this once, I'm not going to obey him."

To be continued…

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