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He exits his office and makes it halfway to the conference room before he spots her looking like the epitome of confidence standing near the edge of the newsroom, an expensive looking bag slung over her shoulder and hands absentmindedly fiddling with the hem of her jacket as she surveys the workplace. Everything about her intrigues him from the moment he first lays eyes on her, and he finds himself wanting to know more about her. She's decidedly better dressed than the rest of the newsroom, he himself is wearing a jumper and jeans, and her dark pencil skirt, matching jacket, cream shirt and stilettos can't help but let her stand out against the others in even slightly more casual attire, and she barely looks thirty.

He takes an almost u-turn and approaches her with a considerable amount of speed. "You look lost." he says, and she jumps about an inch in the air, big brown eyes growing in size.

"Not at all." she replies with a smile, her lilting R.P. accent unexpected and added to the list of intriguing. "MacKenzie McHale."

"Will McAvoy."he says, holding out his hand, the smile apparently infectious. "Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure." She shakes his hand with more vigour than expected.

The two fall into borderline uncomfortable silence, but he's unwilling to let her go."Are you here to see someone?" He asks, motioning to the flurry of work behind him.

"No, not really. I always take a moment just to take in a new workplace."

His smile falters. "You work here? Since when? I didn't know there was an associate producer or senior producer opening." She frowns at this, her face becomes almost determined.

"There's not. I'm the new executive producer."

"What happened to the old one? Wait, why didn't I have contractual approval? I should have had contractual approval… Charlie."

He doesn't bother to excuse himself, instead marches towards the elevators and repeatedly punches the buttons. He doesn't care how indubitably intriguing MacKenzie McHale is, he's uncomfortable with moves being made behind his back, and wants answers before he storms down the street to his agent's office to scan her contract carefully. Long legs stride behind him, wobbling slightly in the heels in attempt to keep up with him. He's definitely noticed the length of her legs, he is, after all, undeniably a leg man. But that's not the point, he's pissed off to say the least.

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