Naruto Pov...

I hurried to class. I can't believe that my alarm rang late. First day back after Spring Break and I wake up late. I should have just left the homework alone last night.

"Dammit." I said as I hurried to my locker. Turning the lock I tried to conjure up memories. 37...6...What's Next! The bell for first period to be released rang. I guess I'll fit in, I thought

"Oh yeah 14." I said aloud. People passing by looked at me. I was surprised when Sasuke walked up, looking unemotional as ever.

"Dobe, Why'd you skip first period?"

"What's it to you, Teme?" He rarely ever cared about anyone's well-being.

"Well, now I have to be partners with Sakura instead of you."

"Aw Man. So who am I working with?" Sasuke shrugged. I guessed it was fine. There was no one that I knew in that class had a problem with me so it was cool. I put a book in my locker and saw something. I moved it aside to find a letter in a nice looking envelope.

Hmmm. Did I put that in there? No way. It definitely isn't look like mine. Sasuke looked in my locker.

"What's that?"

"Dunno." I answered. "Looks Nice. You should read it." I grabbed my other book and the letter as well. By the time I got to the classroom, I was curious as to what the contents were.

Next period, of course was English. Great. I sat down in my seat, noticing the few people I knew in this class. Sasuke and Sakura aren't in this class with me. The class itself is already boring and that doesn't make it any better. I took out the envelope. Neatly typed was what looked a letter. . .

This is my first letter to you

And I'm kind of nervous

Its a secret to everyone

And I can't stutter when I write

I'm your secret admirer

I watch from afar

You never look at me

I said to myself

'Why go through this'

I mean I'm not like 'Barbie: The Movie'

I'm not your best friend

But I need the comfort

To the feelings that overflow

I don't think I will ever have the guts to tell you

I know who you are with right now

But as the hare might say

"The First in the race Might not always win"

I'm sure you don't understand now

But you will.

What is this supposed to be? The girl beside reached over me. The girl was Kankuro's sister, Temari.

"Ooohh! Interesting, Naruto."

"What is it?" I asked her

She looked at me. "Are you seriously that..." I scratched my head. She rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, this is Naruto that I'm talking to."

"What's that supposed to mean!" I answered rather loudly. Before she could have answered the second bell rang and she went to her assigned seat. Asuma-sensei went up to the board and began class. I looked at a tree below and saw someone was standing by the tree. Normally, there is no one out at this time. That was weird. I'll have to ask Sasuke later. Maybe.

Hinata Pov...

It's almost been half of the year since I've been to this school. I still remember the girls from the Girls academy I used to go to. The ones that I almost wish I had never left. I really don't hang out with many people here, but I miraculously fit in with the interesting student class.

The principle drafted me because of my Grades and my interesting background. That's what She says but I know it was Neji and my father's messing around that really caused this.

This school is for what I call Gifted, Talented, and Interesting. In this school there is all kinds of people. Not one person is just like another. There are those with diverse talents and those that are pretty average too. It is vastly different from Marilynns. There were terms and things there that aren't even heard of, here in Konoha. I'm already used to it. It just signifies that I have really stepped up from the formalities of St. Marilynn's School for Ladies.

While Konoha's school for the Gifted and Talented is very unique, it still has the same components of a high school. You still have your jocks, the Quarterback, his best friend, the QB's girlfriend- the head cheerleader, her best friend and so on.

Except here, its not football its Soccer and Baseball. The minor sports are Basketball and Lacrosse. Football is banned in Konoha for reasons I have yet to figure out.

You see my home has always been in Konoha but I stayed in dormitories at Marilynn's, which is just outside the city.

"Hinata, Are you okay?" Kiba asked me.

"Y-yes. I'm f-fine" I answered.

I try to do a monologue every one in a while so I can keep up with my life. Also, It may help my disorder. Its not an actual disorder. I'm just really shy and I stutter a lot. If I don't stutter, it usually means I'm really mad or I'm really sad. I have done a lot to help it actually. It used to be a lot worse. Then I could say 16 words in a sentence and every one of them I would stutter.

I would love a pencil and a piece of paper. I could do miracles with that. Writing is something I like spending my time doing.

"Yeah, and Sasuke said 'Dude, stop acting like Naruto.' "I heard someone giggle. I looked at the girls who interrupted my monologue. It was Sakura and her group. They are also in this class. Which is Chemistry.

Here the Head cheerleader is actually nice unlike most typical high schools. Not nice like only when teachers are looking, either. She would gladly give up her shirt for a stranger. Her name is Sakura Haruno. I think she wants to be a Doctor. We are on good terms but I chose to be a loner. And I want to stay a loner for just a bit longer.

"Ino! You don't put that in there"Tenten scolded.

Now the group is kind of normal. Tenten is the girl that you always see with the brown hair in two little balls on her head and Ino is a pure blonde with a bubbly personality. Tenten is known for having practically everything in that bag of hers. From band-aids to hot glue guns. For that reason, She's called the weapons mistress. Apparently, someone made her mad once and she pulled out a whole baton and managed to knock him out with it swiftly. She's also good at martial arts so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Though I don't think it was as big as stories make it, I definitely wouldn't try making her angry.I eat lunch with her. We somehow get along well. Ino is somewhat of the social magnet. She is the gossip queen here. Trust me. If you have any kind of gossip around you, she knows before it even hits the records. There are some people she hasn't even met, but she knows about. Including me.

BOOM! There was an explosion at their table.

"Table 2 is everything alright" Ms Hoodba asked.

"Yes ma'am. "The three girls answered cheerily. Not surprising.

I work at Table 3 with Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame. Kiba and Shino were also friends with me back when I went to The Academy. It was easy to find them and get along with them as I integrated back into regular school.

As we began cleaning up, I wondered what we were doing in sixth period. Ms Hoodba is actually my teacher for that class too. I have developed quite the relationship with her. When I first came, I would eat in the classroom with her. Through that, I met Tenten and I now eat in the lunchroom with her. With out meetings though, she actually found out about my crush. Not that It was hard to do so. My teacher found out with a basic analysis and urged me to tell him.

I look up to her for many reasons. She's from Bird Country. Its really rare to see natives of Bird Country here in Konoha even though we're Diverse. She had a hard time fitting in. Even though she teaches both Chemistry and English, she couldn't fit into either group. She's just too much for them. Considering, she also a voodoo artist and a dancer, she probably doesn't have time for them either. She's supposed to perform in the festival in the start of summer along with the traditional dance. Its a new feature this year that I'm sure my father won't like.


The bell. Not even the bell is normal. For whatever reason, the school dedicates a whole period to lunch. I always leave my binder in her room while I go to Lunch and Art. I have my Portfolio in my locker so I save lots of time. As I went towards the cafeteria.

At the moment I turned to enter the cafeteria, I ran into someone just coming out. He didn't see me because he was walking backwards with a orange juice in his hand while talking to his friend. At collision, I could have gotten out of it, but he reached behind and grabbed my back, a mini-second of stumbling and then finally the tumble. I caught a flash of blonde hair as I went down and out.