Chapter 2: Bridesmaids

Woo Bin smiled as he hugged one of his best friends. He had never thought that he would become such good friends with Jae Kyung out of people. As he hugged her, he almost forgot all his worries, problems and heart break. Almost. "You're too kind Woo Bin." Her words echoed through his mind and to his embarrassment he felt tears in his eyes. He took a deep breath and controlled himself, now was not the time. Maybe Jae Kyung sensed something was wrong because she broke their hug and looked at him, there was worry in her eyes. "Are you okay Woo Bin-ah?" she asked, her voice slightly worried, "are you still hurt about…." Her voice trailed off. Woo Bin looked at her worried expression and thought to himself "How does she know me so well?" Out loud he brushed off her worries "Of course not, it was her loss when she broke up with me, anyway it's been six months, long enough to get over her right?" he smirked but Jae Kyung saw right through him. She wasn't his best friend for something but she was not going to push him, so for now she let it go. "You must be hungry", Woo Bin said, abruptly changing the topic, " Ya Monkey! It's not like you to be too serious, what's wrong with you?" Jae Kyung shook herself out of her thoughts and looked at Woo Bin. "Woo Bin-ah! I told you to call me that. I hate it." Saying this she started hitting Woo Bin, who took off running towards the car. Jae Kyung chased after him, yelling and threatening, leaving one of Woo Bin's numerous 'men' to take care of her luggage. The men, on the other hand were shocked to see their master act so childishly. One of them smiled to himself, this was not the first time Woo Bin had acted in such a manner, he always behaved this way when he met Miss Jae Kyung. They were good together.

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"I thought the reason you could not come to receive me at the airport was because you were too busy with the wedding preparations," a voice shouted from the doorway. Startled, Yi Jeong and Ga Eul broke apart from their embrace, Ga Eul a little embarrassed and Yi Jeong a little irritated. They both turned to locate the source of the voice and found Jae Kyung looking at them, her eyes narrowed and her hands on her hips. Behind her stood Woo Bin who was trying (and failing) not to laugh. "Jae Kyung-unni! You're here!" Ga Eul said and ran to hug one of her bridesmaid's. "Ya! Don't try to change the topic, do you know how hurt I am?" Jae Kyung put on a wounded face. Ga Eul looked at her guiltily and turned red. "Sorry unni, we just came, I swear, before that we had gone to the wedding planner and she…" Ga Eul stopped speaking when Jae Kyung started laughing. Hugging Ga Eul she said, "Relax, I was just joking, how is the bride to be?" Without waiting for Ga Eul's answer, Jae Kyung turned to So Yi Jeong, former Casanova and the bridegroom to be. "Yi Jeong-ah, make sure that our Ga Eul remains the same, if you make her cry….well let's just say Jan Di isn't the only person you will have to answer to." "Hi Jae Kyung, it's nice to see you too. And thanks so much for best wishes, means a lot to us" Yi Jeong said, putting on his most charming smile. Jae Kyung rolled her eyes at him, grabbed Ga Eul's hand and started dragging her towards the door.

"Unni! Where are we going?" Ga Eul asked Jae Kyung. "Ya Jae Kyung-ah, where are you taking Ga Eul-yang?" Yi Jeong asked exasperatedly, they had honestly just come in to rest to the F4 lounge after a very hectic day. Why did Woo Bin have to bring Jae Kyung here out of all places? He was going to have to kill Woo Bin, that man had the worst timing, if he wasn't interrupting them himself, he had to bring someone else that would interrupt them. Jae Kyung smiled at him sweetly, it made Yi Jeong distrust her immediately and Woo Bin raise an eyebrow. Jae Kyung? Sweet? He'd sooner expect Ga Eul to stop blushing. "Don't worry Yi Jeong-ah, it's only for some time, then you both can get back to…business. Anyway, you'' thank me for this later. With a smirk, she snatched Woo Bin's car keys and led Ga Eul away, too fast for either of the men to react.

"Thank her for what?" Yi Jeong wondered out loud. Woo Bin shrugged and sat down tiredly on the sofa. That girl was a force of nature. He was glad she was back, she would help him get her mind off things….his mind off of her.

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Jae Kyung took Jan Di and Ga Eul to an exclusive (read expensive) boutique. She had picked up Jan Di from the flat she and Ga Eul were sharing, where Jan Di had been found literally buried in books. After a whole lot of convincing and threatening, more of the latter, Jan Di had finally allowed herself to be dressed properly and dragged out of the house. Jae Kyung had absolutely refused to tell them where they were going despite being asked numerous times. The suspense was killing both Ga Eul and Jan Di, and now here they were, in this boutique

"Jae Kyung-unni! Why are we here? I already have enough clothes, Yi Jeong sunbae has made me buy countless ones. And honestly, I can't shop any more, I am sick of it", Ga Eul said, dramatically raising a hand to her forehead. Jae Kyung had been busy whispering to one of the attendants till now. The attendant whispered something back, to which Jae Kyung nodded. When the attendant left, she turned towards the other two with a wicked glint in her eye. Jan Di and Ga Eul looked at her suspiciously, suddenly scared as she lead them to a very comfortable looking sofa. "This is my wedding gift to you Ga Eul, it's something every girl needs." Just then, the attendant returned and placed a box in front of them. Out of her mind with curiosity, Ga Eul opened the box, wondering what could require so much secrecy. "Congratulations!" Jae Kyung shouted as Ga Eul opened the box, delighted, "It's the perfect wedding gift, isn't it?" Ga Eul looked at the contents and went red in the face while Jan Di burst out laughing. "NO WAY! I AM NOT BUYING THAT!" Ga Eul shouted, completely stunning Jan Di and Jae Kyung. One look at her face and the two were laughing again. Soon Ga Eul animatedly joined the discussion as more and more boxes were placed in front of them." What all do you think of unni?" Ga Eul asked, clearly embarrassed. "It my job Pabo, I am your bridesmaid after all," Jae Kyung answered, thoroughly enjoying herself. Ga Eul smiled a little sadly, she would not have a chance to bond with her girl-friends like this again for a long time. After all, she was getting married in a week's time.