Jed sat on his bed in the Residence thinking about his wife and wishing she was with him. Abbey had gone by New Hampshire after visiting their grandchildren. Jed picked up the phone and called home. It took several directions through security, and several rings before anyone picked up.

"Bartlet residence"


"Jed, are you ok?"

"Yeah... I'm fine". Jed replied and exhaled a big sigh.


"I'm tired Abbey. I'm tired of going to bed feeling like we're not getting anywhere, like we're stuck going round and round. I get up in the morning feeling like the world's gunna change, but I never feel like that going to bed."

"Oh Jed... Have you talked to Leo about it?"

"Not really. I have mentioned it a little, but not really... I wish you were here Abbey". Abbey's heart constricted in her chest at the sound of Jed's defeated attitude. There wasn't much she could do to comfort him over the phone.

"Me too babe... How much have you been sleeping?"

"Not much, maybe five or six hours a night."

"Are you in bed now?"


"Suited or ready to sleep?"

"Still got my suit on"

"Why don't you put me on speakerphone while you get ready for bed? I can tell you about my visit to Annie and Gus."


As Jed moved around the room, he listened to his wife telling him the latest thing that had been happening in the life of his grandkids, but he wasn't really taking in the stories, more just listening to her voice. Almost ready to get in to bed, Jed interrupted Abbey's story

"Hold on a sec, babe."

Abbey waited as she heard Jed open the door to the hall and instruct the agents to stop anyone coming to see him, even Leo McGarry. He also told them to set his wake up call back 30minutes and inform Charlie to re-schedule his day accordingly. Jed came back into the room, pulled back the covers and climbed in to bed with a sigh.

"Good job babe, you need the extra sleep."

"I love listening to your voice, Abbey"

"I know. I know you weren't really listening about the kids, but it's ok."

"I love you so much Abbey and I really miss you being here tonight."

"I love you too Jed. We'll have to make sure we have some time free when I return."
That comment raised a small smile on Jed's tired face.

"I'm going to sleep now. Do you mind talking on the line while I fall asleep?"

"I'll stay right here."

Jed turned the lights off and lay down while Abbey softly spoke over the phone, telling him another story about Gus. Within minutes Abbey heard the soft even breathing of her husband, asleep at last. She smiled to herself and whispered her love for him before disconnecting the call.