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"Heeeyyy," a voice greeted. Vega, of course she's in a sunny mood.

"Hey Tor," Andre greeted as she sat next to him at our table.

Tori sighed happily, looking around. She giggled to herself then began picking at her salad. The slight wind blew her hair. I rolled my eyes. Someone gag me.

"Whatcha all happy 'bout?" Andre asked, resting his chin on his fists in almost a double giggle-chin.

Tori giggled again. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that I won ten tickets, from some radio contest, to a cruise… to the Bahamas!"

Everyone at the table smiled, murmuring excitedly. I allowed myself a grin. Bahamas? Nice. Semester Break was starting in two days. Perfect. White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, warm ocean. Wait, I hate the ocean. Whatever. Beaches sound good. Of Tori would let me come.

"Are we invited to the cruise?" Cat asked, twirling a lock of red hair around a finger.

Tori nodded. "Yep. Me, my parents are making me bring Trina so count her in, Andre, Cat, Robbie, and Beck."

"What about me?" I snapped. "I want to go to the Bahamas too, you know!"

"Oh I know," Tori said. "You can come if…"


Tori rolled her eyes and finished. "If you ask politely."

I raised an eyebrow. Seriously, Vega? Seems easy but Jade West doesn't ask politely. Especially to Vega.

Beck shrugged, taking a bite of a french fry. "Seems reasonable."

He stared at me, playful challenge in his brown eyes. I looked down at my coffee, tracing my finger along the lid. That boy still give me a butterfly stomach. And I still blamed myself for the break-up. It was all my fault. I'm too pushy, too jealous, too mean, and he's too good. Right? I sighed.

"Come on, Jade," Tori teased. "Just say 'Tori, can I please come with you to the Bahamas?'"

"But you just invited everyone else to come! Now I have to-" I started.

Tori shook her head. "Just three words. 'Can I come?'"

I looked around. Stifled snickers and smirks were painted on their faces. My friends were enjoying this. I was making a fool of myself, letting my cruel pride overpower me. Vega, you'll pay for this.

"Can. I. Come?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Okay, sure."

I let out an annoyed breath. Déjà vu; the scene reminded me of when I'd asked Tori if I could come to Yerba with her. Stupid. We all know what a mistake that whole deal was. Oh well, the Bahamas never lets down.

"So when do we leave?" Robbie asked, somewhat switching topics.

Tori sipped some of her pop. "Saturday," she answered, making a face at the fizzy drink. "Pack up warmer-weather clothes, swimsuits, towels, stuff like that. Make sure it'll last you six days."

"Wait," Cat started, "what about the other three tickets?"

Tori waved a hand as if to dismiss the topic. "I don't know. Maybe Sikowitz then… I might save the other two tickets. My parents might want them for an anniversary or something."

"Bahamas!" Andre cheered, raising his drink.

"Bahamas!" the rest of us cheered, touching drinks.

"Here we are!" Tori announced, leading us onto the ship.

I stepped out of the boarding tunnel, observing the large space around me. A high ceiling with a glass chandelier. Carpeted floors with fancy patterns on them. A grand staircase leading up to an indoor balcony, with an elevator in the middle of the staircases.

A dark wooden desk sat before the elevator chute. A tall man sat at it, wearing a dark blue 'Paradise Seas' uniform. He whistled and tipped his hat to us as we approached him. He had a smile and lively sea blue eyes and reached out to shake Vega's hand.

"Welcome aboard!" he invited. "Checking in for…"

"Vega," Tori replied.

The man nodded and ran a finger down a page of names. He clicked his tongue until he landed on a name scrawled in black pen.

"Aha." The man poked the name with his finger. "Vega. Tori and Trina. Along with Andre Harris, Cat Valentine, Jade West, Beck Oliver, and Sikowitz, is it? Mr. Sikowitz?"

"Yes, it is," Sikowitz confirmed. "I hear the Bahamas is plentiful in coconuts."

The man raised an eyebrow. "So it is." He cleared his throat, passing out two room keys. "I believe it's two grand suits. Both across the hall, floor four. Room 278 and 279."

Beck accepted the keys. "Thanks." He handed one to Tori.

"Enjoy the ship!" the man called.

We walked with our luggage to the elevator and entered. It was a roomy circular room with glass walls. Sikowitz immediately ran his hands down the buttons of the elevator, standing back and smiling to himself.

"Dude!" I said, gesturing to the plate of lit buttons.

"What?" he asked. "Come on! It's like a beautiful tree. Isn't it? All lit up for the holidays…" He marveled at the sight of the buttons.

Andre shook his head. "But now we have to stop at every floor. Until we get to our stop."

Sikowitz shrugged and stood in awe, staring at his button-tree. I felt the elevator move up. Ding. Doors open. Doors close. Move up again. Ding. Same thing until the doors finally opened for us at floor number four. I let out an exasperated sigh and pushed my way out of the elevator, followed by my friends. We walked down the hall, took a left, and walked more. Until we came to a stop at rooms 278 and 279.

"Guys will take this one," Beck announced, opening room 278.

Tori opened 279. "Then gals get this room."

Cat giggled, petting her purple giraffe. "Gals."

I rolled my eyes.

Inside the room were two large beds. Large beds. Like, each one containing three people. With elbow room. The bed sheets were a plush cream color, matching the curtains. The floor was cyan blue, and the walls were more of a grayish blue with yellow fish along the bottom. It was like a comforting ocean, right in the room. To the left of the entrance to the room was a small kitchen and small bathroom. On the right was a large porthole window with curtains.

"Oh look!" Cat squealed. She dropped her things on a bed and ran to the porthole. "Look! I can see the little dock workers. Hello dock workers!" She waved out the window. "Haha, you all look so tiny."

I smirked and sauntered to the window. Cat was right. Blackish blue water swirled below us. And a few yards from the ship was a large cement dock with men hauling things. I squinted. The workers seemed to be getting smaller. I heard a horn from the ship and the dock men looked up and waved. Cat laughed and waved back, blowing kisses.

"They're waving for me!" she exclaimed.

I didn't feel like explaining that they were simply waving to the departing ship, so I nodded and ruffled her red hair.

After about five hours of swimming pools, smoothies, restaurants, and a small dance club, we all gathered outside. I stood on the main deck, elbows on the railing, looking at the sun setting over the ocean. The water was painted red from the dying light. Clouds came in from the west, looking to be orange-black. A warm breeze floated past. The waves churned, looking choppy below. I shrugged it off.

"Sooo how was it?" Tori asked.

Things like "amazing" and "fun" were passed around, along with approving nods. I'd actually enjoyed it myself. Being the rude, party-pooper, ocean-hating person I am. Not bad, Vega. Not too bad.

Tori nodded. "I told you! Plane ride from California to Florida, ship ride, once we get to the islands it'll get even better."

Suddenly, the ship's horn went off. Along with a loud bell. I narrowed my eyes. A bell? The captain's voice sounded.

"Passengers… storm approaching…" his voice was interrupted by static. "Take shelter in low part of ship… Will be notified… changing weather patterns…"

Worry and fear welled up. I look out at the strange sky and waves again. Storm?


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