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This little plot-bunny was born when I was sewing a plush bunny for the first time and I started 'playing' with an RP buddy. I don't own Hetalia.

"What color would you like your buttons, dear?"

Matthew tilted his head in confusion. "Buttons?"

"You're a doll, aren't you?" the voice asked with amusement. "Dolls need to be finished."

He felt a chill run up his spine. "Um, no... I'm not a doll, so I'll turn down your offer for buttons, thank you."

He suddenly felt hands grab his face. They forced him to look up at dark smirk on the other's face. "Those looks, though!" The voice said in faux disappointment. "You're beautiful enough to be such a darling doll! All that's missing are proper eyes... If you behave and hold still long enough, maybe they won't come out crooked."

He yanked himself out of the vice-grip. "D-Don't touch me!" he cried. "My eyes are fine! I don't need buttons for eyes; I'm not some freakish doll!"

The voice chuckled. Matthew felt himself being grabbed again. His arm was being pulled into the moonlight from the window. "Are you quite sure about that, dear?"

Matthew tried to pull his arm away but the grip was too powerful. "I said don't touch me! G-Get away from me!"

"I'm pretty sure that only 'freakish dolls' have stitches like that."

Matthew's eyes widened. His gaze went down to his arm and nearly screamed.

There were thick stitches running up the length of his arm. They were like stitches to a hand-made rag doll. They ran along the sides of both of his arms.

"W-What..." He started rubbing the stitches, but they were firm and they didn't move. They didn't disappear. "W...What the hell did you do to me?!"

The other waved his finger. "Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn't use language like that. It's so unbecoming of you."

Matthew sent him a glare. "I'll use whatever language I want, now tell me what the hell you did to me!"

He chuckled. "I didn't do anything. Though, I supposed that if I have to answer... the same thing I did to your face?"

"N-Nothing's wrong with my face! It's just fine!"

"Sure... Of course it is." Matthew felt a cold finger run down the middle of his forehead, the bridge of his nose, and it stopped once it brushed against his glasses.

He flinched and pushed the hand away. "D-Don't. Touch. Me." He resisted the urge to reach up to feel the stitches there.

The other laughed. "You're right. I shouldn't touch anymore. I might pull the seams by accident." There was an incredibly dark smile on his face.

"S-Shut up! I'm not a doll!"

The smile grew more twisted.


The man let out a chuckle.


His chuckle turned into an all-out laugh. "Stop what, Dollie?"

"What you're doing! Just stop what you're doing!"

He shrugged. "Alright then."

All Matthew did was blink and suddenly the man was gone. In his place was a body-length mirror. In the mirror was a boy with wavy blonde hair, thin glasses resting on his nose, amethyst eyes wide with shock, and thick black stitches running down his body that he knew weren't there before.

"I'll see you around, Dollie..." His maniacal laugh filled the room. Bouncing off the walls, echoing through Matthew's head, terrible and incessant.

Matthew squeezed his hands over his ears. "Stop! STOP!" He looked away from the mirror. "Change me back! Please! Change me back!"

And the laughing grew louder.

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