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Chapter Five

"Doomslayer! Where is the Eradicator!" Supergirl yell before landing the first blow with a punch across his jaw and sending him flying back a few good feet before he stop himself.

"HE RAN AWAY... BUT DON'T WORRY I'LL TAKE CARE OF HIM IN DUE TIME! RIGHT AFTER I'M DONE KILLING YOU!" Doomslayer yell before appearing behind her faster than she can act punched her in the back, knocking the girl into the air.

"How dare you! Ah'm gonna kick the shit outta ya for that!" She shouted fixing herself in the air and lunching forward, kicking him first in the chest and then in the face, but after going: "OOOOOOF! UNNNNHHH!" Doomslayer took a hold of her right leg and slammed her to the ground.

"YOUR FAR TO YOUNG TO BE ABLE TO KILL ME, YET!" Doomslayer replied before feeling something land on his shoulder and a pair of red-eye glove hand's cover his eye's.

"Peek a boo! Guess who!?" Spider-man said in a sing sang voice only to have Doomslayer reach behind him to grab the web head who quickly flip off the monster.

"DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DIE THAT BADLY, ARACHNOID!?" Doomslayer growl pointing a hand of glowing red energy at the him. However for some reason Spider-man did move to get out-of-the-way.

"Not really, and I don't think you should be looking this way right now." Spider-man quipped pointing behind him, looking to where the web head was pointing, if possible Doomslayer eye's would have widen at seeing Supergirl with both of her hand's made into fist being held forward at him and glowing with red energy like his own as she glare hatefully at him.

"WAIT!" 'BABOOOOM' a red explosion rock the city block and covering the Doomslayer.


"GAHAAAAAA!" Doomsday roar gripping his right arm as Cyclops once again hit the bone covering it before rolling out-of-the-way of a large hay maker from Doomsday only to be kick in the side sending him tumbling across the ground.

"Any time now Jean, any time now!" Cyclops feeling that he had at least a few crack ribs from the blow, all of a sudden Doomsday found him self surrounded as Static jump to the left of Cyclops in front of Doomsday, Spike had taken behind him to the right and Mystique behind as well take his left.

"RAH!?" Doomsday attention immediately went to Jean who was hovering above pointing her hands at him, (I hope this works!) Jean thought as Doomsday arms suddenly folded in as Jean held him in place with her TK.

"Shadowcat, now!" Jean order, just as Doomsday about to break out didn't notice that hand's had come out under him and touch his feet, Doomsday did notice however when he began to sink up to his waist!'

"Cyclops, Static! Go for the chest! Spike take the left arm, and Mystique take the right one! Everyone attack now!" Jean shouted! Acting with hast Static summon as much power as he could and fire at his bone cover chest and Cyclops giving his all took off his visor unleashing a red optic energy wave-like never before at his target! Spike not one to be left out race to his point of attack and aim his right hand at Doomsdays bone cover left arm and his left hand at the bone plate covering the monsters shoulder showering a storm of his bone spikes! Mystique acting last turn into a large ape and launch into the air slamming her fist on the unharmed left side!

All this plus Jean still holding him in place, left the grey monster wailing in pain as they hit him with everything that had not letting up for up a second with Doomsday for one of the few time in its life found itself unable to do anything but take the punishment that lasted for a full five-minute! However Static and Cyclop power started to die down showing they were running out of juice. Seeing this Spike and Mystique hop back as Jean arm fell to her side and she look out of breath.

"That 'pant' enough guys 'pant', their 'pant' no way he 'pant' still able to move 'pant' after all that." Jean said watching Static and Cyclop fall to their knees, latter putting his visor, a loud groan was heard as Doomsday fell forward clearly knock out for the moment.

"So did we win?" Kitty ask appearing next to Nightcrawler who had put Rogue on his back.

"Of course! There no way anything can stand up to such an attack and live-" Mystique was cut off at seeing Doomsday finger twitch and it head turn up ward to look at Static and Cyclops, horrifying them!

"Impossible! How can it be alive let alone able to move after such punishment!" Mystique shouted as she and everyone got ready for the next round but were shock at what happen next.

"DAMMIT, I LOST CONTROL. AND YOU... I... REMEMBER YOU... STATIC SHOCK.. OF THE TEEN... TITANS." Doomsday said slowly as if he was having trouble speaking at all rather than just out of breath. Static blink a few time surprise the monster knew his name as they never mat before today and everyone else stare in surprise it could even talk but also wonder where he got that Teen Titans part from since he never even heard of them before.

"How do you know me?" Static ask warily eyeing the behemoth and take a step back when it stretch it arm out to.

"THERE ISN'T... MUCH TIME BEFORE... I... LOSE CONTROL... AGAIN. COME HERE BOY!" Doomsday roar causing everyone to jump a little and get ready to attack.

"And I should listen and go to the guy that just try to kill me why?" Static replied aiming his fist at him though feeling his power levels Static knew he couldn't do much with the shape he was in.

"I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN! IF YOU WANT TO HAVE ANY HOPE OF BEATING THE OTHER DOOMSDAY'S, YOU WILL COME TO ME!" everyone eyes widen at his words and they felt like they had been hit by a sledgehammer at hearing that there were other's.

"But wait! Cadmus was supposed to have only made one of you freaks! How could there be more!?" Static stated hoping to god that Cadmus hadn't been dumb enough to make even more, from what he read in the Justice League file they had barely beat one, (Speak of which, where the hell is the Justice League! Why the hell haven't they showed up yet!?) Static thought wondering why they haven't come to deal with this mess themselves. Doomsday sudden grab his head as if he was having a mondo headache and began slamming his head into the ground before calming down... it was safe to say everyone look very confuse and pretty freak out by this.

"DOOMSDAY IS TRYING TO TAKE BACK OVER! I DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT, SO COME HERE!" the X-men and Mystique could only stare in complete confusion at what was happening, it was clear Static and Doomsday was connected in some way but how they hadn't a clue.

"Um, what do you mean trying to back over? Aren't you-"


"YOU'LL UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING SOON! NOW TAKE MY HAND BEFORE IT TOO LATE!" everyone look at Static who gulp clearly as confuse as them but none of them could miss the distress in his voice, (I'm so going to regret this.) Static thought slow walking to Doomsday.

"Static wait! How do you know we can trust him?" Jean call out landing next to Spike as Static kept his slow pace to Doomsday.

"I don't, in fact I'm likely going to be kill so make everyone remember what a bad ass I was." Static said with dry grin, thinking that this might be his last run, stopping just half a foot away from the down monster Static ever slowly reach his hand out to him only for Doomsday to snatch the Meta-human heroes arm causing red energy to run up it covering his entire right arm!

"Hey, hey, hey! What the hell!?" Static shouted trying pull as the energy began running down his whole body!

"NO! Let go!" Jean yell run to help as did Spike and Cyclops but Static body had already turn into a glowing body of red light. A giant flash of red light blinded them all before they could do anything until it die down showing Static still standing now fully heal but he fell over clearly not conscious anymore and Doomsday's hand drop to the guy his body no longer moving.



"HUH!" Doomslayer suddenly stop in med attack looking off to the east, (Eradicator, I can't feel his anymore? What did he do?!) Doomslayer thought unhappy about this new turn of events as his two enemy wondering why he stop moving. In front of him Supergirl was breathing hard while holding two cars, one in each hand and Spider-man to his left had a large metal beam on his shoulder, both were thankful for the moment to rest, than to their shock his fist power down.

"THAT DAMN ERADICATOR! WHAT HAS HE DONE NOW?" Doomslayer roar startling Supergirl but then she smile at hearing her friend's name.

"Eradicator, where is he! Tell me where he is?" Supergirl demand as Doomslayer turn to her.

"WHO KNOWS, I CAN'T SENSE HIM ANYMORE!" Doomslayer growl as he made a fist and place it on his right shoulder.

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE ERADICATOR HAS DONE SO WE'LL HAVE TO SETTLE THIS AT A LATER DATE! CIR-EL..." before either Supergirl or Spider-man could say or do anything he teleported away to god only know shocking both of them.

"Of great! I hate when the bad guy get away, cause you just know it going to be even more troublesome later on." Spider-man groan dropping the support beam he was holding, (Truth be told though, I'm little glad he's gone now. That fight was not going our way.) Spider-man thought glad to be able to breathe ease for the moment but then notice that Supergirl had drop the cars she was holding then drop to her kneels causing him to rush over to her.

"HEY! You okay?" Spider-man ask worrying about how hurt she really was but she pay him no mind and just look off into the sky. "Eradicator... what happen to you?" she whisper.


"They won... they actually won!" the congressman said surprise they had actually won as Storm stood back with her hands on her hips, proud of her students.

"Yes they did, while I have no idea what that monster is or where it came from but as you've seen for yourself mutant's power's can be used for good." Storm told as many began talking to each other.

"We mutant are like any other normal person, there are good ones and bad ones but we of the X academy teach them how to use their powers to do what is right." Storm continue. "Helping other's and saving lives."

The following morning SHIELD Helicarrier

Nick Fury was on deck watching his men as they went to work on studying Doomsday's body which from what they found out so far was that Doomsday's brain had been destroyed without a trace, there was nothing left of it, what was most shocking though was the body outside, it was completely unharmed! Even after all the damage the X-men dealt to it.

"Director." Maria Hill said walking up to Fury but he didn't bother turning.

"Hill, update. How the Baxter building and Supergirl?" Fury ask as she stood by his side.

"The FF are rebuilding as we speak, from what I've heard with Supergirl's help it going faster than it would have without it and also said girl seems to have already recover." Maria replied and Fury nodded, though neither of them were happy about her not coming to Shield, but the girl seem to have a pretty big distrust of military organizations and refuse to come with them even going so far as to say she'd rather leave the country then join them. Thankfully Susan Storm was able to talk her into at least staying at the Baxter building. Thinking of the invisible woman brought up another matter.

"Good but the Fantastic four won't be of much use for a while." Fury nodded causing Maria to sigh.

"Yeah, Ben Grimm death hit them pretty hard, though unless Supergirl replaces him they might have to start calling themselves the Fantastic Trio now." Maria said getting a chuckle from Fury at her dry humor.

"It does a ring to it, well putting that aside have we heard of anything about Spider-man?" Maria ask.

"The kid had taken a beating but he a tough one, he'll be back swinging around New York in no time." Fury told her and Maria actually look happy to hear that, Spider-man was still a careless punk in her book, but after he save them and take on that monster by his self she wouldn't have taking any joy in him being permanently hurt or kill. Just than her ear piece went off.

"Hello, yes I'm here... understood. I'm on my way." Maria said turning to Fury. "I've got to head to the Brigid, we got call from the base with our back up carrier."

Fury nodded as she made her way up deck leaving him to his thought, though unwilling to join them Supergirl promise to tell them everything she knew about the Doomslayer and the Doomsdays so he'd have to make time soon to get a report on that plus there was the X-men to deal with. That kid Static that join them, was no mutant, and from the energy pattern around him he was clearly not from this world but before he got down to question them on how they found him Fury would give them some time to rest and rebuild their school first. Right not what everyone need first was rest, they could deal with the coming storm when back up to full strength.

"Peep, Peep. Director! We have a massive problem on our hands!" Mari's distress voice came over his com-link as he put his hand to it.

"Com down Hill, what happen?" Fury order.

"It the Doomslayer! He been spotted!" Fury eye widen at hearing this.

"Where!" he demand but her next words froze him in pace.

"At our back up carrier base! The Doomslayer stole our backup Helicarrier!"

To be continue

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