What if Beth was German, not British?
Part 1

Beth was a German immigrant from Berlin. She had originally moved to America at the age of 19 as a German exchange student to study Performance at a well equipped university.
That plan changed, however, and she had stayed on to become a teacher for GCSE dance students.
That was until the little accident of which involved her first day at work, a late bus, a space craft, and a nasty lazer..


Beth searched around the large room, trying to follow the quiet voices which filled her ears. The new found wings on her back drooped sadly, clearly not impressed at being totally ignored by their owner.

"Hallo?" Beth called, her voice shaking. Her German was strong, and she had picked up on English well over the years. But try as she might, the English just wouldn't come out.

A strong British accent filled the room. "Who wants to 'reveal' themselves first?" He was answered by an awkward silence.

A female finally replied "Um, could you do it?"

"B-but! I always get beaten up! I still have bruises from when we first met, Susan!"

"Please?" Susan begged.

"Ugh, fine."

Suddenly Beth heard an insect scuttle behind her.

She shrieked and grabbed a nearby newspaper, turning to swat the bug. But our new monster soon found that it would have been quite difficult, seen as this bug was actually a human with a cockroach head, who just so happened to be almost a foot taller than her. There was going to be no swatting going on in this case.

Beth screamed and attacked the man with her newspaper.

"Ouch! Please, madam! Calm down! I - PLEASE STOP NOW!" he cried. The half cockroach, half man turned and grabbed the confused German by the waist and hitched her over his shoulder. She kicked and screamed.

"Runter von mir! Bitte tu mir nicht weh!" Get off me! Please don't hurt me! she shrieked, holding onto his broad shoulders.

"Uh doc?" a voice called. It sounded almost like a jock.

"What?" the cockroach man cried, his voice muffled from the fact that Beth was attempting not to fall off - by holding onto his face.

"First impressions always count right?"

Dr. C's eyes widened, and he slowly placed the poor girl back down to the floor. He coffed awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. He held out his hand for a hand shake.

"I'm truly sorry about that, I don't know what came over me... no hard feelings? Allow me to introduce my self properly, my name is Dr. Cockroach PhD, but you may call me doc!"
Beth cautiously shook the hand, then quickly scooted quickly over to the sofa, but not before quietly muttering her name - just to be polite.

Susan, Link and BOB emerged from the doorway.

"Hi!" they all called, then introduced themselves. Beth gave a shocked wave, watching them each in turn like they would suddenly jump at her without all walked so that they were a couple of meters away from her and formed a small circle.

"So guys" Link whispered "Wadya think of the new kid?"

Susan was next "I like her! She seems nice, and she's cute. Shame about your little incident doc!"
She nudged him gently, but his eyes never left the new comer. His large gaze followed her as she stared at the large furniture, and admired the ginormous chandalier.

"Doc?" he was snapped back to reality when he found that BOB was poking him.

"Stop that BOB!" he said, frustration and disgust showing in his face as he wiped the blue goo of his lab coat. The good doctor then reached into his inner pocket and pulled out his note pad and pen. He began rlto take notes, and clearly didn't realise that he was thinking out loud, meaning that everyone could hear him. Including Beth.

"Nationality, Germany. Appearance, short, brunette, pale, cute. General notes, appears shy, easily frightened," he looked up at her for a moment, looking her up and down with his huge eyes, then back down at his note pad "Attractive!"

Beth blushed and giggled while the others just stared at their friend.

"Dude" Link started "You do realise you just thought out loud?"

BOB spoke up, glaring at Link "Atleast he can think!"

Dr. Cockroach just shrugged and placed his note pad back in his pocket."Oh well, she doesn't understand what I'm saying anyway!"

Beth folded her arms infront of her chest, her facial expression full of mischeif. Her English all came flooding back.
"Yu kno I spik Inglesh, vight?"

Hearing her speak English caused everyone else to spin around, their faces full of shock, and slight fear.

Susan knelled down infront of the German immigrant.
"So, do you know a lot of English?"

"Mmmm, ja, but sumtimes I vind it isier to spik sum vords in German, yanno? Also I st-I stro-I can't zay sum vords! For instanz, I can't zay str-str-strugl? Did I zay it vight?"

Dr. Cockroach finally recovered from his panick attack "Close enough!" he said, smiling warmly at her. She returned the smile, then discovered that she was extremely tired.

"Vere is my room, if yu pleaz?" she asked politely.


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