Title: Lead her Home

Summary: What if Elijah returned in 4x1 for Elena's transition to a vampire? Follows season 4 as an AU. Elijah/Elena, Elena/Salvatore's.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries

Author: Sarah August

Chapter 1

In the distance she could hear everything. It sounded as if everything was getting closer. Buzz, buzz, buzz, the sounds were chasing her, becoming nearly deafening. Elena wanted to scream, to cry out, to make it all stop.

She was so tired. She was just so tired, she wanted everybody to leave her alone so she could sleep. But the sounds wouldn't stop. Elena felt her body jerk, and she could have sworn that she heard Stefan calling out to her. She wanted to reach him, but it was so hard to focus, to wake up.

Elena then felt his hands touch her and she wanted to scream at him to get away. It was almost instinctual. No one was allowed too close.

Her eyes fluttered open when she just stopped thinking about it, about all of it. She then gasped for air, realizing she wasn't breathing. How could she wake up when she wasn't breathing? Elena then quickly remembered why, and she cried out when Stefan tried to touch her again. She heard Damon too, but he was across the room. "Get away!" Elena screamed, when they both started to move upon her. "Just don't come near me," She swore aloud, panicked that they wouldn't listen to her. They never wanted to listen to her, no matter what she did.

"Elena, it's okay," Stefan started gently, trying to sit on the bed with her. When he did, she hissed, furious with him. Elena felt as if she hated him, and she couldn't think clearly enough to understand why.

"Don't get too close, Stefan," said Damon warningly, dripping of sarcasm."She knows what happened to her, don't you Elena?" He pressed, the cold look in his eyes bothering Elena. Damon was looking at her as if there was something wrong, something that was seriously wrong. And he was angry at Stefan, so angry, and she could feel it. It made her physically wince to feel such hatred at Stefan.

Elena suddenly stopped before answering the question. She reached for the teddy bear beside her on the bed instinctively as if it would protect her from what was to come next. But that was it though. No one protected her, nobody saved her from dying in that water. There had been so much water. She couldn't breath again, but then suddenly was fine when she felt her lungs starting to act on their own.

No one had saved her because she told Stefan to save Matt first. Elena felt horror-struck at the realization. How could she have done something so stupid like that? Immediately she felt guilty for feeling that way. Matt was her friend, someone she had known since babyhood. She should feel joy knowing he lived. But, she died, so she couldn't.

She died, but was somehow awake inside her bedroom, still alive. Damon and Stefan were both here, their faces mixed with a fury of emotions.

Oh, god, she had died. Somehow she was a vampire now. That had to be the reason that she was still here, because nobody saved her. Elena began to cry aloud. "I'm a vampire," She guessed aloud, getting her confirmation from the sad faces of Damon and Stefan.

"You still need to complete your transition," said Stefan softly, finding it too difficult to meet her hard gaze when he said that to her. He had no right to expect anything from her.

"We brought over blood," said Damon, trying to sound cheery. He stood up to leave when she simply stared at him, wanting to scream at him for daring to suggest her going through with it all.

It was her choice, not theirs. Damn them both! One of them did this to her, or both!

"How did this happen?" Elena demanded after a long silence. "I don't remember ever drinking any vampire blood before I died..." She looks to each brother accusingly, hating them both.

"Meredith Fell told us at the hospital that you had a visitor when you were admitted for your head injury. She was never inside your room when he was there, but he could have given it to you when you were still out of it," guessed Stefan, still speaking low and not looking at her.

"Who?" cried Elena, shouting, when Stefan continued to say nothing.

"Elijah," spoke Damon, his voice thick with hate. "We think Elijah slipped you his blood," He said, giving Elena the honesty she was insisting upon right now. The honesty that she needed to get through this.

His words stunned her into silence. Elijah? No, not him. How could he have done so to her? He knew that she never wanted this, everyone she knew did.

"We don't think he intentionally turned you, Elena," continued Stefan. "It was after his visit that you recovered completely. Meredith said your injuries should have killed you. You had bleeding on the brain."

Elena stared at him, her anger at Elijah dissolving right away. Of course, he wouldn't intentionally do this to her. He cared about her. He wasn't selfish like Damon. Elijah would never make her become this, whatever this was.

A vampire... how could she be a vampire? Ignoring both Stefan and Damon, Elena turned her back on them, allowing the tears to finally come.