Hi guys, thought I'd give a few could haves/what ifs a try :) I know I haven't finished Life at Birds Eye View, but I thought maybe this would help with the thought process! haha, enjoy!

What if Beth hadn't nearly died after Gallaxhar's second attack? And her and Doc hadn't admitted their feelings for each other at that point? What would their eventual confession have been like?

(Dr. C's POV)

I bit the end of the thread and ate it. I was rewarded with a heart melting giggle from Beth. Even just a whisper from her could cause my brain to go into overload, my pulse to raise and my palms to sweat. My antennae went into crazy mode everytime I saw her. Just being near her made me want to dance with joy. But I knew I couldn't. For who could love a bug like me? Certainly not Beth. She was perfect - she was smart, kind, caring, always thinking of others. She had a wonderful personality and an excellent humor. Also she was beautiful. So so beautiful. Her skin glowed like the sun, her eyes shone like the moon, her smile could cheer up the saddest of men. To sum her up with one word; perfect.

It was a week since we had defeated Gallaxhar, and everything had gone pretty much back to normal. Though I still had the nightmares; Beth had almost died that day. I don't know what I'd have done if she had. Luckily her burn was just minor and only dazed her for a moment before she totally kicked Gallaxhar's butt and saved us all.

I was just finishing her stitches. I was honoured that she asked me before anyone else. It's comforting to know that Beth trusts me.

I leaned over her to wipe the now healing wound clean of any dried blood. As I leaned over my hand brushed her arm and she shivered. Beth seemed to be doing this a lot around me lately. I was worried that I was doing something wrong.

"Is something wrong my dear?"

I was answered with an adorable blush and shake of the head. Beth then gave me one of her sweetest smiles. Oh how that smile made my heart ache. I was madly in love, like a foolish, lovestruck teenager.

"Well," I patted her arm, chuckling when she went a deeper shade of red "all done!"

"Thanks doc."

I nodded courtesly "Anything for you, my dear!" drat, why did I say THAT?

She nervously looked down at her shoes. "Thanks for everything..." she mumbled. She glanced up at me, her eyes wet and sad. Before I could utter a word on her sadness she was up and gone, running for her cell.

I blinked in confusion and searched around the common room. I was all alone. Where was everyone?
I made my way over to Susan's cell. I tapped lightly at her door.

"Susan?" I called, tapping again "Susan, my dear? Are you there?"

Finally I heard loud foot steps and a creak as the large door opened. Susan rubbed her eyes.

"Oh, hey doc!" she smiled, bending down and holding out a hand. I thanked her and climbed onto the hand, holding onto her thumb so as not to fall over.

"Whats up?"

I frowned "Well, have you noticed anything odd about Beth of late?"

Susan bit her lip.
"No, why?"

"Well, she seems to shiver or flinch away whenever I go near her, and she's always so nervous!"

Link popped his head out of his cell.
"Doc, man, I've already told you whats going on!"

I shook my head stubbornly "No Link! I refuse to believe that such a wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, funny, kind, caring, perfect-"

"Alright doc, get to the point would ya?"

"-young woman would fall for a cockroach headed scientist like me!"

Link placed his hand on his chin and put on a sophisticated look "You speak as though there is an entire species of these... these... human plus cockroach DNA subjects!" he mimicked my accent. I shot him a hostile glare.

BOB suddenly appeared on Susan's palm, making me jump and nearly fall off.

"Oh hey doc!"

"Hello BOB."

"I've just been talking to Beth."

My head jerked up "Really? Whats wrong?"

His lip started to quiver "It's such a sad and depressing story doc! It's a tragic love story! Beth says shes falling in love with this amazing guy, but she doesn't know how to tell him!" he burst into tears and cried onto my shoulder.

Ew... is he actually touching me?! I shoved him off.

"I'm going to see her!" I finally announced.

"Good luck, doc!"

"Oh shut up Link!"

I tapped my knuckles gently against the door.

Nothing but silence. I tried again."Come in." I heard a vouce snuffle.

I slowly opened the door and peeped in. She was no where to be seen. Then I glanced a wing over by the bed. My eyes widened in total shock.

Beth was sat on her bed with her back against the wall. Her face was mioste with salty tears and her eyes were red. But what stunned me the most was what she was wearing; the only item of clothing covering her undergarments was an old labcoat of mine.

Beth pulled the material closer to her body uncomfortably.

"Hey doc." she mumbled.

I tried to keep my eyes on her heart breakingly sad face as I slowly made my way towards her.
"What? How? Why? When? Where?... Me?" I stammered when I sat on the bed beside her.

"Yes doc." she whispered "It appears I have fallen quite far in love with you."

I chuckled nervously.

"And.." she began "And I understand if you don't love me. I'm just your average 26 year old." I shook my head at this. NO YOUR NOT JUST AN AVERAGE 26 YEAR OLD! "And you. Well, your kind. Brilliantly clever. Funny. Good looking." I raised my eyebrow GOOD LOOKING?! Really? "Your my best friend. And, I don't know what I'd do without you."

She got up to leave "I'm sorry for wasting your time."

I shook my head. I grabbed Beths hand and pulled down to sit again. I cupped her chin in my hand and looked into her beautiful deep eyes.

"My dear, your anything but average! Your a wonderful woman, and I wish you would just believe me when I say that. Your my best friend, and I wish you were more. I love you unconditionally, and sometimes I can't bare it! Beth, I love you. I always have and I always will!"

She looked completely speechless at my words. I pulled her closer and went to kiss her cheek.

But as I leaned in she moved her head and my lips pressed to her soft mouth.

My eyes widened; I hadn't done this in over 50 years! I looked at Beth. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were a light pink.

I closed my eyes and really did try my best. I put all I could into that kiss, and I have to say it was the happiest moment I had since I was brought here 50 years ago.

I sat on Beths bed with her curled up on my lap. I held her close and didn't dare let go.

She started to hum a song. Then she started to sing softly.

"With nothin but your lab coat on!"

This made us both laugh, and we stayed like that the rest of the day: holding to each other as though we were life lines.

The end...

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