Hi Guys, I am a new writer and this is my very first fanfiction. I have always felt that Jae Kyung and Woo Bin were grossly underused in Boys Over Flowers so I decided to give them a story of my own. I hope you enjoy this story.


Don Juan and the Monkey

Chapter 1: Long Time No See

It was good to be back in Seoul after so much time. 5 years…5 years is a long time but she could not get herself to return, knowing that if she came back she would have to meet Gu Jun Pyo. Seeing him with someone else would be difficult, especially if that someone else was Geum Jan Di. She still considered Geum Jan Di one of her closest friends despite the entire wedding disaster and she never wanted to come between two people she loved so much again. This was why she had not come back for so much time, and now time had healed her. Of course she would never be able to completely let go of Gu Jun Pyo till the time she herself fell in love but no longer would she spend her time pining for something that could never be, nor would it hurt as much seeing the two of them together and for now it was enough… quite enough.

She picked up her luggage and hauled it on to a trolley, and went outside to see who had finally come to receive her from the airport. There had been a whole lot of confusion about who would finally come to pick her up, Ga Eul was too busy with her wedding preparations, Yi Jeong was with her, Geum Jan Di was juggling her studies and Maid of Honor duties, Gu Jun Pyo was out of the country but would be back in time for the wedding, so that left Ji Hoo and Woo Bin. Suddenly a voice called out "Yo! Monkey!" Jae Kyung cringed and rolled her eyes. Monkey? Really? In Public? She looked at Woo Bin and gave him a dirty look. Woo Bin just grinned and came towards her. "Ya! Woo Bin, Are you crazy? Want to die?" Jae Kyung shouted at him. Woo Bin feigned exasperation and said "You still haven't lost your violent tendencies have you? Are you forgetting that they were what got you that nickname in the first place?" Jae Kyung laughed at the memory and then turned to him and said "Cut out the bullshit, and give me a hug. Miss me?" Woo Bin smiled at her and did as she asked. "Of course I did."