Frankie stepped closer to the large viewing window and watched Andrew's plane ascending into the air, the one thing she needed most in the world was flying away into the setting sun and out of her life. She'd been so stupid her entire life, it seemed she could never do anything right. Andrew had always been the forbidden fruit in her life; she had dreamed so often of him and being close to him that it hurt her heart to know that he was the one thing in her life she needed and could never fully have. It all seemed to be too much for her, her emotions overwhelmed her and her heart broke as the tears started to flow freely. Her legs seemed to become weak and unable to sustain her weight as she sank into the chair next to her, she put her head into her hands and started to cry freely attempting to release the pain constricting around her heart.

Andrew just sat there dumbfounded his heart ached and yearned for Frankie but he just couldn't make it understand what was occurring. He gently rubbed his temples as he sat back in his chair hoping to ease the throbbing sound in his head. It was something he was just going to have to accept, Frankie was the love he would have to keep only in his heart and love from afar. It was a dramatic irony for him, he'd helped save her life and in return she had saved him teaching him to love again but in the same instance that he held her he lost her. In his heart he knew he could have been the man she deserved, the man that would love her until his last breath and even after he'd left this earth he'd wait for her at the gates of Heaven because he couldn't bear to be without her. But he would pick up the pieces of his broken heart and return home; he'd never stop loving her through she was like air or water he needed her to survive. The soft sound of a woman crying brought him out of his thoughts; he sat up in his seat to attempt to locate the cause of the sound.

Frankie could barely control herself; it hurt too much to stop crying and the thought of returning to her apartment without Andrew to the empty lonely apartment made her cry harder. A soft hand touched her shoulder and she looked up.

"Ma'am are you alright?" A female attendant asked softly handing Frankie a tissue.

Frankie smiled at the gesture and took the tissue, nodding sadly, "I'll be fine, I just need to go home." With that said Frankie stood from the chair on unsure legs and gave a squeeze to the ladies arm along with a sad smile. Taking a few deep breathes she made slow steps away from the chair and took her first steps towards picking up the broken pieces of her heart.

Andrew had taken a few glances around at his surroundings but wasn't able to locate the source of the crying. He closed his eyes again letting all the memories he had of Frankie rush back to him, it was all he'd have and he cursed his tortured mind for the horrible dream he'd had only a few nights before that made his heart and body yearn for her more. The feeling of someone bumping his arm brought him out of his trance once more; he opened his eyes, "Oh I do apologize."

Frankie hadn't been as composed as she thought was stumbling a bit in her steps and accidentally bumped into a gentleman's armrest, "No it's my…" but the rest of the words would not come.

Andrew mustered up a polite smile and looked up at the person who had bumped into his arm and his heart stopped, there before him was his angel. "Frankie?" Was the only sound he could muster it sounded more like a sweet prayer to his ears. In the same instance he was out of his chair and clutching her as they both sank to the floor on their knees holding tightly to one another.

Through the renewed tears she choked out, "I …I thought you left..left me again." She wrapped her arms around him and sobbed into his shirt. It all seemed so surreal to her and she could barely believe what was happening.

Andrew just held her tightly, he hadn't found words yet and it was better to just hold her in his arms just so he knew she was real and this wasn't another trick his mind was playing on him to torture his soul just a little more.

Frankie pulled back a bit and looked up at him, "But your plane…" she sniffled a bit, "I just watched it fly off."

Andrew didn't wait one more second he leaned in and kissed her strong and passionately; it was something he'd needed to do for a long time. After what seemed like an eternity the two pull back breathless, gently he brushed away the stray hairs from her face. "I couldn't get on the plane…I would rather be here and miserable but close to you than to be miserable and half way across the globe." He just continued to hold her and smiled; he placed a gentle finger under her chin and lifted her face to look into his eyes.

Frankie smiled at him, and didn't waste anymore time. She'd learned the hard way, what waiting to tell someone how you feel can do, "I love you Andrew…I've loved you for so long. I would have followed you around the world to be with you, because that's what people do when they found the one they can't live without. They leap, and hope to God they can fly, because otherwise you just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the hell did I jump? But here I am, Andrew, falling, and the only one that makes me feel like I can fly... is you."

Andrew felt tears stinging his eyes; he smiled at her and tightened his embrace on her. "I love you too Frankie. Ho occhi solo per te, mio angelo... sei bellissima.. Vorrei trascorrere tutta la mia vita con te." He kissed her sweetly and chuckled at her look, "Translation… I only have eyes for you, my are so beautiful. I want to spend all my life with you."


Finally completed leave love or hate.

Always Lady