I had no idea how to start this so this chapters probably not going to be very good, just needed an intro. But hope you like it anyway:3 also sorry if there are any spelling errors, I'm dyslexic so I have trouble with that.

Any way vampire knight belongs to Matsuri Hino and all that, if it was mine, it would be yaoi fo sho!

Yuki loved Kaname, Zero knew that. He wanted to forget it, but it seemed the whole damn world wanted to tell him about it. He could hear the other vampires whispering about it and smirking at him each time he passed. The other couples around the campus reminded him, hell even the damn birds in the morning reminded him. He lost, and it hurt. Zero knew pain, all forms of it. Pain on the outside hurt, but it could go away, or at least slightly be ignored. But the pain on the inside hurt more. For that would take much longer to go away, and hurt so much more. The pain in his heart burned. The kind of burn ice gave you when it was too cold. He slumped himself agents one of the corridor walls. This was ridicules. Here he was feeling sorry for himself again. Sure he lost the fucking girl but it wouldn't kill him. Unless she refused to give him anymore blood. But he didn't want her blood much anymore, it wouldn't taste sweet and pure like the girl he loved, but tainted and used. No doubt Kaname had turned her into his own personal whore. It made Zeros stomach turn. So disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

But what could he do? Tell them how much he disapproved? Because they would both obviously care so much. Or kill Kaname and have Yuki hate him forever? Might slightly be worth it, if he could that is. Zero slid down the cold wall and places his head on his knees. He would not cry, crying was for girls! But his face felt hot and the tears were certainly putting up a fight. He had loved her, he had loved her so fucking much. He would stand there looking at her as she looked at Kaname, mentally screaming his words of affection towards her as if she could hear. She didn't, of course, and never turned to meet his loving gaze until he had replaced it with a cold blank stare.

Was it his own fault? Did she not even have the faintest clue that he loved her? And if she did then-

No. no no no no no. It wouldn't have happened. And it wasn't going to. Dammit get it through your thick skull zero! It's over! You lost! He scolded himself mentally. But it was his heart that was trying to push hope to his brain. He wished his heart would just shatter completely and he would die rather than having to live with it half broken.

It would only hurt to keep trying, and it would only hurt to watch. So that's why he decided perhaps leaving? Yes. Leaving. Then they could love each other all they wanted and he would be out of everyone's hair. And if he didn't see either one of them. Then this feeling would go away.

Yuki would no longer run to him and bury herself in his arms and cry, telling him how important he was to her and how she wanted to protect him. And then run right back to Kaname the moment he appeared. He could have her. That little bitch. Toying with his heart. She knew he hated Kaname. And boy did he hate Kaname.

He wasn't sure if he was just sad anymore, for rage boiled his blood and made his whole body hot. God if he could just murder the both of them and not die of guilt later!

But whatever, she toyed with him so what. It was going to go away soon. That thought made him feel slightly at ease as he sat huddled up in the dark corner. And then he finally realized he was crying, and it actually felt good. It felt so much better to cry then to try and hold it in. So he cried without making a sound. No one needed to hear him and catch him in the act. The worst part about being caught crying would defiantly trying to explain why to some awkward person pretending to be sympathetic. He brought himself to stand and slowly started for his room. He didn't have to say anything to anyone. Just disappear. Maybe then everyone would suddenly worry and start a commotion about the missing student. He chuckled at the thought, serves them right.

He headed out at what he thought was probably 2 or 3 in the morning with nothing but a bag and the bloody rose. He had changed out of his school uniform and left it folded on his unmade bed. The air was cold and he wished he had a warmer jacket.

Zero was very careful to avoid being caught, especially by Yuki. That would sure ruin everything. And he wasn't caught, luckily. He made it to the edge of the school and then, he ran. He ran from that place as fast as he could. The cold air stinging his face, his beating heart, and his wet shoes from the morning dew all gave him an adrenalin rush. He stopped in one of the alley ways in town when he realized he had no idea where the hell he was going. He sat down besides some random building and thought for a moment. Things suddenly making since.

He was sort of acting like a child, running away like this wasn't he? But unlike a child he wasn't going back! Was he? That would be embarrassing.

He also noticed he was hungry, quite hungry. Shit. He had brought those damn blood pills than never worked but…fuck he didn't think this through. He rummaged through his bag for them, hoping they might at least do something for him. He opened the box and was staring at them when he heard an all too familiar voice.


Zero jumped spilling most of the pills that immediately melted into liquid the moment they hit the damn ground. Kaname. He glared at the wall refusing to look at the pureblood. He was angry, and embarrassed, and that made him even angrier. He probably looked stupid squatted in a corner like that.

"The hell do you want?" he spat, still refusing to turn.

The pureblood chuckled. "May I ask what the hell you're doing, Kiryu?"

Screw ever going back! This was his chance.

"Leaving" Zero said coolly. Trying to hide all hints of emotion from his voice, but yet it quivered slightly.

"Oh?" Kaname chuckled "and where might you be going?"

Damn that bastard.

"Why do you care? Kuran." Zero spat, turning slightly to glare at the pureblood. Who had a cocky smirk on his face?

Arrogant bastard. Thinking he was better than everyone else.

"I don't "Kuran replied "but I must admit I'm slightly amused by this. Is little Kiryu running away?" he mocked.

"Yes. Little Kiryu is running away." Zero snapped as he closed his bag and stood up walking passed Kuran as if he knew where he was going. Kuran followed him.

"Fuck off."


"Why the hell are you following me?"

"How do you know I am? The whole world doesn't evolved around you Kiryu. "

"So we're just coincidentally going the same way then?"


Zero spun around and met Kanames gaze. "Fuck you." He said bitterly. Kaname smirked. "Pretty mouthy aren't you. For a level D." Zeros glare turned to bitter hatred. "Kuran, leave."

Of course the pureblood didn't budge. Zero held the bloody rose to his head as if it would intimidate Kuran slightly. It didn't. "Leave me alone." Zero spat.

"You don't have anywhere to go." Kuran said smugly.


"So you're just going to wander the streets, Kiryu?"


"Huh, don't tell me you're going to go off and kill yourself."

"..I'm not."

"Is that so?"

"Leave me alone."


"What he fuck do you want!? I'm leaving, I expected you to be much happier. There's no reason to stay! You get Yuki you bastard, I don't fucking want her anymore! So just fuck off and leave me alone! Have you got nothing better to do?" Zero screamed.

Kaname made and attempt to hush him but Zero slapped his hand away.

"Good bye, Kuran." He hissed and turned away from the pureblood. Kaname grabbed his arm. "The fuck? Let go!" Zero snapped and tried to pry Kurans hand from his wrist but that only led to his other wrist being grabbed and being pulled to awkwardly face Kaname.

"you can't be serious." Kaname said.

"I am, now let go you bast-"

"You can't actually leave"

"Why the hell not? What's wrong with you?"

"You can't."

"Wha? It's not fucking up to you!"

"You're not leaving."

"I am!"

"Your not."

"I am!"

"No you're not!"

Zero struggled in vain, anger flaring up through his body. "I AM!"

"I won't let you!"


"Because!...because. I just won't."

"Let me guess, for Yuki? I'll make her cry, ill drink her fucking blood now let go!"

"No, you won't see her."

"I don't want to! That's why I'm leaving! I don't want to see you either!"

"Zer-Kiryu. I-"

Zero broke from Kanames grasp only to topple backwards and slam his head into the ground with a yelp. Kaname made a move towards him but Zero scampered away from him, leaving his bag.

"Drink my blood." Kaname ordered. Zero shook his head. "You need it! Drink my blood."

"Fuck you."


"Go away!"

"You need to drink my blood!"

"Go away go away go away!" Zero screamed backing away from Kaname even more.

"Please" Kaname said gently moving towards Zero. Zero yelped and fled. Leaving both Kaname and his bag behind.

"Kiryu!" Kaname called from somewhere behind him. But Zero didn't stop. Not until he wound up in some unfamiliar part at the edge of the town and slunk into the cold looking woods. Slipping and falling into a creek, slamming his knee into a hidden rock, tripping multiple times. Sliding down small hills and getting caught in branches. It wasn't until he fell for about the fourteenth time did he not get up. Zero curled into a ball, cold, wet and shaking. And closed his eyes, falling into an unwelcomed blackness.