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Coleman Barrack, Mannheim, Germany

"I got you now, Toretto" Hobbs smugly smiled at Dom's face. Hobbs knew Dom was hurting, he thought getting him to an argument could 'cheer' him up again, or at least get him to talk, the last few days of silence started to get on his nerves.

Dom raised an eyebrow, "No, you don't". Hobbs was silent, it worked. He encouraged him to continue.

"You never had me" It's Dom's turn to smile smugly now.

"You enjoyed playing hide and seek with me, Hobbs. All your other targets are always easy, but not me. I'm a challenge to you, aren't I, Hobbs? And a challenge is what you craved in life"

Hobbs glared at him.


Mannheim, Germany

It was after midnight, most of the team member already asleep. Letty still sat on the porch, ignoring the cold air of Mannheim suburban. The house used to be a small, beautiful and quiet resort, abandon from people miles away. It's now a temporary home to the outlaws. Quietly Brian approached Letty, she shifted her position on the old bench, making room for Brian.

"So what happened after the crash?" Brian handed Letty a bottle of Corona. She took it and sipped it.

"FBI took care of me; I was in a coma for 3 months. They made an offer to clear your name and Mia's and Dom's. They took me to Quantico when I finally healed"

"Quantico? You? Damn, I wish I was there"

"Yup, even got myself a yellow brick.." she chuckled "That's where I met Matthew"

"Hmm, so what's the deal with this guy? I noticed the way he looked at you" Brian teased her.

"Ha-ha, whatever Bri... He's an instructor for defense tactics in Quantico; we're good friends, is all"

"Uh-hm.. a Federal agent willing to betrayed his country and broke in to an Army Facilities.. yeah, must be a real damn good friend" Brian smiled at her. She slapped his arm.

"So, you and Mia finally get it together huh? The law enforcement guy joining the dark side" She teased him back.

"Yeah, you know the Toretto charm, you'd went to hell and back" Brian drank his beer.

"I feel you, bro" Letty clinked her beer bottle to Brian's.

Letty cleared her throat.

"So, this Elena, who is she?" She dropped the bomb.

Brian was hesitant to answer her for a moment. She glanced at him, felt him agitated.

"Well, I think it's best for Dom to explain it for you" Brian looked away from Letty's gaze.

"No, I wanna hear what you think of her, Bri" Letty shifted in the bench, facing Brian. No way for him to get away now.

Brian scratched the back of his head, feeling uneasy about this. Letty watched him intently. He is screwed.

"She's a local cop in Rio, she helped us with the heist. She's nice.." He finally said.

Letty drank her beer "Come on, man. Don't give me bullshit"

"Look let, I don't know much about her, all I know her husband is dead, You're supposed to be dead.. So she and Dom .. You know.. Consoled each other's lost" Brian fidgeted again, pulling out the beer label; wondering if he choose the right words to describe their relationship.

Letty was silent, digesting his explanation.

"Does she.." Letty struggled with her words.

"Do they have sex? Well.. yeah." Brian finished his beer.

"What? NO!. God..! That's NOT what I have in mind Bri.. And for fuck's sake I don't intent to discuss it with you!" Letty playfully punched his shoulder.

"Well, I thought you'd be curious" Brian grinned as he rubbed his punched shoulder.

"I meant to asked, does she treat him right?" She faked a glare at Brian.

"Oh.. Yes, like I said, she's a nice woman, and I trusted her. If I don't, I won't left Mia alone with her" Brian paused "She's.. Part of the family, Let.."

Letty sighed "Not some random skank huh? .. too bad" She gulped her beer "I would love kick her ass"

Brian laughed, "No, you can't"



"That's the truck, let's go!" Letty cued the team. Letty drove her Nissan swiftly passing the truck; she drifted and turned her car 180 degrees, facing the truck.

"What the fuck!" The truck driver cursed while hitting his brakes, stopping the truck from crashing directly to Letty's car. Roman's car quickly stopped on the left and Matthew's on the right. The three of them pulled out their guns, pointing it at the truck driver. Tego and Santos cautiously watch from the driver's seats as the old truck driver held his hands up in surrender.



"Hey, where's Sam?" the guard at the gate surprised that the truck driver is not the regular guy.

"Yeah, he got sick today man, that old man need his rest, you know? Old bones are not as strong as they used to be" Roman gave his best smile at the guard.

"Alright, open 'em up, I need to check 'em" the guard ordered. Roman hopped off the driver's seat and unlocked the container. His heart raced, but casually he let the guard check the container. There are boxes and crates of fruits and vegetables, some gallons of milk and other edibles. Luckily the guard didn't check thoroughly, he just stepped in the truck and look around.

"Alright, put them where they belong" he said as he jumped off the truck.

"Ay-aye boss" Roman gave him a salute gesture, locked the container and drove to where the base kitchen is.



Matthew, Brian and Roman quickly changed into the soldiers' uniform. The three soldiers were tie on the ground, half naked and locked in the kitchen's supply room.

Once they're ready, Matthew, Brian and Roman strolled casually towards the prison. Seeing a vase of flower, Roman spontaneously grabbed it and winked at the other men, signaling them to wait there. He dash to another guard, waving as he went.

"Yo man, do you know where Monica Fuentes of DSS is? The guard at the gate told me to give her these flower" Once again he wore his best con smile.

The guard pointed a direction and explained how to get there. Roman nodded a few times, bump fist with the guard and went to the direction. Matthew and Brian waited nervously.

Not long after, they saw a window on the second level of the prison; Roman was in the room, signaling them to meet up front.

"Where do you think you're going?" The prison guard stopped the two men as they reached the prison gate.

"Lucas Hobbs of DSS called us" Matthew replied. The guard looked at them, "wait here, I'll call him"

Roman came out half running, he wear one of DSS uniform, even added the sunglasses so the guard wouldn't recognized him.

"Hey guys, finally you're here.." he stopped the guard, "It's ok, they're with me"

"Come on, hurry, the big guy is pissed, you're late" Roman shove them inside the building; smiling to the guard as he went.

"They held them in separate cell, all in the east wing; we must hurry" Roman whispered to the guys.

"What did you do to Monica?" Brian was curious.

"Just a little revenge" Roman chuckled.



"Shit, it's Hobbs" Brian said after peeking to the east wing prison hall "what do we do now?"

"You two, hide, he didn't recognize me, and I'll handle this, once I got him out, go to the controller and unlocked them" Matthew told them before he walked out and approached Hobbs.

Brian and Roman can't hear what they were talking about, but they heard Hobbs heavy footsteps coming to their direction, and then fading towards the exit.

Quickly they get in the control room and knock out the officer in charge.

"Shit, man. Which one's the button?" Roman cursed seeing lots of button and switch on the control panel. Brian started punching buttons and switch, "Look! This one!"

The bar gate opened, Brian dashed inside and searched the rooms. He found Gisele in the third room, and the fourth he found Han.

"Where's Dom?" Brian asked.

"The one at the end of the hall" Han answered.

Brian ran to the room and opened it. He found Dom sleeping and woke him.

"Dom, let's go! We have to hurry!" Brian said, Dom was slightly disoriented, but quickly regain his composure and followed Brian.



They sneak out of the prison and headed to the air field. At the air field, a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was there, beside two Boeing Apache that was being cleaned. A pilot was seen inside the Black Hawk, warming it up.

"Is that a Yanshuf? I've always wanted to fly one of those in Israel" Gisele grinned at Han.

"Quick!" Brian ordered them to get in the helicopter. Han was first, Gisele quickly took the seat next to the pilot, then Dom and Brian; Roman was last.

"How the hell.." Dom didn't get the chance to finish his sentences when he saw the long raven haired female pilot.

"Welcome aboard, Papi"




"Boss, they're escape! And they're headed to the airfield!" One of Hobbs men informed him. Hobbs stood dead on his track.

"The men are asking permission to use the Black Hawk" His other men cut in. Hobbs just smiled, then ran to the air traffic controller tower.



"O'o.. We need to get out of here" she said as she heard the tower not giving her permission. She controlled the collective lever and the helicopter started to ascends.

"Toretto! I'll see you soon"

Letty heard Hobbs said to her headset. She turned her head to look at the tower control room. The team saw Hobbs smiling and pointing his finger at the team.

"No, you won't" Dom smiled and waved at Hobbs.

"But Boss! We can still catch them!" another Hobbs men confused with his superior's decision making.

"Don't worry, we'll get them next time" Hobbs nodded full of confident. Enjoy your time with your woman, Toretto. It won't be long 'till I'd find you again.

"Now, would someone get that stupid bitch out of the closet?"



"So you stole this copter?" Han asked Letty while they hover above Germany, heading to the ocean.

"Well, yeah.. But it's not what you think, this isn't US Army property" Letty explain to the team.

"Whose is it?" Dom urged Letty to continue.

"It belongs to Vladimir Bosch.."

"Ah, I figure.. The arms dealer" Gisele pointed out

"Yup, he wanted to sell the copter to some buyers, but there's a problem with the cyclic, so they fix it at Coleman Barracks..Of course it wasn't licensed under his name, but using a false name. I was supposed to retrieve it and send it to the buyer, but then.. well, you know what happened"

"Can you teach me how to fly this thing?" Roman face light up like a child on Christmas morning.

"Yeah, teach me!" Gisele squealed. Han and Dom looked at each other, they never heard Gisele sounded that excited about anything.

Letty chuckled, "maybe next time man. Remember, we're supposed to meet Tej in the coast"


Vanuatu islands, South Pacific

Brian was manning the grill when he heard the sound of a car pulling to his carport. Letty and the boys were down on the beach joking around and being silly while Mia and Gisele were in the kitchen preparing the salad.

"Hey Brian, how's it going?" Matthew's voice greeted Brian before he turned around and gave the man a warm handshake.

"Hey Matt.. Thank you for helping us. No one tag you right?"

"Nah, I got it covered" Matthew looked down the beach noticing Letty holding hands with Dom, then they faced each other and started to kiss, ignoring the cat calls and the boos the boys gave them.

The noise brought Brian's attention. He notice the way Matthew staring at the two lovers. He cleared his throat to distract Matthew's attention.

"Hey Matt, wanna help me with these?" Brian handed him a plate of barbecued chicken. "Just put them on the picnic table over there" He pointed to a table down the beach near a big rock.

Roman saw Matthew on the small path to the beach "Yo ma man! How you livin' dawg!" He gave him a fist bump and a bear hug.

"Alive and breathing" Matthew smiled putting down the plate as the boys gathered and greet him. Dom and Letty were still stoic to where they stood. Dom seemed confused; who the fuck is this guy? Why all his boys greet him so warmly? And why is he looking at Letty like that?

Matthew noticed his confusion and approached him, he offered his hand "You must be Dominic, I'm Matthew Murphy, I help bailing you out of Coleman Barracks"

Dom looked at Letty, still needing more than just that information.

"He's my friend and my defense instructor, Dom; he's the one who come up with the plan"

Finally Dom took Matthew's hand. "Then welcome to la familia"

"Thank you... that means a lot" Matthew smiled genuinely.



"So, you came here to collect your reward?" Letty eventually drop the question as the both of them strolled along the beach waiting for sunset.

"Is this how Jesse would've wanted?"

"Cut the crap, Matt"

He stopped and turned to face her "You know I love you more than life, Let. You know that's no bullshit. I've seen you fought, I've seen you push yourself to the limit, no matter how many times you fall down, you always get back up. You are a fighter, and people like you, owned your own life. You are not my possession, you are not my reward. You don't owe me anything"

Matthew continued to walk along the beach. Letty quickly walked to catch up with him. She grabbed his arm.

"Wait, if you're not here to claim me, then why do you even make me made that deal with you?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want to see how much you really wanted this. And now I see the outcome of my work. When I saw the two of you down the beach, I know you two were meant to be together, and when I saw him, the way he looked at you, I know he'll never let you down again, he'll never leave you again, Let"

Letty blushed. Matthew chuckled "so my work here is done"

"And if you saw differently?"

"He'll be in the ICU right now" Matthew grinned at her. Letty smiled, she knew he's a true gentleman and would never take advantage of her.

"Thank you Matt, for everything" Letty tiptoed and kissed his left cheek. Matthew wrapped his arms around her to hold her close for a few second longer, inhaling her scent one last time. He gonna miss this beautiful fearless Latina.

Dom watch from the distance as the two figures embraced on the beach. His faced showed disappointment, he turned away, unable to witness anymore of their closeness. He bumped in to Brian, who looked at him with a brief look of pity, he soon hide it and smiled at Dom.

"You know about them?"

"She love you, Dom."

"So you DO know about them" his voice was menacing.

"Don't be a dick, Dom. He helped us get you out of prison" Brian scowled.

"So what? I owe him that much to let him touch Letty?"

"No. You owe Letty that much to stop being a dick and trust her better judgment!" Brian snapped at him, he had enough of Dom's attitude.

Dom was shocked at him defending Letty, but he knew Brian was right. He grabbed his car keys "I need to cool my head". Brian nodded in silent.



"So Leon just called, he said he got a time-off before another race in Monaco, so I told him to come over..." Mia paused, smiling at the anxious faces around the table. "He said he'll be here in three days!" Mia informed the family at dinner, her face glowing with anticipation. They all cheered at the announcement and started to talk among each other.

"We should make a welcoming party" Letty suggested.

"Yeah man, invite some bitches and get laid!" Roman yelled, and received fist bumps from Tej and Santos.

"No worries 'bout entertainment, that's ma game!" Tej stood up and raised his hand, instantly he received hollering approval from Brian, Dom, Roman, Santos and Letty.

"We need to get more beer from other islands, this one ran out of stock" Gisele told Mia.

"Don't forget the chips, I too ran out of stock" Han added.

"Let, umm.. Do you want me to invite Elena?" Mia asked cautiously, she really want Elena to come, but she feared Letty wouldn't like her.

Letty was silent for a moment, thinking.

"Yeah, sure. I'd loved to meet her" She said, smiling.

"Are you sure, Let?"

"Yes, Mia"

"Really? I mean.."

"Stop it Mi, before I change my mind!" She scowled at her

"Alright.. just making sure" Mia winked at her.

Mia clapped her hands to get everyone's attention "alright-alright, let's arrange the party!" Everyone was silent on their seat around the dinner table, eagerly waiting for orders from the younger Toretto.



"Lettyyyy..." Leon screamed when he spotted Letty leaning to her car in the airport parking lot. he rushed to her side and hugged her while spinning her around.

"Leee..! Put me down! you big jerk!" Letty slapped his arm but he kept spinning her around.

"I miss you so much, baby girl" he said when he finally put her down and kissed the top of her head.

"Yeah, I get that a lot.." she said smugly as she walked towards the trunk of her car to put Leon bags in.



As Letty and Leon arrived at the house, Elena was already there.

"Leon!" Mia screamed and ran to hugged her non blood related brother. Leon soon received hugs from the family member.

Elena approached Letty, "I'm Elena, you must be Letty"

Elena smile and offered her her hand. Letty took it and shook it warmly.

"Yeah, thank you for taking care of Dom while I'm gone. I know he can be such a dick sometimes"

Mia smile watching the two females. She hugged Elena and escorted her to the guest room.

Dom stepped to Letty's side. "No punch, no kicks, no death threat? Wow, that's new"

She elbowed his side "I've grew up, Dom. Besides, O'Connor made me promise"

"He made you? What d'you get in return?"

"A dozen tank of NOS" she grinned. Dom raised his eyebrows "Not bad"



The intentionally to be a small party, turned out to be a blast, local racers were invited, along with a handful of racer chasers, a big grin never left Leon's face especially after having two skanks clinging to his arms, he really abused the title 'F1 Pit Crew' that night. The team enjoyed the party, the new members introduced themselves to Leon and not long after, each shared their stories of adventure. Their laughter blend with the sound of waves and hip hop music Tej put on.

Dom pulled Letty's hand and took her to a secluded part of the beach, but they can still see what the team was doing.

Dom sat on the rocks and pulled Letty to straddle him. He cupped her face and kissed her gently, cherishing the moment. Seconds later they lips parted.

"Do you remember our first kiss?" Letty asked Dom, her finger tracing his shoulder.

"Like it was yesterday" Dom said and nipped her lower lip.


"Yeah Let, you were drinking bottled Cranberry juice that afternoon. We were alone at the garage; we've been denying our attraction to one another for months, walking around on egg shells. I just couldn't take it any longer. Seeing you there, bend over a Camaro then sipping your Cranberry, that exact moment, your lips mesmerize me, I just have to taste it" Dom confessed.

Letty looked at him intently, she remembered that day, Dom heavy body pinned her sixteen year old body to the Camaro, claiming her lips on a rough duel, her hand instinctively placed on his chest preventing him from crushing her breast, she could feel the strong beats of his heart on her palm.

Letty stayed silent, urging him to continue.

"I've made a lot of wrong decisions in my life," Dom turned his gaze to the dark ocean "but I would never felt sorry for kissing you that day" He gazed back to Letty dark eyes.

"I didn't felt sorry either for giving you a black eye after that kiss" Letty grinned.

Dom chuckled, "I know I deserved it, it was more than worth it though" Dom leaned to take her lips again, she responded with earnest.

"Now that I've got you, I'd never let you go" He promised her between their kiss.

"So you gonna stayed by my side?" she challenged him.

"In every lifetime"

"That's a big promise Toretto, you sure you can keep it?"

"My word and my love is all I got Let.., and it's all I can give you"

She laughed hysterically at his words.

"I know, that was a cheesy line, but it's the truth, Let" He grinned.

"Seal it with a kiss?"

Dom exhaled a heavy breath, smiled, she is willing to have him again, his heart would leap.

He bowed and kissed her soft lips, she nipped his lower lip, and he remembered it all over again, their first kiss, against a Camaro. He gently cupped her cheek, like their second kiss in front of Mia's room. She slides her tongue in to tease his; like their third kiss when they're alone in the kitchen.

Finally, they pulled apart.

"Ride or die?" He asked.

"You bet your ass, Bubba"



-The End-

Yanshuf : Nickname for Black Hawk in Israeli Air Force meaning 'Owl'

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