Bad dream

By Linda Wells


Writer's note:Catherine thinks that it is their time In order to embody their senses in this test of Vincent reject it. He is afraid for them both,but first of all he is afraid for his they can in the future be in place?Whether Vincent deny the fact that he and Catherina should be in place,and that is their destiny?We find out after the fact how this story will end.

This happened two weeks after the event in a cave,where Catherine had saved the life of Vincent from death . From the moment when they saw each other was two weeks. Vincent could remember night the terrible day of his Vincent was asleep,he dreamed about the incident in the cave with he woke up screaming roar this time he thought that it was only a bad in his room came Catherine and told about what had happened in that cave.

"Vincent,how long can it continue?"Ask him Catherine.

"What do you mean,Catherine?"

"I think you know what I'm talking about."

Some time Vincent was not his soon he realized what she was talking about.

"Oh Catherine, you should understand the fact,about why I am doing with us.I know what you want from you must understand that this is not an option for you or for both of happened in the cave between us it was a mistake just a bad dream you should accept and understand this must part understand me?"

Now he realized that he had wronged her very deeply looking in her eyes,he saw the tears.

"Vincent!?how can you say that after what we have experienced in the place of?I love you more than can you say so?"At that moment, she was angry and upset at him.

She turned from him,that he had not seen her tears but he somehow reached for her and turned her to face him.

"Catherine...You must understand that this life is not for us and not for you."

He was so sure of this and hoped that she would understand and accept this it's not so.

"You're hoping that I will go back above and find the man which to love me?That's what you mean!?Ok!Fine!Just remember it forever,if you try to get me back,

then you'd never make it!?Do you understand this?You lost me forever!Good Bye!"

She walked away from him without turning the whole all in he was not mobile and watched as she moves away from soon realized that he had lost the dearest person in his that, he fell on his knees and cried.

At this moment at the top Catherine packed all her things and left and in tears left her apartment.