The next day, we were glad that Logan was able to help us out. Kayla and Kaylee are back to help us out according to Mary Anne. Thank God for that. We had a busy day. I had a headache during the day. When I checked my blood sugar, it was pretty low. I had some orange juice after I asked Mary Anne if she could get it for me and I felt much better after that.

"Were you okay?" asked Claudia.

"My blood sugar was low, so I just had some orange juice," I replied.

"That's a good thing," said Claudia.

"I know," I agreed.

"Kayla and Kaylee seem to be better today," said Claudia.

"A little. They were with Mary Anne all day to keep themselves busy," I told her. "And, that's a good thing. We all want them to be happy again."

"Is Mary Anne still upset about their grandmother's death since she treats Mary Anne like a granddaughter to her?" asked Claudia.

"She's not upset anymore. She forgot all about it. She told me earlier," I said.

"Oh. Good," said Claudia as I agreed with my best friend.

After the camp was over for the day, Claudia and I went to her house before we got to my house after the meeting because she was staying there overnight and we were planning to walk to Mary Anne and Dawn's together in the morning. Actually, all of us members walked to Claudia's together. At Claudia's, the club was about to start.

"The club is now in order," announced Kristy.

"It was really a busy day, today, wasn't it?" I asked.

"It sure was," replied Dawn.

The only person who wasn't in the room was Mary Anne.

"Where's Mary Anne?" I asked.

"She went to use my bathroom. She'll be right with us," replied Claudia.

"But I need to use it," said Janine.

"Will you wait your turn? She just got in there," said Claudia.

"I can't hold it," said her impatient sister.

"Then you shouldn't wait until the last minute," said Claudia.

"I would have to agree with Claudia. My brother, Jeff, is the same way at home when I'm in California," said Dawn.

"Is she okay though?" asked Kristy who was concerned.

"I'm not sure. She was fine all day," said Dawn.

That was when we could hear Mary Anne in the bathroom throwing up.

"I hope she's okay," said Claudia.

Then, she came back a few minutes later and Janine rushed in the bathroom as she slammed the door behind her.

"Boy, is Janine so i-m-p-a-t-i-e-n-t," I spelled out in a low voice.

Claudia knew what I meant as she agreed.

"Were you okay?" asked Dawn.

"You look pale," added Kristy.

"I don't feel so well," was all Mary Anne could respond. "My stomach started bugging me and I threw up. That's why I was in there. I was feeling nauseous, so as I was about to get some water, I thought I was about to throw up on the bathroom floor."

"You must have made it to the toilet in time," said Claudia.

"Yes, otherwise I'd be embarrassed," continued Mary Anne.

"Why don't you go home so you can get some rest," suggested Kristy.

"I'm feeling dizzy," said Mary Anne.

"I'll go call your father," said Dawn as she left the room to go call Mr. Spier.

Then, Janine got out of the bathroom.

"Uh-oh," said Mary Anne who was nauseous as she rushed out of the room to the bathroom to start throwing up again.

That was when Dawn came back.

"No answer at the house and I left a voicemail on his cell phone," said Dawn.

Mr. Spier must have gotten the message because he arrived three to four minutes later.

"Is Mary Anne okay now?" asked Mr. Spier.

"She's on the couch. She's catching a stomach bug. She kept throwing up," said Dawn.

On the couch, Mary Anne was feeling dizzy trying to keep up when Mr. Spier came in the living room with Dawn.

"It's alright now, I'm here," said Mr. Spier.

"I'm feeling dizzy. I was afraid I might pass out if I leave here," said Mary Anne.

"I know, Dawn was smart enough to call me to tell me," said her father.

"I agree," said Mary Anne.

Then, she left with Mr. Spier. Dawn came back to join us.

"Is she going to be okay now?" asked Kristy.

"She just left with Richard," replied Dawn. "She was afraid she would pass out since she was dizzy. That's why I called him."

"Thank goodness you did just in case she did pass out," said Kristy as we all agreed.

"Will she be okay for tomorrow?" asked Mallory.

"If not, we can handle the camp without her for the day, that's all. We'll have all the other helpers since the triplets just got off punishment, right?" asked Kristy.

"That's correct. Mom said they are allowed to join us tomorrow and they are thrilled about it," said Mallory.

"I'm glad we can have extra helpers if you count Logan, Patti, Marci, Kathi, Kayla, and Kaylee," I said.

"I agree with you," said Kristy.

"Otherwise we wouldn't know what to do," said Jessi.

"Exactly," agreed Kristy.

Then the phone rang as soon as I answered.

"Baby-Sitters Club. Hi, Dr. Johansen. Sure. I'll check with the others and I'll get back to you," I said as I hung up. "She and her husband will be going away for a month on a business together trip and they need someone to stay with Charlotte or stay at one of our houses. They're leaving Sunday."

Mallory checked the schedule and said, "Dawn, Stacey, and Kristy are free."

"Who's free the most?" asked Kristy. "Whoever is free the most days can do (it) that way."

"That's a better idea," I agreed.

"Stacey is," said Mallory.

Mary Anne trained Mallory to be the secretary whenever she's not since Dawn would get confused.

"Okay, I'll just call Dr. Johansen back," I said as I picked up the phone to call her back. "Hello, Dr. Johansen. I will be watching her. She can do whatever she wants. It doesn't matter if she wants to stay with me or I'd stay with her."

"Want to ask Charlotte? She's thrilled to have you," said the doctor. "We'll bring her Saturday night since we'll be leaving Sunday morning."

"Okay," I replied as Charlotte got on the phone. "Hi. Do you want to stay with me and my mom or do you want me to stay with you? Okay. You can in case we need Mom. See you Saturday night. Bye."

I hung up then.

"Charlotte asked me if she could stay with me and Mom," I said.

"That would be a good idea. That way if you need your mother, you'd let her know," said Claudia.

"I know," I agreed.

After the meeting, Claudia, Mallory, and I walked to my direction since Mallory lives behind me. At home, Mom was making dinner when Claudia and I got in.

"Dinner will be ready shortly," said Mom.

"Okay," I said.

We went to my room to put Claudia's stuff there. I checked my blood sugar and it was normal. By then, dinner was served.

"Charlotte is going to be here since her parents are going on a business trip for a month. She'll be here Saturday night and her parents are leaving Sunday morning," I informed Mom.

"Okay. She can do that," said Mom.

"She can't wait to be with me," I said.

"I bet," said Mom.

"Mary Anne left the meeting early," said Claudia.

"Was everything okay?" asked Mom.

"She had an upset stomach and she was feeling dizzy and was afraid she'd pass out if she walks home on her own, so Dawn had to call Mr. Spier to come for Mary Anne," I replied.

"That was smart," said Mom.

"I know. That's what Mr. Spier said, too," said Claudia.