Malibu Rehab Center, seven months after the events of Shattered Dreams.

Miley glares as Lily goes through her daily therapy, her therapist Dr. Standish had said Lily had high probabilities of regaining control of her legs, what she couldn't tell was how long it was going to take.

-Hey Lily how are you feeling? - Miley asked as her friend was wheeled out.

-It hurts a bit but Dr. Standish says I'm progressing.

Miley smiled and helped Lily to the car. As they drove she turned on the radio, after one of her songs, "The best of both worlds", was played, the DJ commented:

-And that was Hannah Montana, who by the way, went MIA about eight months ago. Wonder where she might be. - he said as he presented another song.


-Don't even go there Lily. We have a promise.

Lily turned her attention back to the radio, a song called "Honeymoon Avenue" was playing.

-Hey, who's singing? - the blond inquired

-Her name is Ariana Grande, awesome aint' she? - Miley replied

-Yeah... lovely. But Miley

-Lily... don't. Please. Let's not talk about it. - Miley replied

As they got home Lily went to their room in the barn while Miley went for something to eat to the kitchen, as she walked in, Jackson had TMZ on the tv.

-Does anyone know where Hannah Montana is? - Harvey Levin asked

-I heard she's pregnant - of the reporters replied

-WHAT? - Levin turned at him in shock

-She's been gone for over eight months already, what other reason could it be? - he replied back

-Well if that's true we're a month away from finding out - Levin replied as the group laughed

-It's disgusting - Miley said

-It's just TV Miles, don't pay attention - said Jackson

A few minutes later Miley entered the room she shared with Lily, the blond turned around.

-I brought chicken salad sandwiches, you favorite! - the brunette announced.

-Great I'm hungry! - Lily replied

As they ate Lily glared at her best friend and remembered a discussion they had a few days before...

-Lily what are you doing? - Miley asked as Lily was taking off the necklace where a key hanged.

-You need it. You need it and you know it.

-We have a pact. And I'm not going to let you break it. - Miley replied

-Look, I... I...

Tears began to run down Lily's cheeks.

-Lily... I won't do it. You know it.


-Who are you... the Lillian Truscott that I know doesn't quit... she's a fighter... do you remember what happened two years ago in that skateboard championship? When you went up that guy... Zeke... Zeke Falcone? You broke your leg trying to beat him in the final match...



Miley hugged her as she sobbed hold on to her for dear life.

-I don't care if it takes ten years Lily, I'll keep my word. I won't be Hannah Montana until you skate through that door and give me the key to my closet.

-Miley please... just... just take it... I'll be there... with you..

-NO! I won't Lily. And let's not ever talk about this again.


As they finished their food Miley noticed an envelope in her bed.

-What is this? - she asked

-Your Dad says that's your magazines, you know BOP and all that.

The teenager took out the publications and began to read, Lily took one of them, as passed the pages a look of disgust appeared on her face as she saw an article, Miley noticed.


Startled she lied.

-Nothing... uh... it's... about... uh... Selena Gomez dating a 22 year old...

-The nerve... - Miley said chuckling

But what Lily really read had hurt her deeply. The article, with an image of Hannah Montana included, talked about her disappearance and linked to an online poll where people could choose what they believed was the reason for her vanishing: Pregnancy, Drug Rehab, Eating Disorder, even Marriage. Making sure her best friend didn't noticed she hid the magazine. But to her dismay Miley had already noticed the real amount of magazines that were in the envelope.



-Do know where the other magazine is? The envelope says 5, I have only 4. - the brunette asked

-I... no... it was probably wrong. - she nervously replied

But Lily knew she wasn't, and the things she read on the web and saw on tv the following days, had her really upset, Miley started to notice that sometimes she cried in her bed. The brunette confronted her.



-You don't need to hide the magazines from me. I know what they write. - the brunette said


-I know you cry at night... look... we'll get through this.

-I can't take it anymore Miley.. it's all my fault...

-NO! How can I make you understand that?

But Lily was decided to do something, the following afternoon, while Miley was in the living room watching TV she glared at the skateboard that leaned against the wall.

-I can do this... I know I can...

Taking the foot supports of her wheelchair off, slowly she put her feet on the floor, then, she placed her hands on the arms of the chair and tried to stand up, unfortunately for the blond girl, her chair didn't had the brakes on and, as she pushed herself up, the chair slid from her hands, unable to keep her balance she plummeted to the floor and her head hit the side of Miley's bed knocking her out, a small pool of blood forming underneath...

To be continued...