First Leonardo story with POV from most of the characters. Mainly Lorenzo's POV. This will hopefully turn into a mini series and give more people who enjoy the show more fanfictions. Apologies if I don't spell the name correctly!

Lorenzo de' Medici's POV

Trapped in a marriage I do not want to be in. I don't even have any feelings for her. The only people who seem to care about her are my father – the one who is forcing me into this nuptials – and Machiavelli.

Machiavelli has expressed so many tender emotions for Angelica Visconti, yet she seems to ignore him and pays not the slightest attention to me. It's not fair. I'm not one to go against my father's orders, but this is wrong – all wrong.

With the Duke having been assassinated, my father is now the leader of Florence and he seems desperate for Leo to finish that super weapon. None of this makes sense. The marriage, the super weapon… I mean what does he really need it for?

Really, after the ordeals with that mechanical man, everything seems topsy-turvy to me. How will it pan out?

How did I do? I know this chapter is really short. But it's a Prologue of Lorenzo's thoughts. Reviews would be nice please - to see if this fanfic will be okay. ^^