Harry Potter looked around the smallest room of the Queen's Gambit, the ship owned by Robert Queen the billionaire. The only thing that was in the room was a bed and a room leading to a small bathroom. Harry sighed knowing that his relatives were having the time of their lives and here he was, forbidden to leave his room. The only reason he was here was because his uncle who worked at a company called grunnings, whose primary focus was to make drills. Recently, Grunnings had made an important deal, made by uncle Vernon himself, with the company known as Queen Consolidated.

Bored out of his mind, Harry wished had any of his school things but unfortunately they were looked in the cupboard under the stairs along with Hedwig, his trusted snowy white owl was staying at his friend's, Hermione's place.

Not being able to take it anymore, Harry got up and left his room being cautious about seeing his so called family around the massive ship. He looked around the ship when he finally noticed that there was a storm around the ship. That's what you get for having the room at the lowest floor on the ship possible.

Harry looked around and felt the boat lurch and began sinking. That was also when he heard a scream. Using pure accidental magic, Harry launched himself towards the room where he heard the scream. He opened the door just as a hole was made letting a girl pass through and out to the ocean. Harry launched himself yet again after her where he grabbed her hand. Harry looked around and saw the ship began sinking. Seeing the girl knocked out Harry called to help towards the small boat the contained survivors. Noticing that they weren't hearing him, Harry used another burst of accidental, or more like raw, magic towards the boat.

When he was close enough Harry called out, "help! Over here!"

That was when Harry heard the survivors yelling back at him trying to paddle towards him and the girl he was holding up. He never felt so tired holding her head up above the water. What were only minutes but felt like hours to Harry, the boat finally arrived where the man Harry saw with the woman pull her up while the other two men pulled Harry up into the boat.

"You alright boy?" called one of the older men. Not trusting his voice at the moment he only nodded. Harry had no idea how he was able to keep the girl up above the water. After a moment of thinking he came to a conclusion that his magic enhanced his muscles as it was needed in a time of need.

Looking around he saw two old men, a young man that was in his early twenties and a girl that was a few years younger than him. Ignoring everything that was going on around him he went to sleep.

Two days later…

Harry woke up to a gunshot. Panicked he looked around trying to find where the gun was when he saw one of the old men pointing towards the girl. He looked across and saw the other old man shot in the head. Another gunshot was heard. He looked down to see the girl came to the same fate as the old man. He looked up to see the gun pointing at him. Thinking he was going to die he thought of never seeing his friends again. Ron and Hermione. The Weasley's. His class mates. All gone.

Harry then watched as he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. Without meaning to he let out a whimper. That was when the young man looked up at him with tears in his eyes. The man got up and gave Harry a hug. A hug saying that they were going to survive.