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This is my first submission on FFN, it was suppose to be a one shot romance between Letty and OC, but I love the movies and the characters so much, i just have to imagine a plot of my own. English is not my native language, so forgive me for any grammatical error, especially those past-present thing, I'm suck at those. Just enjoy!

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Letty was working on a Peugeot 405 that need clutch changing; she was under the car when cops came in to the garage. Han was there to greet them. Too bad she can't hear much of their conversation from where she was. But she felt it's best to stay where she were. She saw the cops set of feet roaming the garage, but none check where she's at. One thing was certain, they were looking for Dom.

It was like deja vu, every time they moved to a new location, opened a garage, pulled a few heists and hijacks, it's only a matter of time until cops starts gaining on them and they must flee and look for another location. It's been going on for five years. It's tiring, but it's much better than jail.

After the cops left, she rolled out of the Peugeot, threw her wrench to the toolbox nearby. Han noticed her there and give her a knowing look. She nodded. No word needed to be said, as they made a promise to each other. None of them would say anything until after the heist; they don't want to upset the team.

Letty was pissed when she found out Dom left her, again. She saw it in his eyes last night, he would stick to his decision, but she still couldn't believe Dom actually left her. And he thinks he did that to save her.. SAVE her? Who does he think she is? A fucking five year old? Aren't you supposed to stand by the one you loved? Aren't they supposed to fight side by side in the good, the bad and the worst times? Isn't that what family is all about? Haven't these five years on the run proved him any of that? What kind of girl does he think she is? She's both a fighter and a lover, both the devil and the angel.

She slammed the door of her grey 70 Plymouth road runner with anger, after shoving her belongings inside. The laud noise attracted Cara Mirtha who was at the porch of next door cabin, where she and Han were staying. Cara called Han to come out.

"Hey... Let..." Han approached the angry Latina.

"What d'you want, Han?"

"You're leaving?"

"I suggest you should too..." she replied as she got in the driver seat.

"Where are you going?"

"Back home Han, there's nothing left for me here... don't tell me you don't know he left" She gave him the 'don't fuck with me' look.

Han was silent.

"Huh... Figure..." She started her engine.

"Let, wait... He just wants you save, you know..."

"Don't give me that bullshit Han! You of all people should know... We are no different Han, we are the ones who pick up the pieces after Dom, we cleaned his mess, we covered his tracks, and we are the ones who kept him safe... We did it for years without any complaint... And he just left us to Fuckin' God knows where..." She paused to control her breathing, trying to calm her anger. She knew she shouldn't have snapped at Han. He just did what most men do, backing up their homies.

"I can't have him leaving me again, goodbye Han..."

Her Plymouth roared, leaving Han in a thin mist of dust.


Echo Park, Los Angeles

Letty reached the LA house at midnight, she saw the house is dark; only one window still has light on, Mia's room. She looked around before knocking the front door. She's not sure if Mia could hear the knocking... So she knocked once again, louder this time.

"Uughh..." she smiled hearing Mia's grunting behind the door. Mia opened the door, and... Gasp... " Letty.."

"What's up girlfriend?" Letty smiled at her best friend.

"Oh my God! Come in, I missed you so much"

"I know girl, I missed you too."

The girls hugged and Mia started to sob "It gets so lonely here Let... Please tell me you stay longer this time"

Letty released her hug, "a matter of fact I am Mi"

"Oh thank God.. And Dom?"

"Look, I'm tired Mi, it's been a long drive.. Can we talk in the morning?"

Mia noticed something is wrong, she gave Letty the 'I ain't buyin' your shit' look, but she didn't push it. "Alright, go get some rest, you know your room"

Mia locked the door and peeked through the window curtain, she saw a black car parking across the street. Sighing she went up the stairs. 'When will they ever leave me alone?'



Letty woke up in the morning to the smell of fried bacon. The growl her stomach gave her made her realized she hasn't eaten anything since noon yesterday. She opened the curtain to let the sunshine in and noticed the same black car still park across the street.

"Morning Mia" she said as she enter the kitchen

"Morning Let"

"What's up with the black car across the street?"

Mia exhaled a heavy breath.

"That's the feds. They stake out the house from time to time, sometimes they'd come and asked questions, sometimes they just drove by."


"Don't get any ideas let" she warned her as she set a full plate of bacon, scramble egg and toast in front of Letty... "They aren't kidding, these are serious people..."

"Hey, I ain't even sayin' anythin'."

"U-huh..I know you're not... But I also know that wicked gleam in your eyes. You are planning something" she said as she sat opposite to Letty at the table.

"Gleam? Have you been watching Sleeping Beauty again Mi?"

"Oh shut it! You know what I mean"

Letty chuckled "Alright Mi, I'll be good"

"Guess what... " Mia said grinning to her best friend.


"Leon called this morning."

"Really? How is he? Where is he? Why didn't you wake me?" Letty threw Mia a little piece of toast, it hits her collar bone. Letty was excited to hear the news about Leon; it's been too long since she last heard from him.

"Hey, don't waste your food!" She glared at her, but her rage couldn't last long, she was grinning again "He's ok... Said he met a guy who had connection with a F1 pit crew, he got an offered to join the team, and he was so excited..!"

"Oh my God... That's sooo awesome! I can't believe it!"

"I knoww! Isn't it amazing? ... But he said, when he joined the team, he... He must leave the states..." Mia said with a sadden voice, "you know... the race would be held around the world" her eyes started to brim with tears.

Letty felt Mia's pain and worries about a prospect of loneliness. For the past five years Leon and Letty would take turn to see Mia for a day or two. When Mia was ever in need, Leon was the first person to help her. She reached Mia's hand and squeezed it to comfort her "Ooh girl.. Hey hey.. It's ok Mi"

Mia looked into Letty's eyes and smiled "I know.. I'm so happy for him" She blinked rapidly to hold the tears.

"Me too" Letty released her grip.. "Can't believe it.. Our Leon, a Formula one Grand Prix pit crew.. Wow"

"I knoooww.. Maybe someday he'll invite us to one of the race huh?"

"He'd better!.. or I'll .. I'll.. "She paused. "I'm too excited; I can't even make a threat!"

They both laughed.


After Mia left, Letty crossed the street and approached the black vehicle.. And knock on the window.

"Good morning officer" she wore her best smile as they rolled down the window.

"What can we help you with?"

"I was just wondering.."


When Mia arrived at the house after dawn, but the house was dark. Only the garage light was on.

"Letty, are you in here?"

"Yeah Mi, down here"

Mia froze when she saw the black charger. The doors and the hood were striped and lying on the other side of the garage. Mia notice Letty's pair of boots poking out from under it.

"Let, what are you doing?"

"What it looks like I'm doing?"

"How do you get it out of impound? They were supposed to junk it.."

Letty rolled from under the car, wiping her grease stained hands.

"You know me.. Pulled some string, says some magic words.. And viola!"

"This car is a curse let.. Just junk it" Mia's voice croaked, memories starts playing in her mind.

"What? No way.. This is a piece of beauty Mi.." she said grinning to the younger Toretto. "Now, come on.. I'm starving.."



The weekend nights in LA are what Letty missed so much, she missed the races. After a month in LA, she must pay a visit to the racing scene. Mia wouldn't tag along, she doesn't want anything to do with racing anymore, said she just want some peace and a normal life.

So tonight Letty was all alone, checking the scene, she saw some familiar faces, they nod respectfully at her. She still has their respect. She got out of her car, scanning for other familiar faces that might be there when she was greet with a whistle. She smirks before turning around.

"Ay mami, yo lookin' fine.."

"Hector.. Good to see you too man" she gave him a hug.

"What brings yo fine ass back in the state.."

"A girl got to eat bro and I'm tired of Mexican food.."

"How's Dom?" he asked with a concern face..

Letty gave him a small smile.. "He's good, too busy runin' , y'no what I mean?"

He rolled his eyes. "I feel ya girl.. So ya racin' tonight? It's 2G buy in"

"Who's on the line?"

"Just some newbies, desperately trying to replace the race king..They could use some kick in the ass" He raised an eyebrow at her.

She chuckled "let 'em try bro... Let 'em try.."

"I'll tell ya when we clear okay?"

"Sure" she smirked and hector left her. She sat on the hood of her car, she notice an Asian kid watching her, probably Japanese, or Korean. They all looked the same to her. Another guy approached her, throwing some pickup line at her, she ain't buying. "Why don't cha go home to yo mama and brush your teeth boy, it's past your bed time.."

The guy's friends hollered and he walked away his face two shades darker.

"Yo Letty! You're up!" Hector call her from the starting line.

She jumped in her car and starts her baby.

"It gonna be easy Let, like taking candy from a baby."

She smirked looking at her opponents, Hector was right. They're just newbie. She doesn't even think they got their license yet. She can't help thinking; maybe a few years ahead, there'll be toddlers there, racing in tricycles.

Hector started gathering the crowd. "Yo all watch and learn ol'ight.. This is how a real racer race, precision driving, fast hand, quick feet, no slo-mo, y'no what I mean?"

A busty brunette wearing almost nothing; stood in front of the line up, and start the call.. When her hand was down, the four cars speed towards their goal. Letty was ahead in no time. "This is too easy" She sang.

The second car tries to bump her, but missed just as she shift gears and accelerate. The third and forth car had a duel of their own, leaving Letty and the second car ahead of them. Her opponent tries to clip her a few times.. But he was too slow, in his last attempt, Letty saw the finish line and hit her NOS button, leaving her opponent swerve out of control and crashing to a lamp post.

Cheering and holler boomed the night air, as Letty crossed the finish line; she smiled happily at Hector when he gave her the winning money.

She handed him 1G, "party at your place?".

Hector nodded, "a'ight girl, we got some catching up to do.."

Letty was about to leave when the Asian kid approached her.

"Hi, Letty right?"

"Who wants to know?"

"The name is David Park, that was some awesome driving girl.." he gave a stupid grin.

Letty seized him up. He fidgeted under her gaze.

"Look, I got a job for you if you're interested, come by at this club tomorrow night, uhm.. Okay.. See you tomorrow"

Letty looked at the card he gave, .. A job?.. Not that she needed any; she's already busy fixing the charger night and day, unless if it pays well, that can certainly pay for the parts she need for the Charger. She sighed as she starts her engine, slipping the card in her gloves compartment.



As she pulled around Hector's place, she saw a suspicious car parking not far away.

"Damn, they even stake Hector's? They sure know how to drop my mood" she sighs as she kept driving, ignoring the blast of music from Hector's.

At the house, she got out of her car when she noticed a car drove by and saw a familiar blond hair and blue eyes..

"Holy shit.. Buster.."

She jumped back in her car and chases him.

Only took her a minute to gain on him.

"Pull over!" she shouted through her open window when their car aligned.

They stopped. Letty got out of the car. Bryan was out too in seconds.

"What do you want let..?" he seemed agitated, afraid and uneasy; expecting her to punch him in the face or something.

"I need to talk to you.."


The title was inspired by a picture of Dom catching Letty that was posted on Vin Diesel's, Michelle's and TFATF's Facebook.