Chapter 1: Fate

It was a miracle meeting on the hill that day. It was fate that brought us to meet even being together 7 months from when he "died" I still can remember meeting him on that hill the very first day... But if im to tell you about fate I should start at the beginning. Here it goes.. It was 7 months ago today anyways I was still a highschooler awaiting the overated graduation that was coming in a few weeks. I woke up wanting to go back to sleep just to finish the amazing dream I had been dreaming about. First let me introduce you to the guy I had dreamt about, or rather should I put it the guy of my dreams. Eddie Duran the most popular rockstar today. But of course he still was compared to the legendary lovey dovey musical duo of the world Max and Katy or as everyone called them MK. They had what every one wanted, true love. He was currently taken by the hot new model that "stole his heart" Chloe Carter. Wait scratch that may I say her real name Cynthia Kowalskie. Yup let me explain. She lied, its like she was hiding who she was she told everyone a fake name and told everyone her parents were dead even though her mother is very much still alive. She makes me sick. Her true personality was starting to show beneath all the lies around the time im getting too. The time I started to actually let my walls of insecurities from the damage done to my heart by my father down. My father had left me and my mom Nora when I was only four. No note no cards no phone calls, like he was running away from us like we were his worst though he promised my mom that he would settle down to take good care of me. While he was holding the secret he was still all wrapped up in his dream to be a traveler. He left us not only on our own but took every penny of savings and everything and anything in between. To put it bluntly I hated and still hate him with every ounce of my being. Well anyways I was still half asleep when I got woken up rudely by the worst sound ever. The alarm clock. I got up got ready and went to school, the hours and minutes ticked by so slowly its seemed as though it were mocking me. Today was the best day ever, my best friend Melissa or more accuratly Mel, had got us tickets to Eddie Durans last concert of his tour! This was going to be a night to remember. When the hours finally let me out of school I dropped Mel off at her house as promised and made my way through traffic and to my secret spot. I thought I was alone boy was I wrong. I got my song book out and started to play my song thinking that I was all alone. Otherwise I would never do it in public. Next thing I know I hear footsteps coming towards me I look up only to see a man walking towards me a smile placed on his face.

Mystery Guy- luv_2_luv_u he said in a shocked but excited way

Loren- who are you? how do you know my twitter username?

Mystery Guy- well if I didnt know the username of a very talented twiter person who has been tweeting me snippet of poems or songs It would be weird. He smiled mockingly as he took his disguise off.

Loren- Eddie Duran?

Eddie- In the flesh and you miss Luv_2_luv_u whats your real name?

Loren- Loren its Loren.

Eddie- nice to meet you Loren he smiled once again holding his hand out to shake.

To be continued_