Element twins

Chapter one.

It's more than twenty years ago since my mom and aunts fought their finale battle against Billy and Christy. Since then their lives were al lot more relaxed. Of course they still faced demons who wanted to steal their powers, or from their children, but there were no more big threads.
In those twenty years all of the charmed ones had children.
Like my aunt Piper, you already know about Wyatt and Chris. But she also finally gave birth to a little girl, Melinda.
My aunt Phoebe gave birth to three girls. There is Prudence, who is always called PJ, Parker and little Patty.
And then there is my mom. She also had three children. There is my little brother, Henry Jr.
And me and my twin sister. My name is Tamora and my sisters' name is Kat.
We are the first twins ever born in the Halliwell family.

My sister and I are very close, but also with our brother. We form our own power of three, just like all of our cousins. Ever since we were born Kat and I are inseparable. We're always together.
But we are quite different in personality.
Kat is calm and thinks before she acts. I'm more active.
Henry was oddly the first one of us three to come into his powers. He was able to orb at only six months old. After that he developed the same powers as my mom. So he can orb, telekinetic orb and heal.
My sister and I are also able to orb, but we don't have any other whitelighter powers. Maybe someday we will develop them. Next to orbing we have a twin connection. This means we can sense each other and sometimes even read each other's mind.
And then there is the power no one was expecting. We both have powers that are connected to the elements.
Right now Kat has hydrokinesis and cryokinesis. This means she can control water and ice.
I have pyrokinesis and aerokinesis. Power over fire and wind. There is a big possibility that we will develop more elemental powers, but nobody knows that for sure.
My family was first a bit shocked when they found out about our powers, but then they started looking back into our family history and they remembered that both my mother's past life and the past lives of my aunt Phoebe and aunt Prue possessed powers over the elements.

The first time we noticed my power is when I almost burned down our house. I was just a toddler and playing around. I probably was mad at my sister for something and flicked my hand, which set our couch on fire. Luckily my sister came into her power right after that and flicked her hand at the fire, she conjured water and the flames went out. Apparently my sister has had good instincts since she was a toddler.
My parents fought a lot about what to do about my powers, since they were dangerous at that age. Eventually they decided to temporarily bind both my sisters and my powers until we turned 16.
We are now 21, so we had a lot of time to practice our powers.

So now you know a bit about my background and we can finally start our real story. Because my mom and aunts have retired and it's now up to us and our cousins to fight against evil. And of course we didn't decide this ourselves…

It was a normal Monday when my mom called us. She said we had to go to the manor right away.
When my siblings and I arrived we saw that everyone was there.
Aunt Piper and Uncle Leo, with their kids, Wyatt, Chris and Melinda.
Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Coop with PJ, Parker and Penny.
And of course my parents.
There was also a woman in a long white robe. We all knew who she was, an elder.
"Good everyone is her now" the elder started talking. "I'll come right to the point, I know you Halliwell's are all a bit impatient." she said.
I looked at my favorite cousin PJ and saw her rolling her eyes.
"It's time for the charmed once to retire. You have fought many battles and you have fulfilled your destinies." The elder said.
"Well it's about time you guys acknowledge that" Aunt Piper said sarcastically.
The elder ignored this comment and continued her story.
"It's time for the charmed children to take over. We have three new power of threes here.
First PJ, Parker and Penny. Since you are all half witch half cupid, it will be your destiny to focus your powers on love. You will get your own charges. "
I knew they would like this. PJ, Parker and Penny never really liked fighting demons. They were more offensive witches. They all had cupid powers and premonitions. They could use this in their advantage to help people find love.

"Wyatt, Chris and Melinda" the elder continued "you will get charges as whitelighters. Next to that you will fight of evil. But mostly protect and help new witches."
Also an obvious choice. Piper's children were all half whitelighter, which is strange since Leo wasn't a whitelighter or an elder when Melinda was conceived. The elders say that Leo has been a whitelighter for so long that it's in his DNA. But Aunt Piper thinks it's a trick of the elders, to form a power of three with all whitelighters.
Chris nodded "We can do that, as long as we still have a change to protect our family" he said.
"Of course you can" The elder said. Then she turned to us.
"That leaves you three, Tamora, Kat and Henry Jr." she said "you have been a mystery to us. But we have decided that your main goal will be protection on innocents and of your family. Mostly because the powers of the twins. "
I looked over at my mom, she didn't look happy, but I knew she understood the elder.

"I suggest that Piper and Leo move out of the manor and that all the children move in here. Since the manor is built on a spiritual nexus, this is where you will be the strongest." The elder said.
"Wait you want me to leave my home and leave my children" aunt Piper asked in shock.
"You can move close by, but it will be the best thing for the children."
"I don't know" Wyatt said "I love my family, but the manor is too small to live in with nine people" He protested.
The elder waved her hand and mumbled a spell "Not anymore, I casted a spell to make the inside of the manor bigger" she said "Please don't argue too much with me. If it were up to some of the elders the original charmed once would either move to the other side of the world or eve die, to make sure the children will al fulfill their destiny. I made sure the other elders would give you a change to make it on your own." She said.
I looked around and saw a shock on all the faces of my family.
"Now, I have to leave. Good luck to all of you" The elder said and she orbed away.

Over the next hour we all argued. Of course everyone was mad at the elders at first. But after a while we all started to understand why we had to do this.
So Aunt Piper and Uncle Leo packed their stuff up and moved in with Aunt Phoebe until they would find a new home.
Kat, Henry JR and I went home with our parents to pack our bags.
"Make sure you will study the book of shadows" my mom said.
"And practice your potions; you haven't done that for a while. And practice your powers; you will need them now more than ever. Demons will find out about the changes sooner than later and they will attack because they will think you are still weak. And if something goes wrong orb to us or to magic school you will be safe there. " Mom continued.
I stopped packing in turned to my mom. I took her hands in mine.
"Mom we will be fine. We will practice I promise. Please don't worry too much and enjoy your retirement" I said to her. Mom smiled "I'll try" she whispered.
We finished packing and gave our parents a hug and said goodbye.
"Be safe" mom said. We all nodded and orbed to the manor, were it was already a chaos…

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