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Word count: I tried, I really tried, but simply couldn't get down too 100 from 182 so, I admit it, I gave up at 138. So, then I thought, damn drabble, and added some words back in, so now it's gone back up to 155...Sorry? : (

Warning: Cute Dean moment.


The moment's too much for Dean...

Smoke blackened, Sam and Dean raced out through the flaming doorway of the blazing building. Each of them protectively hugging one identical toddler close to their body. Paramedics and fire fighters rushed forward, relieving them of their precious cargo. Job done, both brothers bent over, hands on knees, bracing themselves as they coughed and choked, struggling to breath in desperately needed air.

Hearing a new sound above the roar of the fire, Dean looked around, trying to see what the spectators were applauding. Still gulping air, he glanced sideways at Sam.
"What the frigg are that lot cheerin' and clappin' for?"
Sam straightened up. Looking at the large crowd, he smiled shyly and waved.
"Us...Just smile at them...nicely."

Dean promptly about turned, managing two strides back towards the burning entrance before Sam grabbed him.
"Dean...What the Hell?"
"Leggo...S'embarressin'...I wanna go back inside."
Sam spun his brother back around.
"They're trying to say thanks...now wave, jerk!"

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