Hinata Pov...
I woke. Rio and I cleaned up and left the house. On a secluded part of the road I stopped us. I leaned to his height.
"Rio. Are you ready to go back?"
"No. I want you to be my mommy forever."
"You can't. You have to go home. I'm sorry I can't do anything about it. Here." I gave him a lavender bear.
"When I was little I slept with this bear when I got scared. Or when I didn't feel safe. It was my best friend. Now I'm giving it to you. Thinking of it as a gift from Mama. Okay. And next time you'll see daddy."He nodded. "And next time you're hit go straight to the police station. Not to an alley somewhere. To a police station. If you can't find one ask a kind looking older lady or anyone if you must."
"Okay." I nodded and kissed his lips. He watched as I stood. "Your hand?"
He gave it to me. I taught him Naruto's battle chant on the Way. He loved it. We got to the station Naruto took him the first time. The same man was on duty once again. He ushered me over and went through some papers
"It looks like this is the second time. May I ask your name?"
"Is that not what you're doing now?" A smart question. That Naruto would've been stabbed for in the dreams. I giggled a bit at his face. "My name is Hinata Hyuuga." I touched his hand, nails first. "Could you keep this on the private side?"
He didn't have time to answer. "Thank you. Ri-" He Hugged me. The onlookers seemed to be confused.
"I don't want to go." He said. I held up a finger to the man and sank down to the floor. My hair curling against it despite the wavy type. I pulled him into the circle of my legs.
"Rio." I dried his tears. "Do you remember what Naruto told you when he brought you here." He nodded. I gave him the bear. "Then you know what mama taught you right?" He nodded.
"Okay. Then. You're all set."
"Hey Emi. She said somethin' bout Naruto!" I rolled my eyes and ignored them.
"Quietly okay. Alright."
"Alright." He whispered.
"Are we good?" I smiled at his bent knees.
"No ma'am."
"What are we?"
"Great!" I laughed at his sudden burst of energy. Jumping and all.
"Perhaps I fed you too many sweet things." A man laughed on the other side. I gave him a hug. And kiss on the cheek. He grinned.
"Go on Rio."
"Bye bye." He said. He surprised me by kissing my lips. I stood when he went around. His cute lil' self. The officer picked him up.
"Did you have fun?"
"Yeah. She let me nestle on those glorious pillows of heaven!" He looked at me for a translation.
"He's talking about my breasts." His lips twitched upward. Rio thought he didn't get it. He pointed.
"Look. They're Right There. On her chest. How can you Not see them?"
"I do. Now be still." Hinata turned and almost ran into Emi.
"My, my. Excuse me."
"If you don't mind me asking but how did-"
"We go to the same school. Have gym together. That type of thing."
"Do I interest you more? I think these males think we're going to cat fight and are ready to watch breasts pop out." She laughed. "Sounds good." I heard gasps. I told her to follow me. Surprisingly she wanted to drive me elsewhere. Then she said it was because of the camera that they could watch it from. The park wasn't far by car thank goodness. So I explained that we were doing in gym. I told her to stop at the far end of the park and smiled. I already know by now. She didn't say a word. I just put her to sleep. She wouldn't remember a thing when she woke up. I apologized. To her and to Naruto. As he probably wouldn't appreciate me putting his guardian girlfriend in danger. The law is important here though so it probably wouldn't happen. I got home and cursed the very power they've given me. The pain that comes with these is so much. Unexplainable pain. And yet in some moments I'm thankful for them. No matter how you look at it though this condition isn't natural. Normal. Not at all. But it's better me, in the Hyuuga line, than A less fortunate person who can't get the same care as myself. I sighed. My Life. I woke up normally and kissed Suzu. She gave it right back. Just like her. Marlin took me to school today. Neji had already left. I asked him how he was. As I hadn't seen him in forever. He only smiled. I was saddened. But smiled for the sake of man. I saw Naruto walking and quickly put a hat over the messy bun. Marlin opened the door for me.
"Thank you. You didn't have to."
"It's only courtesy. I haven't done so in a while." I smiled. "Thank you."
He left after bowing. I saw Neji at the door. However Naruto caught me first.
"Hey." I wasn't expecting him so I sort of jumped.
"Grace. What's a matter with you?" He asked. I breathed. "You scared me."
"Sorry 'Nata. I can call you that right?" He didn't give me time to answer. "But I wanted to address you because we have like the same outfit." I looked at him. He had on blue jeans, a blue T-shirt with the orange Uzu, and orange converse. Just like me.
"My My."
"I know. You even have like the earrings to match." I looked to Neji. He winked at me. I quickly looked away and ignored the slight heat that had accumulated in my face
"I like the Uzu symbol a lot. You see The Brand Uzu was started in memory of the island Whirlpool. A wealthy man by the name of Abeta Shouta started it because he would visit the island every few years for a month or two of vacation and was well known amongst the leader, Sorin, and the people. After the raid he actually came to miss the place. Filled with natural redheads and that strength and unity. He actually wanted to get with a particular woman there. So he created the brand and named it after its roots. Uzu. Now it's become quite popular. Along with his artwork of particular Uzumaki women. If you notice on every brand thing it says In Loving memory."
"Wow. That is pretty cool. That even Hyuuga wear it. I always just liked the design." I smiled. Oh Naruto, if only you knew. "Where are you going?"
"The student council room." I said. He nodded. Not to give anything away.
"Where were you yesterday in gym? We had the disadvantage since not everyone was there."
"I was sick."
"Okay. Well I'll tell you the plan." Of course just because he was at the disadvantage didn't mean he gave up. So they won every game. Not surprising really. We stopped at the student Council room. He gave me that heart melting grin.
"You should've stopped me. Now I'm gonna be late."
"My bad. You just got so excited."
"It's fine." He tattered away. "Bye 'Nata." He still had that grin on. Neji came around the corner. I was still thinking about that grin.
"You're so red." I chuckled and quickly felt my burning forehead. I honestly was surprised I didn't pass out.
Naruto Pov...
I came into the classroom quickly. I sat down and noticed Ren was just staring.
"Ren." He jumped.
"Grace. Now what's a matter with you?" I smiled and patted his shoulder.
"I was just thinking of some stuff. Nice to see you live and well."He told me. With a smile. Much Better.
"I'm good. Feeling great. Just finished talking to a partner of mine in gym."
"I heard you guys were doing some competition." That got me started yet again. Suddenly I noticed Sasuke as he entered.
"You look like Shit, Sasuke!" He looked at Naruto and went to his seat. First thing he did was put his head down."Wonder what's wrong with him." Sak entered. She came to me after putting her bag down. She pulled a chair over.
"Sasuke. Is in a very, Very Bad mood."
"It's visible."Ren said simply.
"I know right. Like that's not obvious." I continued with sarcasm.
"I kind of said something offensive."
She fixed her hair out of random. "So you know we were on this trip or whatever and come to find out its on a mountain. A while away from Suna. No Internet. No wifi. No signal. Which is why we didn't answer your texts after we got off the bus. So he couldn't call or text white wine. And he almost broke down because he was so worried about her mental, physical, and emotional state. And he was going to call as soon as he got here. Then his father called and said he's on probation for not being able to answer his one call. And so He hasn't been able to talk with her. And I kind of told the teacher he was on a emotional crisis because he's actually feeling emotion and he hasn't spoken to me since." "So how did you get here?"I asked. She looked as if she came with him.
"He told me he's going to kill me and that to get in. That's been all he's said to me since I told then teacher that."She picked up a strand of her hair and looked at the tips. "And he was cursing the entire way to school and ranted about the entire situation. White Wine would know what to do. I miss her too."
"Then just go see her."
"Don't worry. I will. I know that for sure. I don't know about that Sasuke though."
"He should be fine." Kakashi came in. Looking tired as Fuck. Bags and all. He sat at his desk and looked at the ceiling.
"What the Hells wrong with everybody today?! It's depressing!"
Hours later...
I threw a ball in the trash perfect from my seat.
"Naruto you must be preparing for basketball season."
"Yep. I have to get started already. Even though soccer's next."
I went to pick up some more random papers on the floor. Lunch was in a minute or two so I was chilling.
"Hey Naruto." I saw it was Lead Wiz who spoke. "Tsup?"
"Do you still get those letters?"
"I do." I said. I let the paper bounce off Sasukes head into the trash can. I grinned.
"Yess. Come on Sasuke. Corn dogs come first." He was still glaring at me for the ball assistance on his head. When the Lala sounded we went to lunch. As usual they have tomatoes made to the max for the production of the Uchiha. They'll eat tomatoes like it's ice cream to a bloody girl. In fact Sasuke doesn't eat a meal Without tomatoes. Which is why he looks at the menu ahead of time to know when he should bring his own Damn tomatoes. I showed him the clique I hung out with and saw one was crying.
"What just happened?"
"Her boyfriend just broke up with her."
"Want me to beat him up?"
"No. We don't need another fist in the floor."Sasuke said.
"It was you that was about to receive the fist sooo..." She didn't have to finish. The burn was at least third degree. I laughed. He just walked away with his leftover pride. I laughed. And simply told them to be good. With a salute. Back at the table Ino was doing her usual. Yapping at something another.
"Did you know ya boy Lee was caught fingering Keri behind the bleachers Friday?"
"What?" Even Sasuke looked up at this. Lee is a special case. Because everyone thought he was on the DL. The down low. With other guys. He was cool though. As long as he didn't try anything on me. Not to mention he's the best soccer dribbler on the team. And he always comes to school with his fresh chinstrap beard. It's like so perfect. So he got the name chinstrap from me.
"You sure?"
"Yep. Chinstrap Lee. Not Rock Lee. People are starting to believe him and Keri are actually together but because you know, everyone thought he was on the DL, it was disregarded as some type of friendly relationship."
"That's crazy." I muttered.
"You wouldn't believe though..." It made me realize how much I judge people. Based on just actions or looks. Or even Clan status. Just because you gossip a lot doesn't mean you're a Bitch. Ino is one of the nicest people I know and Sakura wouldn't hang around her if she was like that. Other people on the other hand have said that. About her. Yet they've never even met her. I guess I need to start refreshing My mind. On everyone. We started to walk back to the classroom before the bell to avoid the large crowd.
"Hey. Sasuke. Have you seen Hinata yet?"
"No." The answer was quick.
"Oh 'Nata? I was just talking to her."
"When?" The attention was quickly geared towards me.
"Calm down. Grace. We talked this morning. I walked her to the Student Council room before I went to class. I haven spoken to her since." He turned from me.
"Speaking of that I heard you got a little touchy touch on this trip." Ino said. "Yeah."
We ignored the bell as we were most of the way back already.
"Both of you are pissing me off." He went the opposite way. We watched then only shrugged and continued walking.
"He's just stressed from not being able to get in touch with her. So what did you and Hina talk about?'
"The place where I get my shirts from. The brand Uzu and Whirlpool. Then the fact that she wasn't here yesterday in gym for our group. So I told her that we were still doing basketball today and that in order to win we had to beat G-"
"I don't need gym details. Grace. What made you talk to her?"
"I just told you about Uzu-"
"Not that. What made you talk to her?"
"Oh We had on the same outfit. And we both rocked it."
A few Hours after that...
I exited Music class and turned to Mahiro. We shook. "Narutoo! How's life?"
"Good man. So yeah. You need to tell me if they're having food today."
"I gotcha. You know we don't like missing meals over here." I laughed. Then went to Sakura. This intersection was probably the most crowded one in the school.
"I hate this hall with a passion." I nodded. Suddenly there was a scream.
"Woah! Sasuke! Put Me Down! S-"
I hummed. "Looks like he got her."
"Yeah."She was on her phone.
"Who are you texting?"She laughed at my tone.
"The SC President."
"Ahh. You must mean Neji since Sasukes is busy."
"How many times have I explained the hierarchy to you..."
Seconds earlier with Hinata...
I exited the room laughing at Gai-sensei. Then I saw Sasuke standing on the wall. I was kind of surprised. He was a little tired looking. I smiled though, walking over with an extended hand. Instead he took my binder. The next few moments were mainly surprise and panic. I wasn't expecting him to pick me up like that. He let me down outside. People gave us looks. I only had to look at them and they quickly lost the thoughts and attention. I smiled. Sasuke looked at me.
"I've figured it out. You have been writing those letters that Naruto gets haven't you?"
"Letters? Yes." He's surprised at my direct answer.
"That was fast. Well When did you start them? Why?" I answered every question. Though I only put a vague answer on when I exactly did, I put them in there. Finally he went quiet for a bit. Then he looked at me. "All this time you've been making it seem like our fault for cheating when you're doing this kind of stuff. Weaseling your way in. Breaking up the Happy Couple. I think You should apologize. Especially to me."
"Well I'm sorry then." I heard Neji quickly stride over. I knew his gait anywhere.
"Sasuke. What did I tell you about Bullying her?"
"Hes not bullying me anymore. We were having a very detailed talk." I covered him. He narrowed his eyes at me. I picked up my binder. They immediately got started so I just left them.
Sasuke Pov...
"You're always Messing Shit Up! Now I have to go undepress her." He let go of my shirt and just pushed me away. I fixed my shirt and just went to class. I went to class thinking on how this also adds to the mix. It doesn't make sense. I can't get it out of my mind. I can't get the Why out of this. She wasn't surprised at all and she didn't mind telling me. It was almost like I was supposed to already know. I sat at the back of the party. The festivities made it so I couldn't concentrate. But I still had it in my mind. Letters. The Queen. Healing. Hair. Nails. Her split personality. Again, The Queen. Naruto. Supposed Love. Twisted with friendship and too many Damn secrets. The Queen. The keeper of secrets. Meticulous in her ways. Hinata. Shy. Introverted. Book smart. When I think of Hinata I think pain. All she suffers. Due to a Damn Curse. Then strength. Because she endures it everyday. With a smile. It doesn't Make sense. Which ones Which? And in all this. The center of all this Damn confusion. Is Naruto. And He doesn't know A Damn Thing. Sakura came over with a ice cream sandwich. Sweetaholic. She rubbed my back.
"You'll figure it out." She said. Already knew what I was thinking. And Hinata wonders why I like her so much. After that was the Student Council room. The same this whole year. Until she came. I looked at the sheet of paper. She came and started all this shit. And it didn't make any type sense. She liked Naruto. Sends him letters. All that good shit. But yet she hides. She heals him sure. But why would she send the letters if she knew about that. It doesn't come together. Suddenly a eraser hit me square in the forehead. Neji had another in hand.
"Get to Work."
I will figure it out.
Naruto Pov...
The championship game is in arise. I gave everyone gets a double high five with 2 hands before this game. And I got It. We demolished them. The other team didn't stand a chance. I got the softball team like that too. It was good stuff. Watching your team play and win.
"Hey Naruto!" I went over to the captain. Who I myself call cap'n.
"Since you're the usual motivator I would like for you to tell everyone some things." I got everyone's attention once we got on the bus. It was pretty simple. Be there. If you Don't have a ride, ask for one. Then some of my motivational words. Yelling random stuff that sounds uplifting. Then I was finished. A kid asked if the Cap'n was okay with that. Cap'n nodded and gave me a thumbs up. I sat back down. I then recognized the look of jealousy. I got confortable in my seat. I was extremely saddened that someone has those type of feelings towards me. I sighed. The bus droned it. After a while I blanked out. Not thinking at all and then my head almost hit the window quickly jumped to see Old man Kouta had slid off the wheel. Oh My God. I threw him in a seat and quickly took control of the bus. But we were already headed downhill.
"Shit." I cruised on the brakes. If I press them too hard the bus will flip. It's slowed. Suddenly I smelled water. With the opening coming up I breathed and turned the wheel as fast as possible. Drifting It came to a stop. I breathed. Damn. I saw it was only a few feet away from being in the river. It was a rapid river too. I stood and looked back to see not one of these people were awake. They were all sleep. Including Kakashi-sensei. I tried to wake up the both of them and they kept asleep. Then I noticed the necklace was warm. Yet I was nowhere near angry. I sighed and just got back to the drivers seat. I got back up the mountain easily. Now there were rough tracks that helped It up. After that I got back on the highway. And held my necklace. It was warm. It made me wonder what was going on. I'll have to ask the Queen later. She knows everything. As far as I'm concerned anyway. To match the weird phenomenon a storm began. To me though, it looked like a Fucking Maelstrom. I couldn't take my eyes off the road for a second. This wasn't normal weather, no way. When I got to Konoha it was like not a drop of rain had even Landed. I hummed. Definitely something to discuss with the Queen. I was definitely in control though. Completely cool. I arrived at the school and looked at the group. I shook Old man Kouta. He woke up. Suddenly there were groans. Everyone else was waking up as well. I grabbed my stuff and got off the bus. Kakashi grabbed my shoulder. "Naruto. I noticed that the bus driver was also asleep. Can you explain to me how we got home?" Emi pulled up.
"I called you six Fucking times and you didn't answer. Get in the God Damn car."
"Before you get in I need to know how we got home Naruto."
"You get in too." She commanded. He got in the car as well. She groaned at my bag. I think she might have OCD. Or something.
"Whats this about the Damn Bus Naruto."
"It was a little tiring I guess. Before long I realized I was the only one awake. It was quite abrupt because I only noticed when the bus starts swerving. By the time I got up there it had already went down the side of the highway. So it just took control of it. Stopped it right before it hit the river then I drove everyone home in a thunderstorm. When I got my bags everyone mysteriously decided to wake up."
"Since when did you a know how to drive a bus?"Kakashi asked. So late.
"Since Last Wednesday. I can drive a commercial truck too. And a motorcycle, a car, a moped. I can drive anything. However. I don't have my commercial truck license yet."
"So why were you holding on to your necklace?"Emi asked.
"Because it was warm. Like when I was meditating under the waterfall and saw that huge crystal. Or when I almost killed that man who took it."
"You're always pulling some weird shit. It's weird shit and random shit."
"Since when do my students even contemplate murdering another human?" Kakashi spoke to himself. "I think I'm growing too old for my sanity." Emi chuckled.
"That's your car right?"
"Yep. I'll see you crazy people later."He went to his car. We got out of the parking lot and she looked at me.
"You're not going to work today." I saw the clouds. Not a bit of rain.
"Whatever." I answered her. What the Hell is going on?