Titania and The Hunter

Chapter 2: The End of an Era

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"Demon Talking/Thinking'


The cave gave off an eerie atmosphere to those that saw it. Darkness covered the interior, stalactites and spires appearing all over the floor and ceiling.

Several men all walked into the center of the clearing. Usually, they only sent clones, informants, or holograms in their place. But due to the circumstances, they thought it better to meet in person.

A man with several piercings all over his face and orange hair walked up. He was dressed in a long, black cloak with a red interior. And spread around the cloak was the figures of red clouds. And atop this man's head was a forehead protector with the figures of four parallel lines falling down. And intersecting the lines was a long scratch. He opened his eyes, revealing eyes with light purple irises and sclera and a ripple pattern appearing from the center.

This man was Pain. He was the leader of the Akatsuki.

Or so it is believed.

A woman with blue hair, lavender eye shadow, and a piercing under her lip walked out. She wore a headband similar to the man to her left. And atop her head was an origami flower with a more faded shade of blue. She had the look of a woman who was willing to take any life for their cause.

She was Konan. Angel of the Land of Rain

"So, are we all in assembly?" The pierced man announced in a powerful, emotionless voice. From the shadows, several men walked into the light.

"Neh, Leader-San," a large man said to his boss. This man had a blue-tint to his skin, and long blue hair like a shark fin. Gill-like marks, making bags under his eyes and sharp, pointed teeth. On his head was a metal band with four waving lines, a scratch through the middle. And on his back was a massive sword wrapped in bandages. "Is it almost time for the big party we've set up for? You know I can get impatient if I have to wait too long for the fun."

This man was Kisame Hoshigaki. Monster of the Hidden Mist.

"There is no need for worry Kisame. It will almost be time for our greatest gathering." The leader of the group assured the crazy shark.

"Are you sure it is time for that yet?" The leader turned to the one who had addressed him. The man in question was a tall man with dark skin, with a white hood and black mask. His eyes were his only visible characteristics, green irises and red sclera with no pupils. He wore the metal of the crashing waterfall, with a slash through the middle. "We haven't collected the right funds and don't have enough support to sustain our conquest over the other nations. I don't want to lose all my money because you were premature and impatient."

This man was Kakuzu. The Zombie Broker of the Underworld.

"Kakuzu," Konan stepped between Pain and the masked member. "...watch your tone."

"I am worried though." A new member had made himself known by the others. This was a young man, short in his stature. He appeared to only look about in his teens, with shaggy red hair. He was uncomfortable, wishing to be in his Hiruko covering. But he was asked to appear in his Scorpion form instead. "We seem to be rushing ahead of schedule. Is there a reason for that?"

This boy-like man was Sasori. Sasori of the Red Sand.

"Yes Sasori-San. But there must be a very logical reason for our rush." A thin man walked next to Sasori. He was a pale-skinned man with long black hair. He had thin cheeks and a low nose. His pupils were slit and eyes covered by purple markings. Giving him the appearance of a snake. "We have used our connections to fool the members of the village nations into instigating a war with each other. We asked old acquaintances of Kakuzu-San to pose as members of Iwagakure to infiltrate Konohagakure. Sasori-San used his spies in the upper tier of the council in Sunagakure to stir up the idea of infiltration. And I used my mind control techniques and Impure World Resurrection to have men pose as Kumogakure-nin and attack. It was unfortunate that I lost so many specimens, but it was necessary for our cause."

This man was Orochimaru. Orochimaru of the Sannin.

"Although, I do wonder for some of our plans. Did you send out Kirigakure-nin to instigate a rivalry between the villages, Kisame-kun?" The reptilian like man asked the shark. Anything he could do to further his info library and expand his horizons.

"No, I have no comrades left from the village. Did you persuade them, Leader-San?" The shark said with a toothy grin.

"It was not I, but I do know who it was." The pierced man declared to his followers. As he was about to continue, the tanned-masked man walked forward to address Pain.

"Do you mind telling us what we are doing exactly? Is there someone behind the scenes, or a you just vain in everything you say?" Kakuzu cracked his hands as black wires started to wave from his forearms. "If there is, please tell us. I don't like to be kept in the dark."

Konan flared intent at the ancient man, paper peeling off her hands and face. Sasori smirked as his ninja puppets hovered behind him, lifted by illuminated wire. Kisame smiled and lifted his sword off his back, crashing it into the ground before him. Orochimaru kept a small smile on his face as his long tongue danced out of his mouth. Pain was stoic during this whole confrontation.

"Mah, mah everyone. Please calm down. It ain't nice to have to a disagreement between friends." "You idiot, they aren't friends, they are working together for the goal. If you would stop eating every shit covered corpse we find, you may have known that." "Okay that was a low blow. And we both eat the poopy corpses, you know that." Every member looked toward the new arrival. A man that had a Venus fly-trap appearance, one half white, one half black. The white half had a carefree look on his face with yellow pupils and a mouth. The black half with a serious aura to him, yellow eyes the only thing that stood out in his face.

The creature was Zetsu. Personal spy to the Akatsuki.

"Zetsu, have you brought him, they are growing impatient." Pain said to the half-breed. They needed the core player to bring this all together.

"Yes he is here." "He said he wanted to get ready and make sure everything was set as we have this meeting." The two halves finished their explanation before turning to show a man with long black hair and a mask with a flame pattern.

The members stared at the new player. Who was this man? And how had he gained the attention of the leader and spy?

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen," the masked man said in a rather deep voice. "You all have helped prepare the new plans for our goal. You all seem impatient with the idea of changes. So I think you should hear our plans for the future."


Naruto sat up against the wall of his cell. His breathing steady and mind calm. Over the last two years, he had grown more accustomed to living in this damp cell. He no longer watched the world pass by his bars, but moved around and sat up after coming from assassinations. This new living had caused him to gain more life in his face. No longer did he appear dead at first sight.

But even with these changes, his eyes were still empty. Some of the Anbu, he finally knew their name, noticed the changes and tried to break him again. But he only ignored their words and actions. And after a while, they just stopped showing up to hurt him.

He was taller after turning five. But he was still short for his age. And he no longer seemed malnourished. Grabbing his food before it was ruined and eating what he could. He even noticed that there was more food than usual over the past year.

What had caused all these changes were the meetings with the creature in his stomach. Over the last two years, Kyūbi still did not like him but had warmed up. He gave him teachings on ways to live and how people act. He was even helping him learn to speak correctly.

As he walked through his sewer, he saw the customary bars that held the fox. He tried to take the seal off the bars to open the cage, but every time he came close he would stop. Like something horrible would happen if he did.

He walked up to the sleeping fox and yelled the greeting he taught him. "Fuck off, Kyūbi!" He said with a slight smile. The fox opened his eyes and looked at the boy with contempt.

"What the hell did I tell you boy? That is not how you address me."

"Sorry Kyūbi, but every time I talked to you, you yelled that at me. I thought that was how we greet." The boy said with no change in his facial expression. He had caused the titanic fox to sweat-drop.

"Yes, well I am the great Kyūbi, you are just a foolish shit that bothers me every day." The fox raised to its feet and begun to shrink. He was smaller than his usual frame, but still larger than most of the Anbu. The Kyūbi had discovered that it was easier to just change its size then it was to keep pressing its face to the ground. Plus, it would make it easier to teach the child if it didn't have to try and find him in his shadow.

"What are we doing today? Are we continuing with the paper that goes boom and stuff?" The boy said with a tilted head. The fox was teaching him to create paper that exploded. Saying that it would be useful for their escape.

"Yes, it is time for you to make one as a test." The Kyūbi smirked at the idea of freedom from another cell. Once this boy had escaped, he would force him to unlock the seal. Every time the boy would try, the control seal placed by the insolent old human would warn him not to. So once they were in the clear, he would scare the child into it and be freed.

Maybe when he was out, he would eat the boy. Ah, that would be a treat.

On the outside, Naruto opened his eyes and took a piece of his rag off. Then he bit his thumb and blood dripped out. He followed the fox's direction and made runes on the cloth. He had made many attempts at making the right symbols correctly, but had difficulties getting kanji right. And taking so many attempts, he lost a lot of blood and passed out. When he awoke, the fox had just said 'moron', that was a fun day. Making the precise kanji and lines on the rag. If he could add the chakra right, then it would be a bomb at his wish.

When he was finished, he held the rag in front of him. The cloth drenched in dark red, all it needed was the chakra. Kyūbi had taught him how to bring out chakra over the sessions they had. He also said that in all his lifetime, he had never seen someone so bad at working chakra.

Naruto did not know what he meant when he said that, so he thought it was a compliment. Poor kid.

Naruto brought his hands together and tried to charge the note. If he could place some chakra into it, then it could be used as a bomb later on. Naruto concentrated for what seemed like hours to him with no results. "No, it's not enough to power the note, let alone set it off. You have to bring out more. Keep the flow steady and strong."

Naruto gritted his teeth and pulled out as much power as he could. It seemed hopeless until he felt a warm sensation move through his body and to his hands. He opened his eyes and saw the rag move.

Naruto was so excited; he kept pouring as much chakra as he could. The Kyūbi smirked from inside his cage. 'Heh, almost there. If he can keep enough of these hidden, then it will be time for us to break free'. The fox then thought of what he would do. He would bite off the heads of the council first. Then he would set off a Bijudama at the center of the village.

As Kyūbi was too distracted with the thought of carnage and destruction that he did not realize it before it was too late. "No you idiot! That's too much, stop!"

Naruto stopped his charge and noticed that the note was lighted. All the chakra had built up and over flowed, causing it to start burning.

Naruto's eyes widened and tried to throw the note. But as it left his hands, it was too late.


Each member looked at the masked man with expectation. Thinking that anyone dressed like that was going to spout out nonsense of conquest and end of days. But at first sight, this man seemed calm and in control. Like he wasn't standing in a room with several of the most wanted men and women in all the Elemental Nations.

He seemed in control, even though they had never seen this man before. Like he had everything in the palm of his hand.

Oh, if they only knew.

"Now, since you all have been so kind enough, I have decided that I will answer any questions you have before we continue. I know this may seem difficult to understand, but I may have the answers you seek." The man said with no changes in tone or body. Showing no fear to talking to S-class criminals like children.

"Yes..." Kakuzu said as he raised his hand toward the masked man. "Does this hurt?" As he finished talking, several black threads tore through his arm and towards the man. Just as everyone was prepared to see it rain blood, the thread passed through his body, untouched.

Everyone's eyes but Pain's and Konan's widen in surprise. This man was not a hologram sent from a disclosed site. Nor was it a bunshin, because it didn't implode on contact. Whatever this man was, attacks didn't work.

The masked man wiped a speck of imaginary dust off his clothes. "Okay, now that we have passed formalities, I can start. We won't have any more problems, will we?" The fully masked man asked the semi-masked man.

Kakuzu nodded his head in agreement. He was ready to kill this strange man who seemed like he was superior. But Kakuzu was truly surprised by the man's actions. Even Hashirama Senju did not have a technique like that. This man was interesting; maybe he had finally found someone who wouldn't die at their first meeting.

"Now, my name is Tobi. If you wish to call me something else go ahead, names mean nothing to me anymore. Over the past four years, this organization has sent off members of each major power to attack each other. We are instigating a war between the Five Great Villages. Originally, we were just biding time. Waiting for the perfect chance to present itself and make our move." The masked man shifted his gaze down, "But that is no longer the case."

Sasori lifted his head on interest. "What exactly would that be? There must be a reason for us creating a war." He turned his sight onto the leader of their group. "Didn't you have a thing against starting wars?"

The pierced man kept his look forward but still answered, "War has taken everything, and will bring new to reason. With the end of this next war, will be the beginning of a world of peace."

"What have changed are the circumstances," the masked man pulled out two pictures from his sleeve and held them for all to see. Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, as he knew who one of these people was. One was a picture of a bandaged man with an x-scar, guarded by Anbu. The other was of a blond boy being carried by another masked assassin. "This is a picture of a village elder of Konoha and leader of Root. His name is Danzō, and he has only one goal; the complete control and prosperity of Konoha."

He placed one picture in front of the other, showing the boy. "And this is his ticket to doing so. This boy is his secret weapon. The one he has been using over 4 years to bring absolute fear into the eyes of those who wish the village harm."

"And how does this boy do so, exactly?" Kisame questioned, as his interest in where this was all going continued to rise.

"Simple, he is the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Kitsune." The members who did not know this man were shocked at what he had said. "He is using this boy as a weapon to strike fear into people."

"He is used assassination attempts, group destruction plans. He is even being used to bring control to his village. I had planned on adding myself into a little argument between the Uchiha and council, but this boy had stopped all plans of a revolution." Despite how he was acting, he was truly disappointed; he wanted that Itachi boy on his side in the future. Oh well.

"So what does this mean exactly?" Kakuzu asked.

"Yes, so he has a personal toy, so what." Sasori scoffed.

"Each village has some control of a Biju, so why do we need to be involved?" Orochimaru wondered.

"I know that the 'Mizukage' and Raikage's brother have control of their Biju just fine." Kisame told the masked man. "So is this truly a need for our talents?"

"The problem is exactly that." The masked man assured. "Now that the villages were in knowledge of how Konoha was using their Jinchūriki, they had to begin planning on how to use their Biju efficiently as well. This would mean that the containers life expectance was running short and our window was closing. The more danger they are in, the more the beasts will rage and kill the host. If even one Biju were to run off, our real plan would be ruined."

Every member took interest in what he had just said. Orochimaru stepped forth and asked what most of them were thinking. "What is this 'real' plan?"

The masked man brought his hand to his face and grabbed the cover. He brought the mask down and exposed his face. One side of his face was badly scarred, old injuries due to how much they had faded. The other half completely fine, like he had been sewn together with a perfectly good replica. But his most defining point was the Sharigan eyes he had staring at the members. "It is the completion of the Moon-Eye Plan."

Most of them were in wonder at what he had said. Most except Kisame, who was laughing at the inside joke. "Kahahahaha, it was you. That explains how the Kirigakure ninja got involved. You've been using that Mizukage to send puppets out to further the war plans."

The others were looking between themselves to understand what was happening. But then the Uchiha made himself heard, and continued the explanation. "We will cause a war between the five great nations. During which, to gain the upper hand, each village that joins will bring their Biju to the front lines to win the war. When they do, we will have eight of the nine beasts in one location, exhausted and beaten." He knew that none of the villages would pass up the chance to use their ultimate weapons to gain control of the state of war.

The other members continued to listen, the pieces of the plan coming together in their heads.

"With all five nations crumbled, we will have no one standing in our way. We will gather the Jinchūriki and their nine beasts and use their power to give us infinite strength. Then I will pass a genjutsu on the moon that all the people will see. And they will be under our control. No fighting, no war, only peace in this god forsaken world."

Everyone was amazed that someone would come up with a plan to kill off hundreds of thousands of people to gain control. It was sick to even think that someone imagined that outcome. And they already knew their answer when the scarred man asked, "Well, will you join me?"

Every member looked to each other. And then looked towards the three standing before them. The pierced, orange haired man was ready for any task. The blue haired woman was reluctant with the idea, but ready to follow through. And the scarred Uchiha only stood there, waiting for an answer.

Every other member had a smile on their face. With ideas and plans of their own brewing in their head. This would leave them open to do what they always wanted. Money to waste and gather. Bodies to make eternal art of. Blood-line to keep immortal and strong. And battles to their hearts content.

"When does this all happen?" Kisame asked for the group.

"We used our influence and spies to have set up a single date and location for our final battle. The Valley of the End, on the Tenth of October. That will be our judgment day."


"In one week's time, that will be the day the nations will meet to fight. The Fourth Great Ninja War will begin at the valley on that day." Danzō said at the front of war meeting council. Every able bodied ninja, Anbu, police corps, and mercenary of the Land of Fire was meeting together to strategize. Even the two remaining Sannin had arrived. Tsunade and Jaraiya had been asked by their old Sensei to join in the fray once more.

He had taken charge of the situation due to Hiruzen's inability to adapt to the consequences of war. The villages had declared war on each other after several years of infighting and accusations. Usually this would not be enough to start a war, but members of each village were being killed and sent back in pieces. It was their own way of insulting each other for their failed attempts.

But that was not all. Each village had sent their Jinchūriki to kill and fight, copying their tactic and solution to even the odds. Hiruzen was swamped with guilt that his village may have just started a war because they wanted power from a single child. And even now, they had planned on using Naruto to solve this war for them.

Danzō addressed the people in front of him. "We will emerge victorious from the fight. We will gain the recognition and control we have sought for so long. We will prove what it means to be ninjas of the leaf."

The whole clearing cheered. Most had not known what war was like, expecting it to be one long battle. But the veterans of the third war were prepared, ready to experience a second helping of hell.

"Dismissed!" Danzō order and all ninja vanished, leaving only him and a crestfallen Hiruzen.

The old ninja looked to his friend with a blank look. He had stood there for some time before choosing to break the silence.

"You aren't usually this upset. Even in the times when we were ready for war." The hawk addressed his oldest friend. "What is wrong Hiruzen?"

"What is wrong? What is wrong Danzō is that we are purposefully starting a massive scale war with the other villages. That we are willing to send off our men to die just so that we can continue to prosper. This is not what we should be aiming for!" The wrinkled man yelled with his head in his hands.

"We have always been prepared for these circumstances. That is what it means to be a ninja. That we give our lives and beings to the village and our people."

"But we our using our people to fight our battles. We are using women and children. We have a child on the front lines leading this fight god damnit!"

"And that child is a proud member of this village. His parents and ancestors fought for what is right. I just tried to continue the path early."

"You used him for your own gains Danzō." Hiruzen looked into his friend's eyes. "Don't bring Minato-kun's and Kushina-kun's heritage into the argument. They are not a reason to send a boy to die on the battlefield as he turns 6."

"If this meant so much to you Hiruzen, you would have stopped me when I took him 4 years ago. You didn't because you knew my cause was right, even if the execution was wrong. We both want the same thing; we are just willing to take different paths to reach the goal."

Hiruzen sat down and breathed in. He looked into the emptiness, just thinking of what to do. "My grandson has started to try and walk on his own feet." Hiruzen changed the subject of the argument. "He keeps falling down but tries again as soon as he can."

Danzō walked by him, "Konohamaru-kun seems like he will make a strong ninja someday." The old man tried to reassure his friend.

Hiruzen had a sad smile on his face. "I can't help but think that maybe I can help this child better than I did for Naruto-kun. So I have decided that after this war, I will resign as the current Hokage in power." Danzō looked at his friend in mild surprise; he had loved the Hokage job more than anything else he had ever done.

"I can't help but think I will never lead that boy guiding him as an authority. Because every time I see myself, I see a shell of my former self. And I can't look at that anymore."

Danzō nodded his head, understanding that this was a choice already made, not a decision that could change.

Then a Root Anbu appeared before Danzō kneeling. "Danzō-sama!" The armored man said in a rushed tone. "You need to come quickly; we believe that the demon child tried to escape."

Danzō stared at the kneeling man, and then turned his head to his old friend. The Sandaime could not do anything, knowing he had no power at this point to change anything. Danzō turned back and nodded his head, vanishing along with the Anbu. Leaving Hiruzen Sarutobi to pray for the child's safety.


When Danzō entered the narrow hallway, he saw that many of his men had gathered around a single blown cell way. Danzō made his presence known, causing every Anbu member to stand at attention and let their leader through.

When he arrived at the front, he found Naruto lying on the ground, simmering. He placed his foot under the boy's chest and flipped him over. His chest was badly burnt and his fingertips missing. His arms were close to charcoal black. The boy had passed out from shock and pain, so he placed his hand up and worked the seal.

Naruto's body then jerked in pain as he woke up. He stopped and breathed in heavy breathes. He re-adjusted himself so he had his back on the wall facing Danzō.

"Naruto-kun, what are you doing, causing an explosion like this?" He asked the boy in a low tone, already guessing the answer.

For the first time, the men around him heard the boy say something other than screams if pain. "I was making a bomb to get out." He lifted his head to look at the bandaged elder. "It was an escap-escop..."

"Escape attempt?"

"Yeah that." Naruto answered for the bandaged man who helped him finish his sentence. Even with Kyūbi's help, he had a hard time learning some words. Speaking of Kyūbi, he was making a glare at the man that could not see him. This human was talking down to him, even if not directly

"Naruto-kun, when you escape from here, where will you go?" He asked the little charred blond boy. He tilted his head as his answer. Neither he nor Kyūbi had thought that far. Well he didn't, he didn't know for certain about Kyūbi.

"You have nowhere to go if you left. You would be wanted by this village and every other village. You have become an international criminal, hunted by each nation. And you have no family, friends, or precious people to call your home."

He lowered himself to the boy's eye level. "Face it, if it was not for me, you would not even have a reason to live. You would just be a lifeless child, with a demon inside of you. Shunned and hated by all that see you, no one to go to. That is a far worse experience then death, let alone this."

He stood back and walked a few feet away. "So don't try to run again, because even if we treat you like this, we are the only ones who will acknowledge you." He then continued his walk and ordered the gathered men to disperse.

"I leave the cleanup to you, and the water works if they come." He addressed one Anbu in the crowd to stay, and then faded away in the darkness.

The Anbu looked toward the wall to see the child with his eyes covered by his ragged hair. He walked up to the child and bent down before him, absently noticing that the burn marks and fingertips were fading back thanks to the fox.

"Hey, are you all right?" He asked the child. The boy lifted his head to show sad eyes. The first real expression the boy had ever shown, and it was one of pain and sorrow. But, no tears came from his eyes.

"No. He is right. I have nothing but this cell and life. I didn't like everything he said. I feel mad an-and something else I don't know." The boy said in an upset voice. "Who are you mister? You don't hit me when you walked up."

The Anbu unhooked his mask and showed Naruto his face. One tired eye, and the other scarred and red with figures in it. "My name is Kakashi, Naruto. Kakashi Hatake. And I have been waiting to find a way out of this for you."

The boy tilted his head in curiosity. "Me? Why Kakashi-khan?" He still couldn't get the hang of what keigo was or how to use it. Getting it mixed up with his honorifics. Kyūbi sighed.

"Because I can't sit here anymore watching what is happening." Over the past two years, Kakashi was making his life easier to stand in the hell hole. He had stopped any Root that thought of beating him up. And added extra helpings to his food so he didn't starve. The only reason he didn't escape with Naruto the first chance he got was because he was so heavily guarded there was no openings.

That is, until the war started. If he could find a way to counter the control seal Danzō had on him, then he could free Naruto. He could let him live in a different country, not affected by the war. He owed his sensei that his son would at least live happily.

"Why do you care Kakashi-donoma?"

"Uh, Kakashi is just fine Naruto. Don't hurt yourself with trying to find a good suffix." Kakashi said with a sweat drop down the back of his head.

"Well, why would you help me Kakashi?"

"Because I know you deserve more than this." The man said with a hint of empathy for the child. "And I would do anything to help you live a better life than this."

Naruto looked at the man in wonder. No one had every shown worry or tried to help him. He felt a warm feeling in his chest, something he had never experienced before. Kyūbi stared at the man through Naruto's eyes. 'My emotion field says that he isn't lying. He truly wants to help the boy. I feel like I have seen this man before.'

"B-but you don't know me."

"That may be true, but I know that you can have a better life. And I will make sure the people I see precious to me love happily."

"Pre-precious? What does that mean?"

"It means that it is something you can't go on without. That you will do everything you can to make sure that it is safe. That is what precious people are."

Naruto's eyes widened. He had never heard anyone say something like that to him. Naruto lowered his eyes so they could not be seen. "So if you want to protect something, they are precious?"

"Yes. That is what it means." Kakashi lifted his face to look at Naruto, and was shocked at what he saw. The boy was smiling, for the first time in his whole life, that boy looked happy. His mouth in a wide grin and his eyes full of warmth.

"So, if I wanted to protect you, you would be precious to me? Then I'm not alone after all. Because there is someone else I want to help."

Kakashi looked puzzled. "Who?"

The boy brought his hand to his seal. "I want to protect Kyūbi as well." Both Kyūbi's and Kakshi's eyes widened. "He has helped me so much. I want to make sure he is happy as well."

Kakashi looked at Naruto surprised, and then softened his eyes. This boy should be free. He took out a blanket and placed it on Naruto and patted his head, earning a smile from the young boy. He told him to get some sleep after a bad day.

Kakashi rounded a corner and looked ahead of him. His eyes were blazing with determination. 'I will save Naruto from this life. So he can have a better chance. I promise on my Ninja way.'


Naruto settled in the ground and closed his eyes. When he woke up he was in front of Kyūbi in his smaller form. Naruto walked up to Kyūbi and asked, " What's wrong Kyūbi? You seem sad." The boy asked in innocence.

The fox lifted his head to look at the boy. His eyes appeared sorrowful, a far cry from his usual anger. "Why would you say that?"

"Huh?" Naruto looked at him in curiosity. "Wha?"

"What you said to the mask. Why would want to help me?" His teeth flared and his eyes were full of anger. "You have nothing to gain from helping me. So why are you lying?"

"I'm not." The boy looked up at the large fox. "You have helped me so much, so I want you to be happy as well." He then gave the fox a happy smile. "You are someone I hold precious. And I want you to be happy as well."

The fox looked down at the child. No one had given him a chance since the old man years ago. He thought that he was just going to have to let this cycle of moving from empty container to empty container go on forever. But maybe that wasn't the case.

The fox turned around, no longer faxing the young boy. "Leave. Now"

"Okay." The boy agreed and walked off. "See you later Kyūbi."

"Wait." The fox's voice broke the silence. Causing the young child to stop and turn around. "It's not Kyūbi. That was just something that I have come to agree to."

"Oh. Well what is your name?"


The little boy smiled and continued walking out. "I like that. Okay, I will see you later Kurama."

The fox just stared off into the darkness of his cell. Maybe it was time to try and make up for some sins. He would never be truly cleared, but he could try. He looked at his hands and started to practice seals. His upper body was closely similar to human bodies, and that allowed him to make seals. He had only seen it once, but he had already committed it to memory.


"Is it supposed to be this terrifying? I knew it was scary just being in the village during the last war. ithought that it would be easier with everyone together." A young man in a newly made Anbu uniform said to the older ninja next to him. He was experienced and strong, but still had the feeling of war wash over him.

"It is alright Itachi-kun. Our youth will allow us to whether any storm or fear, as long as we head into the blazing sunlight. Hahahaha." This man had a bowl-shaped haircut and huge eyebrows. Beneath his flak jacket was a green spandex jumpsuit.

A new man walked up to them in the massive march of soldiers to the battle field. He was rough looking, with a shaggy beard and cigarette in his mouth. "Guy, stop freaking out the new meat. I don't think youth will be able to help out in this situation." He said as he brought a light to his cigarette. As he set the drag, a delicate hand grabbed the stick and threw it away.

"Asuma, if you are so worried about the war, stop smoking and buck up. All that time at the capital with the Daimyo must have made you soft." The woman in question was a beautiful, black haired woman. With blood red eyes with an additional ring in them. She wore make-up and wore the standard flak jacket. She didn't usually wear this outfit, but due to the war march, she had to wear this as the battle started.

"Ah, come on Kurenai. That's just mean."

"Um, Kurenai-San, is this the time for us to be fooling around?" Itachi asked the experienced ninja about what to do.

"No, but this might be the only time we have to stay calm. So enjoy it while you can." A new man made himself heard by the younger group.

They all turned to see two people walking by them. One was a tall, aged man with long, spiky white hair. Down his face were two red lines from his eyes, and a wart on his nose. He wore the forehead protector of the leaf, but in a green kimono and red haori.

Alongside him was a shorter woman with straight, blond hair. She had a purple-rhombus shape on forehead, her protector hanging around her neck. She wore the standard uniform with flak jacket, her well-endowed chest pushing the jacket up.

Next to her was a young woman with long black hair and black eyes. She as well was dressed in the standard uniform, although her sleeves appeared several sizes too big.

"If we wanted to relax, we should camp and gamble. I feel like I could win a few rounds of poker as we speak."

"Nah, Tsunade. If we played right now, all we could take from you would be your rations and weapons." The tall, white haired man said. Until he turned to look at her, taking many heavy breathes. "Unless you want to play strip poker, which in case I'm all in."

The blond women grabbed the man and proceeded to pummel him into a fine paste. Causing several ninja in the vicinity to step back for safety.

"Please Tsunade-sama stop! You will kill Jiraiya-sama I you continued." The black haired women asked her master.

Tsunade let the limp body hit the ground and walked off. She looked to her charge, "Shizune, you have to stop being so lenient. Otherwise his kind will never learn."

The young ninja group blanked at the carefree attitude the Sannin had while they marched to war. Before any of them could question the motive, Guy made a dramatic pose. "Ah, up ahead I see my eternal rival coasting through the crowd. I am sorry my friends but I am off. I will return so that we may enjoy more merry times of youth!" And the spandex man ran through the crowd toward a grey haired young man.

The group left behind could only sweat drop at the man's eccentric behavior. Asuma looked toward the older ninja, ready to ask a question plaguing his mind. "Hey, does this seem right? I mean we are going to war and we aren't even trying to have negotiations. This isn't like the old man." He referenced to the aged Hokage that was at the front of the march. Dressed in his black war gear, he appeared as he did when he was ready to fight a strong opponent. Alongside him, Danzō walking at a steady pace with cane in hand.

Following the leaders of the Konoha army were several Anbu carrying a sealed crate. Making sure that it was safe until their arrival.

"Yeah actually, your right." Jiraiya agreed with the young Sarutobi. "Jiji is usually so upbeat, but when he asked us to come, he sounded angry and regretful. Like he was forced into this decision."

"You don't think Danzō had something to do with sensei acting like this do you?" Tsunade questioned her old friend.

"Well, they never have been on good terms. Only someone like him could cause Hokage-sama to act like that." Shizune added her two cents to the conversation.

"But how does he plan for us to fight in this war? We may have a great military power, but it is foolish to fight against villages that bring their Biju into the fray." Kurenai said with a hint of worry laced in her voice.

"Over the years, father has told me that many of Konoha's enemies are taken care of before they start." All the older ninja looked at the newly promoted Uchiha. "That he has been using some kind of weapon to place himself as a figure of power." Itachi looked between all the Uchiha, Hyūga, and normal ninja in the march. "A weapon that even our village has come to fear."

"Do you think that crate they have with them is that weapon?"

"I don't know Jiraiya-sama, but whatever is in that crate, has given them confidence to take on every power in the world."


Guy ran through the crowd, weaving through the soldiers preparing for war, toward his target. He jumped on the air and landed next to a young grey haired individual. "Ah Kakashi, it is so good to see my rival after so long. With your status now in the Anbu, I have searched for a new rival to challenge as the sun rises. But none I meet can compare to your grace and tenacity." He finished his speech with a cheesy grin and a thumb up.

Kakashi continued forward, causing Guy tomwonder what had happened to his rival. When Kakashi lifted his head to address to lively man. "Guy, this war will not be pretty. We will be using our best moves and skills from the get go. And I am sure that it will not end well for me in the long run."

"What do you mean, Kakashi?" Guy questioned the strange look his old friend had.

"I mean that there is something I have to do in the middle of the battle. And when I am done, I will probably be seen as a traitor and criminal." Guy's eyes widened at the lax tone Kakashi used to describe the situation.

"Then don't do it. Whatever it is, there must be another solution." Guy tried to reason.

"There are a lot of ideas I ran through my head to keep me safe." Kakashi replied with a low tone to his voice. He then looked ahead as the valley came into view. "But this isn't about me, this about saving someone else."

"What do you mean 'someone else'?"

"When the battle starts, you will understand what I have to do."Kakashi replied to his old rival. Kakashi kept the determined look as he thought of the results. He would be free after his sixth birthday. And he kept that thought as he came to a halt.

The entire army stopped as they had come to Hashirama's head. They had arrived at the battle field. And so had the other armies.


Directly across from the Konoha army was the Kumo army.

A massive dark skinned man stood in front of his soldiers. He had white hair combed back with a small beard and detached mustache. He wore an open, white haori that showed off an extremely muscular body, made for harsh fighting. Around his neck was was a curved, four point hat with the kanji for lightning. On both his forearms were gold brackets that went to the joints.

"Yosh!" The giant man yelled in a grand voice. He turned around to address his forces, men and women dressed in black shirts and white flak jackets over the left shoulder. "Alright men, these fools have underestimated. They have sent us bits and pieces of our men back to us. They have killed our comrades and insulted our people. Tried to break ou village and take our secrets. But no more!" He raised his arm in a closed fist. "Now we show them who is the strongest!"

"HAI!" The army cheered with fist raised.

One man in the crowd did not raise to the air but scratched his head. He was dark skinned, with a bulbous nose and blonde hair that covered his left eye. With a short sword on his back, and the characters for Water and Lightning on his shoulders. He yawned and addressed the group around him.

"Man, I don't know how he does it. Our special ops troops, Yugito-San, and Bee-San go on a boat to avoid detection. He leads us through the tress hundreds of miles to the designation. And he still has so much energy." He complained to his blond partner beside him.

"Well this war is something we have been preparing for weeks." C explained to Darui. "He had to make sure that he can motivate all of us. This war depends on him." C then quirked an eyebrow. "Well, him and those two"

Beside the massive Raikage were a man and woman on each side.

On his right, a woman with long blond hair. A forehead protector partially hidden by her hair. Wearing a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and black pants. "I have to say, this is very nerve-racking. But I plan to show these other villages how Kumo-Jinchūriki do it. Right Bee?" She said to the man opposite the Raikage.

Said man was tall, muscular, and dark-skinned, like many of the other soldiers. He had the 'iron' kanji tattooed on his right shoulder. A pair of bullhorns underneath his left eye, which was covered by sunglasses. Adorning his back were seven-sheathed blades.

The man placed his hands in front of him in a lazy fashion. "~Yo bitches, stand by, I'm about to make ya flea. I'm a punch ya pussy ass from the valley to the sea. If ya think you can play me, you got a shitty ability. I'm the one, the only, Motha-Fuckin Killer B~" the man ended his bad rap striking a pose.

Which led to the Raikage bitch slapping him across the forces. All the soldiers only sighed at the brothers' attitude.


Between these two armies, was the Kiri army.

After traveling by the sea and through the neighboring countries, they had finally arrived at the sacred fighting land. When they arrived, they had seen that the land was smaller then they first thought. It then became evident that this was the starting point, but the adjacent lands were all in the crossfire.

At the front of the army was Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage. On his back was a large staff with uneven flower petals and a hook at the end. Behind him were his forces wearing black pant and shirts, in grey flak jackets.

Out of the forces walked up a beautiful, auburn haired woman. Her face framed by two bangs. She went to the Mizukage to grab his attention. "Mizukage-sama, all of our forces are ready to fight."

"Good," the young looking man said over his shoulder, "that will be all. Join the rest in the wait."

The slender woman nodded her head and began the trek next to a man with an eyepatch. She stopped and regarded the Mage once more, "Mizukage-sama, are you sure this is the correct course to take? Our military power isn't even close to adequate enough to fight this battle."

"We will stand in this battle." Yagura said without any hesitation.

"But without the seven-swordmen, we don't have enough power to fight back. Even with two Biju, our forces will be slaught-"

"Terumi!" He said with a powerful tone, causing the women to stop her questioning. He turned around to look at her, "This is a fight we will stand in. We may not have the numbers, but our forces have more then enough strength to make up for it. You are dismissed."

The woman bowed her head before she heard one last command. "Send up the other would you. We need our main forces here."

Moments later, a young man joined Yagura on his perch. He wore the standard outfit of kiri, but had long brown hair that cover his left eye. He walked up to the Mizukage and asked, "Do you think we will survive this fight?"

"We will," Yagura assured. "We will show the world why our village is called the Bloody Mist."

Unbeknownst to the rest of the army, as Yagura looked forward, the image of a sharingan shadowed over his eyes.


On the opposite side of the valley, stood the Iwa-army.

The army stood in red suits and brown jackets. In front of the forces was a small man with a big red nose in a green and yellow jacket. He had his Kage hat wrapped around his neck. He was currently hunched over in pain, clutching his aching back.

"Owwwwww. I knew we shouldn't have passed through Takigukare. I should have just flown my way here."

"Ah, come on old man." A large man with a beard told the short elder. "If you had flown, everyone else would get jealous. We had to stay together in the walk."

"Oh shut up Kitsuchi. Just help me with my back." The old man complained to his son. The man grabbed the old man by the head and legs and pulled. Earning a painful scream from the Tsuchikage and a pop from his spine.

"AW! Not like that!" He said as he felt his back in place again. He re-adjusted himself and started to float, to talk to the tall man better. "Is everyone prepared?"

"More or less. They're ready to show what they got." Ōnoki smirked at what his lieutenant had said. He remembered what his master always told him, 'the spoils of war went to the winners'. And if he was right, they were about to be loaded. Kitsuchi regained the old man's attention, "Gramps, they are ready by the way."

Ōnoki looked behind him at the new arrivals. One was an older looking man with red hair with a mustache and beard. He wore a large headpiece with a black armor piece that ran across his.

The other was a tower of a man. Dressed from head to toe in red armor with a straw hat. He had a strong but uninterested look on his face. As he stared out into the upcoming war zone.

"Rōshi, Han, I'm so glad that both of you could come. We will need you."

"Whatever old man," Rōshi said with slight disdain, "Just make sure you leave us alone when this is over." Beside him, Han only made an affirmative grunt.


"Uh, uh, uh." The little boy whimpered. He was hunched over, clutching his head as the voice kept whispering to him. "Mother, please, make it stop." The little boy had red hair and black shadows around his eyes. On his head was the character for 'Love'.

In front of him stood a man who looked like and older version of the boy. He was dressed in a black ninja outfit under a white haori with green highlights and a hat.

Behind him, a man who had his head wrapped and half his face under a sheet, appeared. "Kazekage-sama, we have the gold dust ready if anything goes wrong." He said as he looked aside at the troubled boy. "Chiyo-sama also has the sealing process prepared if we decided to capture any others like him."

He nodded his head. This was the chance to reclaim Suna's former glory. He turned to his son, "Gaara." The boy lifted his head to show eyes that showed a tortured, crazy soul.

"Those men are here to kill you." The boy then started to pull himself in, trying to make himself smaller. "All those men have come to kill you, and we won't stop them." He looked down at his son. "What will you do?"

Gaara stopped shaking, letting his hands fall from his hair. He lifted his head to show eyes that were not human. They had turned black, with a four-point star and for dots around it.

He laughed as sand started to form claws around his arms. "Kaa-sama. Kaa-sama."


The valley was covered with ninja on the edges, ready to fight at the call.

Danzō stepped forward. 'We started this, we may as well finish'. He motioned for the Anbu to bring the sealed casket.

"What is that thing?" Jiraiya asked no one in particular. Just stating a thought in his head.

Hand signs went through fast as the covering fizzled away. The guards grabbed the sides of the package and pushed forward. From there, a tired and weak blond boy slid out.

The ninjas around them all had surprised looks on their faces. If they were suspecting something from the basket, it wasn't a boy that was having trouble standing up.

"What the hell!"

"Why is a kid here!"

"Hey, haven't we seen him before?"

"Kakashi, is this what you were talking about?"

Jiraiya looked in horror at the sight. "Mi-Minato?" At second glance, he saw him better. "N-N-Naruto?"

"Sensei, what the hell is this?" Tsunade asked her former teacher, who could only mash his teeth so hard he started to bleed. "Sensei!"

"Now," Danzō brought up his hands, "It begins."

The little boy's body jerked as red bubbles grew all over him. And as soon as he was covered, his skin started to peel off. 'Now, it will end.' Finally, in front of them was not the boy, but a black, 9-tailed feral monster.

"HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The little Kyūbi sprinted forward, leaving a crater and dust in its place. It jumped into the valley and ran on all fours.

"CHARGE!" All five forces jumped into the clearing. The Nibi and Hachibi coming into existence, taking a large portion of the clearing for themselves. Jutsu and weapons were thrown from each direction.

Fires and blasts going off into echoes. The previous silence was dead.


From a high point, several men watched the battle that had been raging on for twelve hours.

The valley was no more, just another destroyed patch of land.

Right from the start, the heavy hitters were throwing out their best moves. Ōnoki used his Dust release to fight against the freed tail beast. Damaging the hulking monster like they were nothing. But as he was distracted, he didn't see the bubble technique that hit him hard. He was still flying, but he had to keep taking breaks to catch his breath.

A was using his Lightning Release Armor to destroy any defense he came upon. He defeated every ninja in his way, until he hit a snag. A woman he identified as Tsunade of Konoha had stopped his charge. They had planned to just cross fists and move along. That was four hours ago, and they were still at it strong.

But every side was experiencing casualties from the Jinchūriki and Biju. Almost instantly, the monsters and their containers had met to fight in the field. The Kyūbi rushing around the Hachibi, dodging its attacks due to its smaller frame.

So each of the Jinchūriki entered their second stage. The fight being determined by will and ability. Except for Gaara and the Ichibi, they had just kept their full released form and shot off Wind Bullets in every direction.

After sometime, every ninja was coming to their end. More then half of the fighting forces were dead now. The only ones who were still fighting were the best of the best. Everyone else either passed out, or died.

"It looks like it is time for us to make our move. To change the world for the greater, through this final war." A red-haired man in a mechanized contraption said.

"Heh heh, well this is interesting." Orochimaru said as he licked his lips. "So many old faces, so little time."

"I know what you mean. Neh, Tobi, have you been manipulating the 'Mizukage' through all this?" Kisame had been watching his old leader use his best moves to fight off those around him. He then had a smaller grin on his face."Wish you could do better with the orders, most of the Kiri are gone."

"It doesn't matter." Tobi shrugged as he walked around with explosions in the distance. "When we are done, their deaths will have helped lead us to peace." He looked toward Nagato. "Can you send him out?"

"Yes." The pierced man walked next to the mechanized human. "Yahiko is ready to deliver us to heaven. He will help fight against the Biju."

"Then we will be here until the first hit." The walking corpse left the mountains and ran to the former valley. Tobi gathered all the Akatsuki around him then sucked them into his alternate dimension. Keeping them together until he appeared at the field again. He looked over at the remaining member. "Are you coming?" He questioned the blue haired woman.

"No." She said with no room for argument. "I will stay with Nagato as he uses his power to attack." Without the use of multiple bodies, he could use more chakra for Yahiko's attacks. But that didn't mean that the attacks didn't have as much strain on her friend's body.

The masked man nodded before swirling around his eye and disappearing from sight.


"Raikiri!" Kakashi yelled as he thrust his lightning covered hand through his opponents chest. The Suna-nin fell to the ground as he retracted his hand. After he did, he noticed that most of his vision had started to blur. He had been fighting for too long now.

Since the fight started, he had kept close to the Kyūbi influenced boy. Making sure that the kid was still alive through the fight. In doing so, he had put his body through too much to keep close to the monster fights.

His body had been run ragged, blood dripping from his eyes and arms. His legs feeling like jelly under his weight. But he had make sure that he could still fight, and get Naruto to safety when he had the chance.

Luckily for him, he had joined with some of the best in Konoha to watch each others backs. These last few hours were a lot easier knowing you had an Uchiha, Sannin, and someone like Guy to help you along.

Along the way, he had to answer a lot of questions.

"Kakashi, I need some answers now." The old ninja said to the young man as he smashed a Kumo-nin with his lashing hair.

Kakashi slashed an upcoming charger with his blade, killing the man. "Danzō took the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi and made him into a weapon. He has kept Naruto in a cell for several years and used him for his needs."

Asuma held off an attacker with his chakra blades. "How the hell don't we all know about this?" He blew everyone back with his Dust Cloud Technique.

"Everyone was sworn to secrecy to not tell anyone this secret. Even Sandaime-sama could not do anything against it."

"So Jiji isn't to blame, thank god. Why hasn't he stopped this?"

"He has been over ruled by the council on this decision. He has fought for his freedom for years but can't do anything about it."

Kurenai put several ninja in a genjutsu that held them at bay. "But why do you know about this? Why did you willingly join the Root?"

"I was asked by the Sandaime to check on the condition of Naruto." Everyone listening beside Kakashi looked between the old man swatting people away with a giant staff and the demon boy crushing people in his way toward the Iwa-Jinchūriki in armor.

Re-positioning themselves into a tight group, they all started taking heavy, deep breathes. "So over the years, I have been watching over Naruto. Making sure he heals properly, eats his food, everything he neede to survive. But lately, I knew that it wouldn't be enough to watch him, so I have been waiting."

Itachi blew a Great Fireball Jutsu at those around, boiling off their skin and melting their eyes. "Waiting for what exactly?"

"This battle." The others looked at him like he was crazy. "I will use this battle to take Naruto away and to safety. I will be charged for treason in doing so, but that won't stop me. The only problem is Danzō." They all looked to the man who had been worn out after applying chakra for 10 hours straight.

"His seal will cause Naruto pain until it can be undone. So I know this maybe too much to ask, but can you guard us as we escape?" He turned around to acknowledge the group around him. Unknowingly leaving himself wide open to an attack from behind. But before the attack connected...

"Dynamic Entry!" Guy jumped up and made a beautiful side-kick that sent the ninja soaring into the edges of the valley. He landed and gave Kakashi a big grin."I had worried that you had lost your way my friend. But risking your life for the safety of a child, that is the rival I have strived to defeat. I will lend you my strength."

The others nodded, agreeing with Guy's over exuberant words. Now all they needed to do was survive.

As the last of the small fry fell, the others took in as many breathes as possible before the big fish. Now, they needed to fight off the Biju, Jōunin, and Kages that were left.

As they paused, they saw something floating in the air. After some time everyone else stopped their battles. The Tsuchikage had stopped his Dust Style before hitting Hiruzen. Tsunade and A stopping mid-brawl to gaze up at the sky. Mei, Darui, and Kitsuchi stopped to measure the situation that could play forth.

As everyone was silent, Jiraiya's eyes widened as he recognized the flying figure. "Yahiko?"


That was what everyone heard before the explosion went off over the Biju.


As the dust settled, the scene could be better observed. A giant hole had been created from the mighty push sent down from Pain. At the center of the hole, the Jinchūriki had all passed out from the force of the attack.

Near ground zero, all the other soldiers had been pushed back. Buried by rubble and the dead bodies of their fallen comrades. The last of the Anbu, special ops, and Kages could only view as from the center, walked out two men.

One was the man that created the blast. Walking out like he had done nothing more then swat a fly.

The other was a man who had appeared out of thin air. His body coming out of a spiral in space, which had centered itself on his eye. He walked in front of the other man, and grabbed the attention of the ninja around him.

"Hello everyone, we are sorry to interrupt your little spat, but we have important matters to take care of. My colleagues and I are here to take your little bundles of joy behind me." The ninja around him widened their eyes at the crass way to say he was taking the Jinchūriki.

"I know this seems inconvenient, but we didn't start this war for nothing." From his eye, another hole in space appeared. This time, unleashing five men that joined alongside the already present two. Members of the fallen ninja all let out gasps at the sight of some of the most wanted men appearing out of nowhere.

Each member jumped off to a different location. They all landed in front of old friends they hadn't seen in quite some time.

With the masses happy, Tobi turned around to collect his prize. "Alright, time to cash up." As he went to grab the first one he could find, a kunai sailed right through his head. As if irked, he turned his head to see his old friend struggling to stand up.

"I-I won't let you take them!" Kakashi yelled as blood seeped out of his wounds. Behind him, his comrades all struggled but ultimately stood back up.

Tobi walked next to Pain, bringing no attention to the ninja glaring at him. "Zetsu, make sure they won't get up as we finish here." From the ground came a black and white creature that nodded its head and spilt. The white one left and attached to the Jinchūriki and siphoned their chakra, the black one took a stance and prepared to attack. "Shall we finish these fools off?" Pain nodded his head as he let his power seep out.


"Hello Sensei." The snake like man said as he walked up to his former teacher and leader. "I haven't seen you in such a long time." He grew a smirk that would send fear into any great shinobi's heart. "You've grown old."

"Orochimaru?" The old Hokage had the look of pure fear on his face as his old pupil slowly walked forward. While the Hokage was covered in injuries, blood seeping from his wounds into a puddle under him, the snake man hadn't aged a single day. "Why are you here?"

"Well Sarutobi-sensei, I have found myself a nice little clique that peaks my interest. You always told me that I should try and get out more, make new friends." Orochimaru said as snakes slithered out if his sleeve, regurgitating a magnificent sword the fell into his hand. "Although I had originally planned to join in a couple of years, they just couldn't do this without me."

The Hokage stood back up, his quarrel with the Tsuchikage all but forgotten. Now his attention was on his twisted student. "What are you trying to do here?" He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist until he reached blood, "Why are you here!" He screamed.

"We're going to save this world Sensei. No more pain, suffering, death. They will help me find the Immortality I have searched so long for." As he walked forward, he detected danger and jumped back. Where he stood, now was a vaporized crater. He looked up to see a midget floating with a clear cone in his hand.

"Heh, do all of your men have a strange tendency to defect?" The Tsuchikage said with a wry smirk. "After all this time and I still have to out your men in their place, old man."

"Heh, if I'm old, you must be dust at this point Ōnoki-San." He grabbed his staff and entered his battle stance. "You should sit down before you become a cripple. I'll have to show my old pupil his place."

"Do you think you can, Sensei?" Orochimaru brought up his blade a smashed it against his sensei's staff. "You should stop before you die."

"I won't stop Orochimaru." Hiruzen swiped his staff, forcing the man back, "I won't stop until I have fixed everything I've done wrong!" He said as he charged forward.


"Well, well." Kisame stepped forward meeting the group in front if him. Sasori walking by his side. "It looks like I get to fight some strong people after all." In front of him were some of the best ninja from the other villages fighting in a cluster after the bomb.

"Kisame, what are you doing?" Mei asked as she struggled to rise up.

"Oh I don't know you, but your from the village and still alive, so you must be good." He had a grin as he raised he blade and crushed the ground.

"Chiyo-baba, it is so good to see you again. How have you been?" Sasori asked his fallen grandmother.

"Th-that's impossible, how are you still like that?" The old woman said in shock at her grandson's eternal appearance.

"I found a way to become strong, which I can't say the same to you though." He grabbed his cloak and ripped it off, revealing a puppet like body. With a wire spinning out of his stomach and a strange core in his chest. The wire lifted and aimed toward his old granny. "Here, let me put you out of your misery."

The wire spiked forward, aiming for the old woman's head. But before contact was made, a large rock formation made a shield in front of her. From behind, Kitsuchi grabbed the woman and dived before the wire pierced through the rock. He stood back up with the elder woman under his arm.

"Hey granny, I know we've been fighting and everything, but do you mind if we beat this little bastard into the ground first." He waited for an answer from the elder ninja, but nothing happened. He looked down and shook the limp body. "Oh shit."

He then got headbutted in the chin, backing him fall and grap his chin in pain. The elderly woman landed on her feet and laughed. "Haha, I got you, did you think this old hand would die so easily kiddo." She turned and regarded her grandson, "Now I think is time you get a spanking for misbehaving so long, young man," summoning her Chikamatsu Collection.

Meanwhile, a giant shark of amorphous water was flying through and attacking anyone it saw. "Ha, this is what I've wanted for so long." Kisame stopped and had a sad look on his face, "To bad none of you can still fight." He redirected it to the first Kiri-nin he could see.

Mei lifted her head to see a hulking beast coming at her. She tried to move but could not summon the strength to stand. She resigned herself to her fate, until it did not come.

"Storm Release: Laser Circus!" Dozens of flying lights shot up and shredded the shark, turning it to water instantly. Mei lifted her head to see a shaggy Kumo-nin standing between her and Kisame. "Man, it isn't enough that we have fought for hours, now monsters are trying to snuff us out." He turned around and offered his hand to her, "Sorry about this, but could we work together to put this guy down? Or else we may not make it back."

Mei smiled and took his outstretched hand. "Sure, but let me finish him off, okay. I feel like I have to put this man down for our village." She turned to the blue man, and went through a series of hand seals before leaning back and breathing in.

"Lava Release: Melting Apparition!" Mei spit out a wave of lava that spread over Kisame's head. The shark man dove out of the way to avoid the boiling rock. The lava dissolved into the ground and caused smoke to raise into the air. Mei smirked and wiped spit off her chin, "I hope your ready. I'm going to show you how our village can survive without your help."

"I didn't think that there was still a bloodline in the village." He lifted his head and showed his shark teeth to the world, Samahada fusing to his arm. "Interesting."


Tsunade looked to the left, her vision coming close to a tunnel. The Raikage she had been fighting was not in good shape. His haori long abandoned, and his arm braces had cracked and fallen off. Tsunade had broken several of his ribs and got many good shots on his head.

Of course, she was in no place to talk. He had grabbed her left arm and broken it completely. And when she was getting away, he had landed a powerful hook into her stomach. She had been coughing up blood for most of the fight after that.

But that didn't matter right now. They were both in bad shape, and this man in front of them did not look like he had any room for negotiations.

"Hmm, why did I come here?" The tall, dark man wondered out loud. "I felt like something familiar was here, but all I see are two broken bodies."

"Who the hell are you? Get out of my way, I have to check B and Yugito." A said as he raised to his feet, blood seeping from lacerations and open wound, but paying no mind to them.

"I don't know you, Kumo boy, so it must be this young girl I've come to meet." He walked closer, only for the Raikage to appear from behind and try to smash him into the ground. Kakuzu felt the precense come up behind and jumped back. As he turned, a fist almost made contact, but he ducked under. He jumped and kicked A in the face, only stunning the massive man for an instant before he grabbed the outstretched leg and swung him around.

Kakuzu shifted his arm forward, black threads shooting out of his arm and into the Raikage. The threads dug into the man's torso and arms, blood dripping down the string. Kakuzu lifted the massive man, then used his power to smash the human tank into the ground multiple times.

When he was finished, he retracted his threads and walked up to the downed man. When he came close, A lifted his head and made a wide swing at him. Kakuzu jumped back and gained his balance, "You can still stand after all that? Impressive," more threads released themselves, "I think I'll take your heart for spare keeping." As he walked forward, he felt a painful stab in his chest.

Looking behind him, he saw the former broken woman had punched right through his heart. Her visible wounds disappearing right in front of him. He ripped his body of her arm and stumbled.

"How are you moving? Weren't you dy-"*Smash*. Before he could finish, A came up from behind and brought his connected hands down on the surprised man. A large crater had been created from the massive force, leaving a messy blood stain in the middle.

A looked up from his work and up at the Princess. "Finish this later?" Tsunade nodded her head and started to move toward her injured comrades. But as they both went their way, they were hit by an unexpected attack.

"Don't turn your back, or you may find yourself dead." When they both turned around, they were hit by two devastating attacks. A by a massive current of shredding wind, cutting through his Lightning Release Armor and sending the effect back at him.

While Tsunade was hit by a strong fire stream. Singing through her clothes and burning her skin. They both landed on their backs as Kakuzu came into sight.

He was no longer a tall man, but a freak of nature. Thousands of black threads pouring out of the stitches all over his body. Hundreds pouring out of his mouth, like an octopus. Among the threads, on his shoulders, were a red and blue mask. The masks mouths still open, with smoke and gas coming out of the open holes.

"Now I know what made me come here. That healing technique is the same as his. Your his relative right, Hashirama Senju's?" Tsunade raised her bruised body, her burn marks disappearing faster by the second. "Wow, this must be fate. He disappears and I couldn't get the rematch I've been waiting for. So I get the chance to fight his family."

"My grandfather died, so if I have to, I will destroy you." Tsunade reassured as she lifted herself up.

"Oh no, that's not true." Tsunade's eyes widened as the freak continued his explanation . "After his death was made public, I wanted to come pay my thanks. Maybe loot the corpse and sell it off, the price of a Hokage's body fetches a high price." Tsunade mashed her teeth together in pure anger at the man in front of her. "But when I came to it, the coffin wasn't carrying his body."

"W-what?" Tsunade's eyes widened at him.

"Oh, the coffin was full, but with a different body. Those that didn't know the man personally probably wouldn't realize the difference. But I could tell that, just from our fight, that it was a fake." Kakuzu made a wide grin with the thread still in his mouth. "You've all been lied t-"

From behind, A tackled the monster and through him away. Kakuzu slid a looked at his opponents. Tsunade and A were standing side by side, ready to fight. "Whatever the reason may be, that will not stop me. I will take you down, you monster."

"Heh, and so it begins."


Jiraiya jumped and tried to attack Pain, but once again, he used his strange gravity technique to push him back. When he landed, he dove forward with a Rasengan in hand, but Pain dodged and brought out another black stake.

He dodged the weapons thrust, and placed himself on only his hand. Using that to spin around, he kicked the man in his chest, sending him several meters away. But he only flipped and landed on his feet. No change in his expression. He looked over to see Kakashi and Guy still fighting the masked individual.

After thirty minutes of fighting and no results, it looked like this man was invincible. He could phase through any attack, and that meant he could always keep moving. They thought that there was no chance to win, until they made a discovery.

When he was about to attack, he made himself physical to make contact. But when they send an attack at him during this open chance, he was vulnerable to attack. So they had figured that if he came close to making contact, they would try to hit him and make him phase through. This little back and forth had been happening for a while now.

It still looked like they had a better chance of winning then he did. Around him, Itachi, Asuma, and Kurenai had passed out from exhaustion. And Jiraiya was not far off from joining in. Yahiko was overpowering him in the Ninjutsu department. When he came close, he would be blown away. If he gained distance, he was forced back in seconds.

"Yahiko, make this stop. What happened to you?" He tried to remember back to that little boy who had a huge grin on his face. That little shit that promised to take out all evil in the world. "Where's Konan? Where's Nagato?"

"Sensei I think you have it wrong." Jiraiya stopped his questioning to listen to what he said. "Konan is fine, but you see-" he raised his eyes to look at the man with his Rinnegan, "I'm Nagato. Yahiko's died long ago."

"What. W-what are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that Yahiko saved us long ago. He sacrificed himself so Konan and I could live." He just kept looking at his Sensei with disdain. "When you left, our world crumbled. We lost everything, so we decided to fight for what we can save. I will use Yahiko to usher in the world where no one dies. I will save this world."

"Nagato, not like this. There has to be a better way."

Pain raised his outstretched hand, "Sorry sensei, this is all we can do." With a push, came a Shinra Tensei that sent the Sannin back.

"Why are you doing this you bastard?" Kakashi yelled from his kneeled position. Next to him, Guy had been hit and was coughing up blood.

"Sorry, but I'm going to take these things with us." He referred to the weakening Jinchūriki behind him.

"Why do you want them?" Kakashi tried to ask.

"I need them to save the world. They are strong, but they have no purpose but to help me with my cause." He started to walk to the bodies, no longer giving the weakened ninja his attention.

"They don't deserve this. They don't have to become we- He doesn't need to be a weapon!" Kakashi tried to stand, but only stumbled over. He raised his head with said eyes. "Please leave them."

"No." Tobi stopped and turned his head. "I will use them to save everyone. Themselves, you, 'Rin'." He came to the closest body, a small blond boy with whiskers. "Sorry Kakashi, this world will end now."


In an empty space, the fallen ninja disappeared. The crumbled rock and dead bodies, all but vanished from sight. The assembled injured, the cowering Anbu, and the battling heroes were no longer there. But something else did appear.

In the open space, were eight massive, multi-tailed beasts. All assembled around in a rough circle. And all of them looking at each other; a Tanūki, Cat, Turtle, Ape, Horse, Slug, Ox, and Fox gathered together. They had been chatting for the whole fight.

"Bwhahahahaha. Then the fuck head blew himself up right in front of the kid. Then finally, I got to have some fun. Until that asshole father of his used the Gold Dust on me. Always ruining the fun." Shukaku told his siblings after such a long time.

"God Shukaku, control yourself." Matatabi said while she licked her paw. "We don't see each other for decades and the first thing you tell us is your adventures of slowly falling into madness."

"At least he is set free, not only am I sealed, but Yagura is under control too." Isobu said as he laid on his shell. "It feels like I had fallen so low."

"Not just you my brother, we all feel this grand dissatisfaction." Son Gokū said to his turtle brother, patting his shell. "These humans have insulted us for too long now. Locking us up, calling us these unfavorable names. This man has been using my power without consent." Gokū slammed his hand on the ground, "I never should have told him my name."

"It doesn't get so bad." Kokuō said from his spot. "Every now and then, I get out to stretch my legs, but we get called out by that old fool. No free space I tell you."

"All I want is to soak in the fresh water." Saiken groaned to his family. "But Utakata can't let me out. Whoever has your guy Isobu, he is a dick."

"Well, we get on alright, but my guy is annoying." Gyūki reassured his brother. "Speaking of that control guy, I think he is coming in on our terf." He brought everyone's attention to the growing figure.

"What is he doing?" Gokū voiced his thought.

"I think he is trying to take us." The eight-tailed told them. "Hey Kurama, what do we do?" He looked to his brother, but got no answer. "Kurama?"

Every sibling looked to the fox, and saw that he was looking down, eyes shadowed. "You know, I hated these humans for so long. All of you must have to, right?" He lifted his head, eyes full of sadness. "I wanted to kill them all."

"Wanted?" Matatabi questioned her borther's wording.

Kurama looked to his family with nostalgia. "Over these decades, I've kept being pushed into a cage. I thought that I would never find something that could understand our loneliness." He grew a small smile, thinking of what Naruto went through.

"But then I remembered what the old man told us all those years." Every Biju had a look of longing in their eyes. Remembering the old ninja that had given them their life. "We all came back, and he told us that we would never be alone. And I finally realized something."

He looked back at what Naruto said last week. "These people we are with, they can understand us. And I feel like I could even help them."

"What!?" Gokū questioned Kurama. "But you always hated these humans. What changed?"

"I do, I just realized that I can also hope to see a smile on someone just like the old man." He lowered his head with a big grin. "I can tell just who has the bad intentions out there. So I am breaking out."

"WHAT?" Every Biju screamed at the same time.

Kokuō came forward. "How can you do that? It's impossible?"

"It's impossible because we want to get our whole being out. If you leave behind the chakra and core, you can make an ethereal body."

"But that isn't enough." Shukaku told him.

"If you leave behind the core, that's your chakra and thoughts left behind. Plus you can't leave them, the ethereal body is still connected to the core and seal." Kurama nodded his head at Isobu.


"Which means that you can only create a chakra body as long as you are near your host. If you go to far, it will dissolve and you will be pulled back."

"I know"

Gyūki went up to Kurama. "What are you planning?" He said with worry in his voice. Being with Bee so long was affecting him too much.

"Listen, when you see Chōmei, tell him I'll see you." The others were about to voice their thoughts,but he was already fading away, purposefully leaving their clearing.


Kurama lifted his head and walked to the cages' bars. He took a step past the bar, feeling a spike go through his body as he pulled forward. Danzō control seal appeared all over his body, pushing him back.

But he continued forward, until finally he passed through. He looked down to see his body had become translucent. Then behind him to see a second body, this one without eyes or a mouth, with a thin line still connected from his tail to the empty slate.

'Now, it ends.'


Tobi came close to the small, unmoving body. Under his mask, he smirked. He reached down, but stopped when Naruto's body jerked up. As Tobi brought his hand back, Naruto became covered in a clearer version of the bubbles before, not changing his appearance.

The bubbles gathered over the child's body. They reached up until they came towering over where they originated. Everyone who could still move, looked to the center as a tower of bubble came into being.

The tower started to expand, forming claws and paws. They made four legs, nine tails, and a fox head. Everyone looked in surprise as before their eyes, the nine tails was formed.

Atop the edge of the valley, unharmed except for fatigue, was Danzō. The old ninja stared and grew a smile, shaking from excitement that his weapon had finally arrived.

"KAAAAHHHH!" The Kyūbi brought it's claw in a swipe, smacking White Zetsu into the sky. And with the other hand, smashed down on Black Zetsu, burning it with the touch of pure chakra. He looked down at the masked man and grinned.

"Hey, haven't we met before? Oh right, you thought you were big shit and controlled me." It brought it's head down to look at the man. "Wanna give it another go?"

"What the hell? What is this?" Tobi stepped back. Even with his phasing, he was still intimidated by the massive creature.

The Kyūbi raised it hands and brought them in. "This is Judgement, Human." And in an instance he went through nine hand seals and stopped.

"Th-that Jutsu." Hiruzen gawked as he watched the demon finish his hand seals. Stopping his battle against Orochimaru with Ōnoki. "It can't be."

When Kurama finished, a feeling of dread was drawn all over the valley. Unbeknownst to them, behind the Kyūbi, manifested a deity.

The Shinigami. The death god. The final vision had appeared behind the Kyūbi's back.

'Aw, Kyūbi, what a pleasure. I haven't seen you for six years. What are you doing?'

"I'm making a contract."

'You? You understand you'll die if you do.'

"Yeah. Listen, can I take more souls then one."

'Yes, you have enough power and soul to take dozens of men. Are you sure about this?'

Kurama smirked as multiple god hands came out of its chest. "Judgment Day!" The hands flew out, arcing in the sky before Fallon to their targets.

Dozens of root Anbu felt a cold chill as the hands landed on them. The Akatsuki members froze as their bodies didn't move. Tobi looked from his hand and looked up at the giant god, feeling fear for the first time in years. "D-D-Damn i-it."

Danzō tried to run, to escape. He made the seal in hopes that he would be freed. Around his body, Kurama experienced pain as the seals grew over his body. But he continued his search, grabbing all he could find.

"N-no, not like this. I tried to save this village, these people." Danzō screamed out in desperation, "I was a hero!"

And then silence, his body fell forward, careening into the floor of the valley.

Hundreds of people fell as they died, bodies becoming cold instantly. All the hands returned to Kurama, him screaming in pain as the souls invaded his body.

But finally, it stopped. A massive Shiki Fūjin appeared on Kurama's translucent body, as it was fading away. Kurama closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate. But opened his eyes when he heard a weak voice.


The fox looked down, seeing the damaged boy had partially regained consciousness. The fox saw that Danzō's seal over the original one had faded, a result of the man dying.

"Heh, didn't want you to see me like this kid. Thought you would sleep through this and just wake up happy. But we're never this lucky, huh." He looked down to see that the boy's attention was passing in and out, a result of the pain.

"I guess you probably won't hear everything I say." He smiled and looked down at the boy. "Listen close kid." Naruto opened his eyes weakly.

"The day will come that you be set free. You will probably go through a lot of trials, and pain. But hey, that is just the way things go." His body was fading, leaving only his upper body. "You will probably want to cry sometimes, but don't. That will show that you can't take it. Take the pain, carry it, and find what you can protect. And then..."

"When you are free, when you can see the world with you own two eyes, then you can cry." As it reached his head, he saw that Naruto had passed out. "Oh well, the message is still there."

And as the last of his face disappeared, his last words floated with the wind.

"Thank You, Naruto."

Silence, nothing but the patter of falling rain in the valley.


After the host was gone, the Shinigami was still there, floating over the landscape. It looked down at the boy. And let out a sigh.

'Six years ago, your parents used that same Jutsu to save your life. Somehow, people can't help but want to help you. Such a strange child.' It looked around at the carnage that had taken place. 'But I don't think you can live in this world. Too much pain and destruction has centered itself around you.' It unsheathed the blade in its mouth and made a slash in the space before him.

A small hole appeared in the air, a different landscape could be seen through the hole. He lowered his hand and used his power to pick the boy up. 'You will still experience pain, even in this new world. But perhaps you can learn to be strong here. To make sure you don't lose anymore loved ones.'

The Shinigami tossed the boy into the hole, and closed the portal. Then fading from existence, until he was needed again.


*Cough**Cough* "Na-Naruto!" Kakashi jumped down the crater to find the boy. "Naruto, where are you!" He screamed as he desperately tried to find the boy among the Jinchuriki.

But found nothing. Around him, Jinchūriki stirred awake. Moments later, ninja from each village arrived, helping the people to their feet.

"Kakashi, where is he?" Hiruzen slid down the crater to arrive at the young man. He could only shake his head as he couldn't find the boy. Hiruzen gasped, and closed his eyes as tears flowed down them.

The surviving ninja crowded around the crater. The original forces numbers reduced to a fraction. Those still in fighting condition helped those they found still breathing.

"Well, it looks like we have finished for this battle." Ōnoki stated as he floated to the center of the trench. Around him were the Kage, Mei, the two Sannin, and Guy.

"It looks like we have been made fools of in this war. Used like puppets." A said as he hefted Bee and Yugito on to his shoulders, ignoring his wounds. "I say we end this war for now, but this doesn't solve our problems. We will set up a Kage meeting to understand the situation."

"No." Hiruzen replied to the Raikage's suggestion. He sent Enma back and grabbed his helmet. "I resign as the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf." He declared as he removed his helmet, earring several gasps from around him.

Next to him, Kakashi lifted his hand and removed the headband. "I resign as a Jōunin and Anbu of the Hidden Leaf." He dropped the metal to the floor, letting in clatter.

Hiruzen look to the man beside him. "Are you sure Kakashi-kun?"

"I promised that I would save him, promised on my ninja way." He clenched his hand in anger. "But I failed to do that. I failed to save my friends, my teacher, and now his son. How can we call ourselves ninja if we can't even save the life of a child?"

The Fourth Kazekage walked up to him. "That is our way, boy. We can't save everyone, but we try our best."

"How Is This The Best?" He gestured to the dead bodies surrounding the clearing. "We started a war from a misunderstanding. We sacrificed thousands of lives, because we were manipulated. These people almost died." He waved his arms to the Jinchūriki, who all had some form of consciousness by now.

"We call ourselves heroes and legends. Shadows that go undetected, even from the light. But we've been in the dark so long, we can't even help our own people." All the Kages looked toward the Jinchūriki and survivors. "Maybe if we stopped fighting for power, we could try to help more people." Hiruzen walked out of the crater before turning back around.

"Because if it takes this much pain and suffering to solve our problems. I'd rather try to stop those problems all together." As he turned back around, he saw every Konoha ninja still alive look at him. Jiraiya stepped forward from the bunch. And removed his headband, following in his sensei's example.

Soon enough, each of the ninja removed their band before they started the trek home. Leaving the other nations to think of what they said.

"They're fools you know. That is what it has meant to be a ninja since we started." Ōnoki stated, before he looked up at the cloudy sky, rain washing away the dirt and blood. He smirked, "But then again, we go through each day to hope we may make up for what we did yesterday." He said before floating away.

"It appears that we have many mistakes to think of tomorrow, but maybe we will find a better answer to them then." Mei said before she assisted her Mizukage up, realizing that he had been freed from the hypnotism.

"Bee, Yugito, can you here me?" The two bodies on he shoulders shook their heads in affirmation. "I'm sorry it took me so long to try and help you." He walked up the trench, "Maybe we can fix this somehow."

All that was left was the Kazekage, standing in the crater, by his slowly recovering son. The man looked to the sky and took a deep breath. He squatted down and picked his unconscious child, and left. "It will never be enough, to make up for what I have done. And someday, you may take your revenge on me. But you were never hated Gaara, just the child of unfortunate circumstance. You were never a mistake, and I wish I realized that sooner."


On October 10, the Fourth Great Ninja War commenced in the Valley of the End. This was a battle between Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure, and Iwagakure. Started from killed soldiers, and invaded nations.

But it was just a ploy from a shadow organization by the name of Akatsuki. To cause war between the nations, and destroy the strongest ninja forces in the land.

They had, in an attempt to control the world, manipulated the villages to their whim. To capture the Jinchūriki of each village, they sacrificed too many lives.

In the end, the battle had been stopped by the Kyūbi no Yōko. The supposed demon of the ninja world, saved the world by sacrificing its life.

The ninja nations separated from the battle. To recuperate and re-evaluate their losses.

In a battle between 75,184, only 9,573 survived. The ninja battle force was greatly reduced, becoming almost extinct. For the next year, chaos had grown over the nations.

Until the nations leaders met again, not for battle, but for peace. They made a pact, to work together for the better state of their people.

They made teams of 5, one ninja from each village, spread over the areas of the world. Although originally the alliance was shaky, over time, they came to trust each other. Soon enough, the samurai from the Land of Iron joined in the effort.

When the fights were over, they worked toward making their life's better. They used their skills to make new land, increase energy, save people in need.

They were no longer Shinobi, warriors of the night. But heroes, working together to keep peace sacred.

But the losses toward this peace were never forgotten. The ninja who died in the war were remembered every year. The life lost in the effort toward the peace were carved into stone, never to be forgotten.

But what no one forgot, was the life of the boy who changed the ninjas' heart. At the discovery of what he was put through, the ninja worked toward making sure pain like that was never experienced again.

The peace they experience everyday. The life's that are kept happy and safe. The light that shines down on all that are afraid.

It was all thanks to that boy.

Naruto Uzumaki. The child who helped change the world.


In a desert, a row of caravans traveled toward the beach. In the back of the carts; men, women, and children all tied up. Two men complained of the heat.

"Uh, it's too much to ride in this unbearable heat. Why did we have to do this?" The man asked as the sounds of people crying were heard behind him.

"Because we had to bring as many people we could find back to the tower. That is what the master told us to do." They continued in silence, until he a saw something in the heat. "What is that?"

The front cart stopped, the men jumped off and walked to what they had seen. When they arrived at it, they were surprised.

On the ground was a small, blond boy with scars on his cheeks. He appeared injured, but no visible wounds could be seen. From the way he was sleeping, it appeared like he was unconscious. One of the men placed his fingers on his neck, feeling a faint pulse.

"He's alive, but I don't know if he will wake up. What should we do?" He asked his partner.

The man had an evil smirk. "What else? We put 'im with the rest." They both smiled as they grabbed the boy roughly and threw him in the cart, closing the bars.

They continued the trek towards the beach, arriving at the boats. When they did, they moved all the captured into the brig, even the unconscious child. And then, they sailed off to their destination.

To the skyscraper on the sea. The Tower of Heaven.


"Come on Jii-San, don't stop." A little girl no older than 5 with red hair asked the old man. "Please tell me more stories. You promised." She said with an adorable pout that put puppies to shame.

A tall, wrinkled old man with white hair laughed. "Okay, okay. Give me a sec. Hmm, oh." The man snapped his fingers. "Have I told you the one about the handsome hero who saved the princess from trolls with the help of his midget friend Dryer."

"Yeah. And the one about about the girl from another world. And the one about the hero and his friend Bobby going to party with the princesses. And all of them with that mad midget man Dryer." She tilted her head in wonder. "Why is he so angry anyway?"

"Haha, I don't know. I'm still trying to figure that one out." He scratched his chin. He snapped his fingers and had a smile. "Oh, I like this one. I'm going to tell you the story of when the Fairies helped and saved the visitors from a different dimension. Are you ready?"

The little girl jumped up and down in excitement before the bars opened up, revealing the jailers. The girl grabbed the leg of the tall elder. "Rob Jii-San, why are they here?"

"To bring in the next group. Don't be afraid." As he finished his sentence, a body hit the ground. A little boy with whisker marks that wasn't awake.

"Little bastard slept through the whole travel. Wonder if he is dead?" The jailer shrugged before he shut the door. The other slaves paid no attention, but Rob walked up to the young boy and picked him up.

He brought him over to the girl and examined him. After several minutes, he couldn't find any injuries, but the boy still wouldn't wake up. He was planning to use magic when the little girl asked him.

"Is he alright, Jii-San?"

"I don't know. There are no injuries, no pain, but he won't wake up. Like he doesn't want to."

"Well I know how to." The little girl said with a smile. She leaned over and placed her forehead on the boy's.

The old man only sweat-dropped at what the girl was doing. "Honey, what are you doing."

"I'm letting him know someone is here. Maybe he is lost and just needs to find a way back.


'Where am I?'

'What is this? Hey Kurama, where are you?'

No answer.


'Hello, anyone?'

No answer.

'Please. I'm cold. So cold. Please.'

He then saw a light in the darkness. He tried to walk toward the warmth, but struggled to move. After many tries, he finally moved forward.

He reached toward the light, and was engulfed in it.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. The light burning him as he opened too fast. But blocking out the light was something. Something red.

It was hair. Red hair.

The person who owned said hair opened their eyes and saw something look back. Strong brown eyes looked into clear blue ones. They lifted their head and looked at the boy on their lap. "Hello." They said in a high-pitched voice.

"Hi." Naruto replied softly, still adjusting to where he was. "Where am I?" The girl gained a sad look.

"Your in the tower, I'm sorry." She then had a soft smile. "But your with friends here. What's your name?"

"I'm Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

"Hi Naruto. I'm Erza."



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