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Patience, it's safe to say, is not one virtue Will has been blessed with. The ride up 15 or so floors is awkward, and his hand aches slightly from slamming it repeatedly into the 40th floor button. Neither of them say a word, he's trying to be polite, he's certain she's more than qualified for the job, but he just doesn't want her as his E.P. He's more than a little upset he's been left in the dark, and while he would definitely wouldn't mind getting to know her in a non professional manner, she's gorgeous - he's not blind, but he'd rather have an EP of his choice, even for the sole reason that he had a say.

The two march out of the elevator, MacKenzie a step or two behind him, she has a good idea where they're headed but this is uncharted territory for her and she has no idea in which direction they're headed in. Luckily for her, Will knew exactly the way to go.

"He's in a meeting!" Denise, Charlie's secretary, calls after Will as he strides past her and bursts through the closed door. Mac shoots her an apologetic look and half jogs in order to keep up with.

Charlie's in the middle of a heated discussion on the phone, his one free hand holds a glass of amber liquid which looks dangerously close to spilling over the rim of the glass from the passionate hand gestures. He falters slightly when he sees the look on Will's face, excuses himself but doesn't back down, promising to rehash the argument at a later time.

"I see you've met Ms. McHale, your new Executive Producer-"

"I'm not here to fuck around Charlie. Contractual agreement. Why didn't I get a say? That's got to be somewhere." Will tries his best to at least sound calm, aware Mac's in the room with them.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you, but I'd check again." Charlie says, his grin showing an undertone of smugness, and Will's hand flexes trying to suppress the urge.

She's standing awkwardly to the side of the room, as close to the door as she can, uncomfortable being talked about in a dismissive manner.

"Why do I even need a new EP? Malcolm's fine, right? There's no need to replace them every couple of months, right?"

"He got offered a job at Fox. Reality television. Shorter hours and pays better, and he needs the extra money, he's got a kid on the way, he needs to cover medical bills."

"You could have at least involved me in the process, not just spring one on me! Contractual agreement or not!" Charlie shrugs and takes a large swig of the amber liquid, swallowing quickly.

"Ms. McHale is the best in the business, look, I'm sure-" he was cut of by a hesitant knock at the door, a slightly nervous looking associate producer standing in the doorway.

"Will, Charlie…" he trailed off looking at Mac for a prompt.

"MacKenzie McHale. Mac."

"…Mac. You need to come downstairs. Red news alert."

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