Jed called Abbey again the moment he returned from the Oval office. He felt wired after his pep talk from Leo. The mantra still running in his mind as he dialled her number: This is more important than re-election, I wanna speak now.

Bartlet Residence

Abbey, I just had a great conversation with Leo. I'm so wired. I wanna raise the level of public debate in this country and let that be our legacy.

That's great Jed. Does Leo have a plan for all this?

Yeah; Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.

Wow. Go get 'em, babe.

This is more important than re-election, I wanna speak now. The door was open to Leo's office as I heard him tell senior staff. I heard each of them pledge their allegiance to me, the office of the President of the United States.

I'm happy for you babe, I wish I was there with you now.

Me too; I'm energised now.

That's fantastic babe, we'll definitely be fitting in some barbequing when I get back.

Jed chucked as he agreed with his wife.

I love you Abbey, and when you get home I'm gunna show you how much.

I love you too Jed and I'm looking forward to it.

When do you get back?

Not til late next week.

That's a long time to wait, Dr. Bartlet

Jed, there's no point getting turned on when I'm not there to do anything about it.

Can I dream about you?

No, then you'll just be frustrated and angry with everyone until I get back.

Why do you get to be right?

Cause I am Jed. Go to sleep, Jed, and dream about how you can change the world.

Yeah, I can do that. I love you Abbey.

I love you too Jed.

Jed placed the phone back in its cradle and lay down to sleep. Feeling a peace settle over him, he fell asleep and dreamed of changing the world.