Chapter 1: Run For Your Life

Six days earlier

"I'm serious," Anthony pleaded, "you don't need to do this."

Khak was busy examining himself in a mirror, wearing brand new clothes with the price tags still attached. He smiled at his reflection, looking rather pleased with his new look; a bright red Hawaiian shirt and white cargo pants. He spun on the spot, and his Scraggy applauded. "And I'm telling you," Khak turned to the younger boy, "this is my way of thanking you and apologizing for getting you caught up in my family affair."

Anthony frowned. The two boys had spent the night in the Pokécenter and the day after they had managed to ditch the Druddigon. Khak had woken Anthony up at the crack of dawn and announced that they were going shopping. Khak dragged him out of the Pokécenter and Anthony didn't have much of a choice since the older boy was much stronger than he looked. "But did you have to pick the most expensive place in the city?" Anthony looked at the price tag for a pair of gloves and winced at how many zeros were on it. "I'll feel guilty if you bought this for me."

"Don't worry." Khak was now examining himself wearing a fedora, but apparently didn't like the look and tossed the hat aside. "I took my dad's card before I ran away from home. He was a…" Khak paused, considering his words carefully, "lucky gambler."

Anthony shot him a look, unpleased with his answer. Khak stripped himself of the Hawaiian shirt for the one he originally wore into the store; that's when Anthony noticed them, the scars that is. Khak's body was covered in them, small little white lines and blemishes that looked like they were still healing. Anthony noticed that Khak had spotted him staring at the scars and Anthony looked away, slightly embarrassed.

Just then, Khak dropped a large hat onto Anthony's head. "There!" The older boy said merrily. Before Anthony could protest, he was shoved in front of the mirror. The hat Khak had picked out for him was just about the most ridiculous thing Anthony had ever seen. It was at least three sizes too big, had several large and fluffy feathers sticking out from the top, and was the strangest shade of purple he could imagine.

Anthony couldn't help it, and suddenly he burst out laughing. "What the hell is this?" He laughed so hard that he was starting to cry.

Khak laughed along with him. "I haven't the slightest clue! But it looks good on you!"

"I don't think this thing could make a Jinx look good!"

The two boys burst out laughing harder than before, drawing looks from the other customers. Quickly, a store clerk with her haired tied up into a tight bun walked over to the two boys. Her lips were pursed and she wore an expression like she had just smelled something very foul. "Excuse me boys," she spoke with a heavy accent, her 'Y' sounding like a 'V,' "is something da matter?"

Anthony wiped a tear from his eye and shook his head. "No ma'am. We were just enjoying your selection of hats." Khak snickered, drawing a dirty look from the clerk.

"Well could you please keep it down?" It was obvious she was forcing that smile, "Some of the other customers have been complaining."

"Yeah, sure." Khak waved her comment off. "Do you carry backpacks?"

The clerk sighed and turned. "Right this way, but you should know that Pokémon are not allowed inside the store."

Khak and his Scraggy exchanged looks. "But he's not doing anything."

"Rules are rules, and if you do not comply I will have to ask security to escort you out of the building." Anthony looked around the woman as she spoke, noticing two large men with buzz cuts. On their black sweater vests were stickers that read, 'Hello, my name is SECURITY.'

Khak sighed. "Fine," he turned to the Scraggy, "sorry Friend, looks like you'll have to spend some time in the Pokéball."

As Khak recalled his Scraggy to its Pokéball, the clerk smiled. "Excellent. This way please." She led the two boys across the store and up an escalator, Khak dragging the clothes he liked with him the whole way. After about a five minute hike, the clerk gestured to the far wall of the second floor. "Along that wall you will find all the backpacks we currently have in stock. Is there anything else you require assistance for?"

"Yeah." Khak dumped the clothes he had been lugging into the woman's arms, "could you ring this up for me? I won't be long."

Anthony had to look away to keep from laughing. The woman's eyebrow had begun to twitch and her smile had become so distorted that it hardly looked like a smile. "Certainly. I'll bring your purchases to register three."

"Thanks." Khak smiled and ran off, ignoring the boxes he knocked over when he past the shoe section.

"S-Sorry for my friend's behavior." Anthony bowed to the clerk as he apologized. The woman merely shot him an annoyed look before spinning on her heel and marched her way back to the register. Anthony quickly followed Khak's trail, pretending like he didn't notice the employee cleaning up the shoe boxes, and found him examining the backpacks. "Why do you need a backpack?" Anthony asked as he walked up.

Khak lifted his current choice up to the light, as if he might be able to see through it. "Dude, I ran away from home with nothing but the clothes on my back and my Pokémon. I need someplace to put all the stuff I need for traveling."

"Oh…" Anthony looked down at his feet. He could never imagine running away from his home. Back in Accumala town, everyone seemed to know everyone and everyone was always so friendly. This was actually the first time he had even gone farther into Unova than Nacrene City. That's when he remembered the whole reason he had winded up here in the first place. He needed to pick up some medicine from White Forest.

Before he could ask Khak anything, a backpack was thrown his way. He caught it and noticed Khak was smiling at him again. "It looks perfect for you."

"What?" Anthony looked at the backpack questionably. It was black with a dark blue Pokéball embroidered on the front. Wasn't it just a backpack? How could it look nice?

"The backpack, it just sorta fits you." Khak slung an orange and white backpack over his own shoulder. "I noticed you didn't have one so why don't we both get one?"

Anthony hadn't really needed a backpack. He was rather good at dodging other trainers that were itching for battles and usually kept out of the tall grass. Besides, he managed to reach a Pokécenter every night so he never really slept outside either. "But,"

"No buts!" Khak interrupted Anthony with a hand over his mouth. "I'm going to buy you something, so it might as well be something you can use."

Anthony sighed and gracefully accepted defeat. As they walked towards the registers, Anthony remembered to bring up White Forest. "You know, if you really want to apologize to me, you could help me out with something."

Khak raised an eyebrow and looked Anthony up and down. "Sorry dude, you're not ugly, but I just don't swing that way."

Heat rose to Anthony's cheeks as he realized Khak had taken his request the wrong way. "Not like that!" Anthony chewed the inside of his cheeks for a moment, trying to get over the embarrassment before going on. "What I meant was I'm looking for White Forest. I'm supposed to pick up some medicine from there."

"Oh, that place." Khak laughed. "Yeah that place is a little strange to get to, but I know the way. I'll show you later."

Anthony sighed happily. Now he could finally get the medicine and head home.

At the register, a certain jacket caught Anthony's eyes. It was hanging just behind the cashier. It was a light, fall jacket, the same color as the backpack Khak was buying for him; black with dark blue stitching. Unfortunately, Khak noticed his friend's interest in the jacket.

"And your total comes to,"

"Hang on," Khak interrupted the cashier. He dashed around the counter and picked up one of the jackets from the rack. Before Anthony realized what he was doing, Khak was already holding it up to him. "Perfect size!" Khak turned to the cashier and handed her the jacket, "We'll take this as well."

"Khak, I don't," Anthony started.

"I think you do," Khak interrupted while handing the cashier his father's card. "White Forest can be pretty windy this time of year."

Anthony hung his head. There would be no winning with this guy. After the cashier handed the card back, Khak shoved the jacket into Anthony's hands, like if he didn't put it on soon it would disappear. Anthony slid the jacket on over his black tee. He had to admit, it fit like a glove and he could already feel himself warming up.

"Perfect." Khak shoved the clothes he had bought into his own backpack, which looked like it was still practically empty even after being stuffed full of clothes, and picked up Anthony's. "Now to the Pokécenter to buy some supplies!"

"Wait, what?" Anthony took after the older boy as he exited the store.

"Well you can't just leave a city or town without any potions or repels." Khak said like it was common knowledge. "That's basically suicide run if all your Pokémon faint."

Anthony felt of twinge of guilt. After all, he had done plenty of these suicide runs, solely relying on luck to get him to the next town without having to battle. At the front doors of the Pokécenter, Khak spun around and put a hand up. "Okay, that's as far as you go Mr."

Anthony raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"It was difficult enough to buy you that jacket and backpack," Khak stated. "If you see what I'm going to buy here, it'll take us hours and it'll just be that much longer to get to White Forest."

Anthony blinked, looking at Khak slightly surprised. This boy had managed to turn his own situation against him. Anthony sighed, "Fine, just hurry up."

"Be out in a sec!" Khak spun again and jumped into the Pokécenter.

Deciding there was nothing better to do, Anthony took up residence on a nearby bench and slumped his shoulders. There weren't as many thugs walking around today, in fact most of the people who walked by look like normal, friendly trainers.

After five minutes, Anthony grew impatient and called out his Liepard. Fluffy immediately looked around for danger and Anthony had to calm the Pokémon down. He explained the situation while scratching Fluffy behind the ears. "…so now I'm here just waiting for him to come back."

Fluffy purred, his head in Anthony's lap. Anthony laughed slightly at his Pokémon. "You just don't have a care in the world right now, do you?"

"Lie…" Fluffy sighed happily.

About a minute later, the doors to the Pokécenter slid open. "I'm back!" Khak announced to the world. He handed the backpack to Anthony before petting Fluffy's head gently. "I remember you. Fluffy right?" Khak laughed slightly.

"What's so funny?"

"Who name's their Pokémon Fluffy?"

Anthony frowned. "I was a kid when I caught him, okay? Besides, you named your Scraggy Friend."

"Yeah, I did." Anthony laughed slightly.

Suddenly, Fluffy growled. The two boys looked down and saw he was glaring down the street. Anthony followed Fluffy's gaze and saw the store clerk from earlier walking towards them, three large and rugged looking men stood walked behind her. When the clerk pointed towards himself and Khak, Anthony knew it was too much to hope she was simply giving directions to the Pokécenter.

"I think we should go," Anthony said quickly.

"Ditto." Khak didn't bother trying to look inconspicuous, he just charged full speed down the street. Anthony and Fluffy quickly followed. The three men's cries for them to stop fell on deaf ears.

"Which way to White Forest?" Anthony panted.

"What?" Khak looked back at him like he was crazy. "Are you still on that?" Before Anthony could make a remark, a rather large Mightyena jumped in front of them, baring the path. "This way!" Khak jumped into the nearest back alley, dodging the Mightyena's Bite attack.

"Fake out!" Anthony ordered as he dove into the alley as well.

Fluffy swiped at the Mightyena with his claws, but intently missed. Instead, Fluffy knocked the dog's front legs out from underneath it. The Mightyena yelped in surprise as it tumbled to the ground.

Anthony turned the next corner, following Khak, only to come face to face with a Gallade. He was about to order another attack from Fluffy, but the Pokémon was still too far down the alley. The Gallade glowed purple for a moment and the next thing Anthony knew, he was sitting on a fire escape about three stories above the ground. Khak was next to him, holding a finger to his lips to signal for Anthony to be quiet.

Fluffy turned the corner and then hissed at the Gallade, assuming it was an enemy. Gallade pointed upwards and Fluffy looked up to spot his trainer. Khak held up a Pokéball and recalled the Gallade. Anthony did the same with Fluffy, realizing that the three men were coming.

Quickly, the three men ran by, led by three Mightyena. The trash must have been messing with their noses, because they ran right by without even pausing. Anthony sighed, "Why is it that I've been chased whenever I'm with you?"

Khak laughed nervously. "I think that may be my fault," he admitted. "My dad had a lot of enemies as well. Using his card must have tipped them off."

Anthony sighed again. "Well they're gone now. Let's get to White Forest before they find us again."

Quickly, the two boys climbed down the fire escape. Khak motioned for Anthony to follow him at the bottom and led the boy down several more back alleys. It was slow, considering they checked corners every time they came to crossways, but eventually they reached the city limits.

"We just have to pass through the gate and we're out." Khak explained as he stepped out onto the main street.

Anthony looked at the gate and his heart leapt into his throat. Two of the men from earlier were standing there, inspecting anyone that tried to use the gate. The third was talking into an Xtranseiver nearby. "Wait!" Anthony hissed, dragging Khak back into the alley.

"What now?"

"They're at the gate," Anthony pointed towards them. "Didn't you see them?"

Khak peeked his head around the corner and spotted them this time. "Oh, so they are." He smiled at Anthony. "Good catch. But how are we going to get by? If we start a battle in the middle of a crowded area we might hurt someone. Then we'd have the police all over our asses."

Anthony held his head in his hand, apparently thinking. "I…might have a way. But it's risky."


Anthony pulled a Pokéball out of his pocket and looked at it for a moment. "Okay, come on out Illu."

Khak watched as an Oshawott appeared in front of the two boys. But something was a bit off about it. It noticed Khak and let out a tiny yelp of surprise before going to hide behind its trainer. "How's an Oshawott gonna help us?"

"It's not an Oshawott." Anthony replied. Khak shot him a quizzical look as Anthony knelt down to his Pokémon. "Illu, can you drop the Illusion please?"

Illu looked at its trainer, then Khak, and then the ground. After a moment, the blue and white gave way to black and red. A Zorua stood behind Anthony now.

Khak's eyes lit up. "A Zorua!?" Zorua flinched and ducked out of view again. "Where'd you catch it? Those things are rare man!"

"He's not a thing." Anthony glared at Khak while he gently pushed Illu out of hiding. Illu, now forced into the open, jumped up and landed in Anthony's arms. "And I found it abandoned back home." Before Khak could ask any more questions, Anthony spoke to his Zorua, "Illu, do you think you could help us?"

Illu looked up, eyes wide and curious as if to ask what Anthony meant.

"You see, there are these men that are looking for us." Anthony explained. "Khak and I need to get past them, but they'd recognize us if they saw us. Can you extend your illusion to cover us as well? It would only be for a moment."

Illu looked warily at Khak, as if sizing up the boy. After a few moments, Illu nodded.

"Great." Anthony looked to Khak, "We'll have to go quick. Zorua usually can't control their illusions over anything other than themselves until they evolve. At best we'll probably have thirty seconds."

Khak chewed his lip before letting the subject about the Zorua drop. "Alright. I have a back-up plan just in case it doesn't work then."

"What kind of back-up plan?"

Khak grinned, "I'll let you know when I have to use it."

Anthony sighed and looked down to Illu. "You'll need to start the illusion the moment we step out of the alley. Just keep it up for as long as you can. Don't overwork yourself, okay?"

Illu nodded quickly and without another word, Anthony started out of the alley. Khak quickly followed, and by the time they were on the main road, the two boys were stepping in sync.

The world shimmered for a moment. Khak looked over himself, a bit surprised. His normally darker skin was a pasty white now, almost a sickening color. He had longer hair that reached his shoulder now, and a rather large gut was protruding from an orange tee that looked too small. "Dude, why'd he make me fat?" Khak asked.

Illu had become an Oshawott again while Anthony was now a short girl with long brown hair. He almost laughed at the childish clothes Anthony was wearing. "He couldn't help it." Anthony hissed, "The first thing he sees is what he bases his illusions on."

Khak looked around quickly, but was unable to spot the man and girl that Illu had used as reference. He gave up, remembering there was a time limit to this illusion. He and Anthony had already reached the gate.

One of the large men looked Anthony up and down and smiled. "And where might you be headed?"

Anthony opened his mouth, but then turned away and pretended to be embarrassed. Now that he was facing Khak, Anthony mouthed, 'You talk.'

"Um, we were just going for a walk!" Khak said quickly. The man looked Khak up and down, as if thinking that a walk is one of the last things Khak would do.

"Well why don't you go on a walk with us instead?" Another one of the men moved in, trying to put his moves on Anthony. "We're much better company than this man will ever be." He reached for Anthony, but the boy quickly dodged out of the way.

"She's just shy!" Khak said quickly. Their thirty seconds were almost up. "We just want to go out for a quick walk. If you'll excuse us," Khak looped his arm through Anthony's, trying to add to the allusion.

"No!" Anthony shouted. But it was too late. The moment Khak and Anthony made contact, their images faded and returned to normal.

"It's them!" One of the guards must have been named Captain Obvious.

"Plan B!" Khak tightened his grip on Anthony's arm and pulled the younger boy with him, weaving through the people and Pokémon that crowded the road.

"This is your plan B?" Anthony panted. "Running!?"

"I didn't think we'd need more than thirty seconds!" Khak shouted back as they ran out onto Route 15. Behind the two boys the three men had just immerged from the gate as well, their Mightyena following close behind. Khak led the way as the charged up a set of stairs.

"That wasn't thirty seconds," Anthony protested. "Zorua and Zoroark's illusion breaks whenever they come into physical contact with another being."

Khak rubbed the back of his head as they ran across the first of two bridges. "Sorry but I -DUCK!" Khak stopped running and instead tackled Anthony to the ground. They rolled into a chain-link fence, which was the only thing that prevented them from tumbling over a steep cliff, as a Mightyena flew through the spot Anthony had only been a moment before. It growled at them, the fur on its back sticking straight up. Behind the Mightyena was a large lab that Khak had always seen whenever he went out.

Khak shot to his feet, ready to fight. Anthony on the other hand held his head in a hand while Illu looked up worriedly at its trainer. It didn't even take half a minute for the other Mightyena and their burly trainers to catch up.

"Finally," the largest of the trio smiled. "Now, we have some questions to ask you boys."

Khak rolled his Gallade's Pokéball in his hand with a smirk on his face. "I don't think we'll be staying around for long." Khak tossed the ball into the air and Gallade appeared a second later. "Gallade, use Telepo-"


The center Mightyena rushed up to Gallade and let loose a powerful roar from the back of its throat. Khak and Gallade both flinched, it was like a million fingers being dragged across a blackboard. A red light shot from the ball in Khak's hand and Gallade disappeared. Another ball shot out of Khak's pocket and a Luxray appeared on the pavement.

"Hey!" Khak scowled at the three men.

They laughed and the biggest one spoke up, "What did you think we were gonna do boy, let you just teleport away? Now," he cracked his knuckles, "why don't you tell us where we can find your father?"

Khak ignored him, "Fight, Wild Charge!"

The Luxray gave a battle cry before becoming cloaked in electricity. It charged for the Mightyena, managing to crash into one of them and knocking it into its trainer. Khak turned to Anthony and helped the still dazed boy to his feet while Illu barked as loud as it could at a Mightyena who tried to get close. "Think you can help me out here?" Khak pleaded.

"Yeah," Anthony still looked a little wobbly but managed to stabilize himself. When he saw the blood, Khak felt a twinge of guilt as he realized it was probably his fault that Anthony had a head injury. "Come on out Hope!" Anthony yelled as an Oshawott appeared next to Illu on the pavement.

"Why'd you bring out another Pokémon?" Khak shot Anthony a questioning look.

"It's a three-on-three, isn't it?" Anthony looked at the Mightyena through squinted eyes, trying to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Ohhh," Khak almost laughed. Maybe he was the one with the head injury.

"Enough talking!" The large man yelled. "Mightyena, Take Down!" As the Mightyena charged forward, the other two thugs ordered the same attack.

Anthony was first to make a move, "Illu, Foul Play!"

The small Zorua charged forward to meet the first Mightyena. Illu leapt into the air and landed on the larger Pokémon's back. From there it proceeded to nip at the Mightyena's neck. Mightyena rolled over in an attempt to knock the pest off of its back. Illu leapt off and, the moment it touched ground, spun around to ram itself into the Mightyena's side. Mightyena yelped as it flew across the pavement and disappeared over the edge of the cliff face.

"Mightyena!" The large man cried, running towards the cliff.

Khak whistled. "That little sucker is strong!"

Illu smiled at him, rather pleased with itself.


Khak's attention was drawn back to the battle when the remaining Mightyena both decided to charge into Friend. "Hey! I wasn't ready!" Khak protested.

"That's what you get for letting your guard down!" The man on the left growled.

Khak bit the inside of his cheek irritably. "Friend, Break Brick!"

Anthony joined in, "Hope use Water Gun!"

As the two Pokémon carried out their attacks, Khak grabbed Anthony and dragged him away. "We only need to break through! I don't have time to waste!" When the Mightyena were done being assaulted, Khak waved a hand at the Pokémon from across the bridge. "This way!"

"Where do you think you're going!?" The leader roared.

"Faster!" Khak yelled. The two remaining Mightyena were already on their tails. Illu was the first to catch up, hopping safely into the hood of Anthony's jacket. Friend was a fast runner and managed reach the two boys in a matter of seconds while still holding up its baggy skin. Hope however was still only halfway across the bridge when one of the Mightyena caught up.

"Hope!" Anthony shouted a warning call.

Hope turned its head and squealed before the Mightyena clamped its jaws around the Oshawott's small body and tossed Hope high into the air. At the peak of its areal trip, an anger mark appeared on Hope's head. "Osha!" It cried angrily before righting itself in the air. Hope ripped the shell off of its chest and threw it at the Mightyena.

Not expecting the attack, Mightyena saw it only a second before it hit. The shell carved into the Mightyena's body before flying back towards Hope.

"Wasn't that Razor Shell?" Khak asked.

Anthony nodded, "That means Hope will,"

Hope's body was already glowing white when it had caught the shell. All features were lost as the glowing white Pokémon landed on the bridge in front of the two boys. A second later, the glow faded and a larger Pokémon stood there, two shells now in its hands as it struck a pose. "Dewott!"

"You evolved!" Anthony exclaimed joyfully, picking up his Pokémon and hugging it joyfully. "That's great!"

"Zorua!" Illu barked in agreement.

"Celebrate later!" Khak yelled, already halfway down the next set of stairs. When Anthony saw that the Mightyena were still coming, he had no qualms and ran after the older boy.

Khak was waiting for him in front of the gate leading to the Marvelous Bridge. He was panting almost as hard as Friend was, sweat staining his shirt. Anthony was sure he looked just as exhausted. This was more excitement than he'd ever had in his whole life.

He didn't say anything as he ran inside, knowing that Anthony would follow. Ahead, Anthony saw that there was a line of at least fifteen people waiting to use the elevator. Khak cursed, "We don't have time to wait for the elevator."

"There!" Anthony pointed ahead towards a door labeled 'Emergency Fire Escape.'

"That works!" Khak recalled Friend, deciding it would be easier to keep speed without having to worry about tripping over him. Anthony did the same as Khak collided with the door, practically knocking it off its hinges. Alarms and bells went off like crazy, wailing in high-pitch screams that drowned out all other noise. Anthony was right, as there was a staircase leading up. The two began to climb it, and only one flight up the door was slammed open again, this time by their chasers.

Anthony continued to climb, ignoring how his leg muscles were screaming in protest. They pushed past several other people who must have been making their way down from the bridge itself. They managed to keep the distance between themselves and the chasers all the way to the top floor.

Khak forced the door open and a salty breeze met them. They were on the bridge, which was now cleared thanks to the fire alarm. Anthony's ears were still ringing from all the sounds that had bombarded him brain only moment ago. But still they kept running.


Khak and Anthony looked back just as the third man emerged from the fire escape. "Not a chance in hell!" Khak called back. Anthony couldn't offer any sort of trash talk himself, as he was too busy panting for breath.

A fog horn went off, and Anthony noticed a large ship was passing by beneath the bridge. He raised an eyebrow at it. It was way too early for the Royal Unova to leave port.

"Right on time!" Khak yelled happily.

"What?" Anthony was very confused right now.

Khak ran over to the edge and looked down. Anthony knew this was no time to go sightseeing, but decided to join him. Below, the ship had just started to come into view. Anthony turned back to check on their pursuers, only to find they had already surrounded the two boys again. "Um, Khak…"

"Hm?" Khak turned around and saw the men as well. He sighed and placed his hand on his cheeks, trying to look as flustered as possible. "Oh no!" he cried in a high pitched voice, "You've cornered us! Whatever shall we do?"

The big guy obviously didn't get sarcasm. A smile spread across his face. "That's right." He spoke between pants. "And if you don't tell us where your dad is, we'll have to kill you."

Khak sighed. "Oh no, that's horrible, you wicked men." His voice was flat and bored.

Anthony shot him a crazy look. These men were threatening to kill them and Khak was just joking with them? What the hell did he have planned? Khak slipped a card out of his pocket and held it between his hands. "What you really want is my dad's cash, right?"

The leaders eyes lit up. "Yeah! Now if you just hand that over,"

"Sorry!" Khak interrupted and placed the card back in his pocket. "I don't have much cash myself, so I'm gonna need to dip into daddy's funds. I'm afraid I can't give it to you." Khak turned around and leapt up onto the railing.

"Khak!" Anthony grabbed his friend's leg. Was he going to jump!?

"H-Hey!" The leader backed up a step, afraid to send the boy over the edge. "If you're gonna kill yourself, we'll just torture your friend here for information about your dad!"

"What?" Anthony exclaimed. Just how far are these guys willing to go?

Khak placed a finger on his chin and pretended to look like he was thinking. "Well we can't have that." Khak leaned down and used his brutish strength to pick up Anthony and place the younger boy next to himself. "So we're just both going to have to jump!" Khak smiled like he had just said a funny joke.

"WHAT!?" Anthony and the men examined at the same time.

"Laters!" Khak leapt off the bridge, dragging Anthony down with him.

Within seconds, the only thing Anthony could hear was the wind rushing past his ears. As they fell, Anthony saw that Khak was laughing like the madman he was. The large cruise liner was getting closer ever second, and Anthony almost passed out. This was it. He was going to die today.

After Anthony managed to dodge a flock of Ducklett and Swanna (he didn't want the last thing he tasted to be a mouthful of feathers) he saw Khak pull a Pokéball out of his pocket. Anthony's spirit soared. Maybe he had a bird Pokémon large enough to carry both of them. But as Gallade appeared, Anthony's spirit fell faster than his own body.

Khak mouthed something, and the Gallade nodded. Putting its hands together, Gallade started to glow. A few seconds later, a large purple box shot out of the Pokémon and surrounded the two boys. Anthony and Khak suddenly stopped falling, now floating inside the box.

Anthony opened his mouth to say something, but his mouth was moving slower than is mind. "What?"

"Trick," Khak also seemed to be slowed down, "Room." He finished.

The box disappeared, but the two boys and Gallade continued to fall, but at a very slow pace. It was like they were crawling through the air. As they neared the boat, Anthony noticed a large group of people had gathered below them. Most likely because someone had spotted two kids had jumped off the Marvelous Bridge. It was strange watching the boat pass by quickly, but they themselves were falling slowly.

"Brace yourself." Khak said, his voice was quicker now. They were falling a bit faster this time.

Anthony looked to the back of the ship, where he guessed they would be landing. Right now there was a single occupant. It looked to be a boy of Khak's age with strange, blue hair. A Roselia stood on his shoulder and the two were facing the Marvelous Bridge, apparently ignorant of the two boys about to hit them. "I think they got the name wrong, Elizabeth." The blue-haired boy spoke to his Roselia. "They should have called it the Fabulous Bridge instead!"

Anthony was about to call out and tell him to move, but the effects of Trick Room wore off the next second. The two crash-landed right on top of the trainer and Roselia.

"Ah!" The boy yelled from underneath Khak and Anthony. Gallade had landed a bit more gracefully nearby. It managed to catch the Roselia before the flower Pokémon rolled off the ship. Anthony and Khak rolled off the blue-haired boy and he stood up quickly, brushing off his fancy looking clothes. "You ruffians!" He screamed. "You got your shoe prints on my clothes! Just where did you come from? Did you leap off the Marvelous Bridge?"

Khak laughed, "Well actually…"

"Hey, boys!"

Before any of the three had a chance to say another word, a large crowd of people came rushing towards them. In front ran an older man with a greying beard. Based on his sailors cap and uniform, Anthony guessed he was the captain of the ship.

"Are you two alright?" The captain asked. "You gave us all heart attacks when I spotted you two falling from the bridge."

"Ah, that was my fault." Khak stood quickly and bowed to the captain. "Sorry about that. We're fine by the way."

The captain left out a relieved sighed. "Well that's fine and all, but this is an internationally sailing ship." He scratched the side of his head as if embarrassed. "So I am going to have to ask you to get off when we make port in Castelia City."

"Ah, about that." Khak swung his backpack off his shoulders and started digging through it. The captain tried to get a peek into Khak's backpack while he was digging, just as curious as Anthony on what he was going to pull out of there.

A minute later Khak yelled victoriously. "Here they are!" The boy pulled two purple tickets and handed them to the captain. "This is the boat sailing to Kanto, right? We have tickets then!"

"Wait," Anthony shot up, "we have what?"

"Oh yeah, I never asked." Khak laughed at Anthony's expression. "Do you wanna come watch the Pokémon League Tournament with me?"

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