Chapter 1: 5 Years Later

The boy, no man in the red hood ran across the forest plain towards the beach of the lonely island, alongside a man in a green hood. They sprinted, rolled, dived and swung across the forest, doing their best to get to their destination as fast as possible. In their race they again noticed the fishing boat across the water. All that they would need would be to get their attention in a large way. So they could get off the island. Just when the man in the red hood ran past the other in their race, they stopped in their tracks. The man in the green hood asked in a deep voice, "Do you want to do it, or shall I?"

The man in the red hood replied, "It would be my pleasure." He knelt to the unseen bow and a quiver full of arrows wrapped in a green, camouflaged cloth. He unwrapped it and picking up the two items. He quickly lit the arrow on fire and notched the bow and pulled the string back. He took aim, until finally he released. The arrow went flying across the island until it struck an unlit bomb fire, creating a massive explosion that definitely caught the attention of the fishermen. They waited patiently for them to reach the island, the island known as Lian Yu. Mandarin for Purgatory. Finally it was time for them to go home, time to come back to civilisation. It was time to save Starling city.

"Oliver Queen is alive! The Starling city resident was found by fishermen along with an unknown young man, the only other survivor of the shipwreck of the Queen's Gambit. They were found in the North China sea, five days ago, five years after he was presumed dead in the terrible accident. Queen, son of the Billionaire Robert Queen was also confirmed dead."

Oliver Queen stood beside his friend, his brother in everything but blood staring out into the night sky of Starling city, both lost in memories. In the back of their minds they heard a Doctor saying, "20% of Oliver's body is covered in scar tissue, and the boy who hasn't said a word yet, has 35% covered. X-rays show about 12 fractures each that never properly healed."

Moira Queen, the mother of Oliver and Thea Queen asked, "Have either of them said anything about what happened?" she was worried for her child, and her mother instincts went out to the unknown child, Thea's age, a boy who went through the same thing her only son went through.

"No," the Doctor replied. "They have barely said a thing." The Doctor waited a moment before continuing. "Moira, I'd like you to prepare yourself. The Oliver you lost, might not be the one they found." She then entered the room, to see for herself, what the Doctor was saying was true.

She looked at her son's back and asked with a shaky voice, "Oliver?" he slowly turned around and faced his mother, unsure of what to say.

She was now in tears seeming to be at a loss for words, until she said, "my beautiful boy," before she quickly pulled him into a hug, the warmest she could create. How long they stood there, they didn't know, and neither of them noticed the boy with messy black hair and emerald like eyes leave the room to give them some privacy.

A black car drove from the middle of Starling city to the country side where a great castle, not as great as Hogwarts in Harry Potter's opinion, but still great. He waited patiently alongside Oliver and his mother Moira Queen, who took a shine to Harry once he was willing to open up, to Oliver's encouragement. They waited until the driver stopped the car in front of the home of the Queens,' so they could exit the car and grab the few thing the two men owned, one long suitcase each, both with an unknown contents. Oliver had to stop the driver from carrying their things in for them, to not give away what was inside. The two Queen's and Potter entered the home, the two youngest looking around, Oliver looking around trying to see the difference from what it once was in his memory and Harry being in a new place, seeing the home his older brother was raised in.

Moira said whilst entering, "Oliver, your room is exactly how you left it. Never had the heart to change a thing. And Harry we'll find you a place, near Oliver, in case it ahhh… it happens again." Harry silently groaned in annoyance. She had to stay the one night when she witnessed how he got with his nightmares. The nightmares of his torture on the island. Harry quickly repressed that memory, not wanting relive the experience for the second time in two days, like how he did in his nightmare. Every time he had a nightmare, he needed his big brother near. Oliver was the first person to ever treat him like he was family, so logically he is the only one who can calm him down, being the only other person who experienced the same thing as him.

His train of thought was interrupted when he heard a deep male voice call, "Oliver. It's damn good to see you. It's Walter. Walter Steel?"

Moira tried saying, "You remember Walter, your father's friend from the company." Harry watched as Oliver gave them both a blank look before he spotted something over their shoulders. He watched him walk past the two adults and walk towards the maid.

He heard Oliver say, "It's good to see you Raisa."

"Welcome home Mr Oliver." Was the maid's, now named Raisa's reply. Harry backed away, not wanting to intrude on Oli's private moment.

"Who are you?" was what Harry heard from up the stairs. He looked up to see a beautiful girl about his age, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.

Cursing how difficult it is to keep his hormones in check, Harry gave her a small smile and replied, "I'm sorry. My name is Harry Potter and I just arrived with your mother and your brother. It was me that was…"

"Oliver's here?" she interrupted without thought, excited to see her big brother again. Harry looked on with an amused expression, wondering what it would have been like to grow up with a family that loved you. Harry was still getting used to Oliver being his 'big brother' to him and the role that came with that. He heard talking in the other room so he decided to explore, his temporary home despite what Oli said, he would eventually need to go home back to England and find out the Situation with Voldemort and to see his friends, who he imagined still thinks he is dead. Dumbledore did say that Voldemort would continue to try to come back into power. His first and second only years at Hogwarts were proof of that.

Harry walked back outside and looked around; making sure that no one was looking. When he was satisfied, Harry concentrated on his magic to temporarily enhance his muscles. Harry jumped but instead of only reaching about a meter, he went flying up until he reached the top of the castle. Harry sat there and looked to the sky, like he always did when he brooded. Contemplating what to do with his life. Should he go back to his old one where he was famous for something he couldn't remember doing, or if in fact he did anything, or should he stay here with Oliver and begin a new life in protecting Starling city. "Why must you brood all the time?" asked Oliver himself. He continued, "You brood more than I do."

Harry just turned around and glared at him, not feeling in the mood to talk with anyone at the moment. Oliver asked, suddenly turning serious, "have you made a decision yet?" Harry just rolled his eyes in annoyance and looked back out to the setting sun, not knowing what to do. He can either be with his friends and learn magic he already knows at Hogwarts, or he could stay here with Oliver and make a difference in the world. Well at least in Starling city.

Oliver just sighed and said, "C'mon Harry, you don't need to decide just yet. When you come to a decision just come find me and let me know."

Harry only nodded and replied, "I will Oli."

Oliver looked at him closely trying to see a hint of him lying. When he was satisfied he smiled at his 'little brother' and walked back inside calling over his shoulder, "come inside soon Harry, before it gets cold and you start to worry mum. Besides, dinner will be ready soon. I've got an old buddy coming over." Harry only nodded and smiled thinking about the woman who seemed to care a big deal about him already, barley knowing each other for a few days. Harry groaned as he stood up and walked inside ready to meet the friend Oliver was talking about.

Tommy Merlyn, best friend to Oliver Queen said, "Ok, what else did you miss? Super ball winners. Giants, Stealers, saints, packers, Giants again. Ahh black president, that's new and lost, they were all dead, I think."

Thea interrupted Tommy, saying, "What was it like there?" there was a pause, everyone there waiting for an answer curiously. Oliver looked at Harry concerned when he saw him look down, lost in memories.

Oliver answered patiently, "Cold." Oliver again looked at Harry again to see him come out of his memories of the island.

Changing the subject, Tommy said, "Tomorrow. You and me are doing the city. You've got a lot to catch up on."

Moira agreed straight away saying, "That sounds like a great idea."

Concerned Oliver looked up and asked, "what about Harry? What is he supposed to do all day? I can't just leave here by himself with nothing to do all day, can I?"

Tommy looked at Harry, curious on whom he was and where did he come from. Not wanting to introduce the kid to the club scene yet, he asked, "What about if Thea show's him around Starling city for the day. If he's going to be living here, or at least saying here, whatever you have arranged, he should know his way around the city."

Everyone looked at Thea until she said, "fine I'll show him around tomorrow. You happy?" Moira and Oliver gave her disapproving looks whilst Harry just gave her a curious look. A look that seem to say he was interested in why she wouldn't want to help more than the fact that she had to go out of her way. She seemed more aggressive than what would normally be perceived as annoyed.

Thea noticed the strange English boy staring and asked, "What are you staring at?" she glared at him trying to get him to stop. He only smirked in reply, like he was just proven right about a theory he had.

Oliver quickly changed the subject and said, "I was hoping to swing by the office tomorrow actually."

Walter answered saying, "Well there is plenty of time for all that. Queen consolidated isn't going anywhere."

Harry watched as Oliver caught the maid, Raiser when she tripped over. She apologised to Oliver saying, "I am so sorry Mr Oliver." But she was interrupted by Oliver who spoke fluent Russian saying that it was fine.

Tommy asked in surprise, "dude, you speak Russian?"

Walter asked, "I didn't realise you took Russian in college Oliver?"

Oliver countered, "I didn't realise you wanted to sleep with my mother Walter?"

There was an awkward silence until Thea broke it saying, "I didn't tell him."

Oliver stopped her saying, "She didn't have to."

Not wanting to be in another private moment with Oliver's family Harry silently snuck out, the only one noticing was Oliver himself who let him go freely. Harry walked up the stairs into his assigned bedroom that was across the hall from Oliver's if he ever needed him and if Oliver need Harry who also still suffered from his nightmares, mainly from his torture on the island.

Harry decided to research the list to see if he can find the one who would be their first target. As long as Harry was in Starling city, he would help Oliver in his mission to cure the cancer that is Starling city. Take out the people who stepped on others to better their own selfish desires. Harry sighed before he went to sleep, thinking about the man known as Adam Hunt.