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"Have you fixed all the bugs on these ones?"

"Yes sir, the Wall-e's are not perfectly capable of functioning independently"

"Great! Did you make enough of them?"

"Sir, we made enough to make sure that even if half of them break, there is still enough to clean for years"

"Well go on then, turn them on!"

"Yes sir!"

The two men grinned at each other, staring at their creations. Thousands of androids stood in sleep mode, looking like a sleeping army of metal. The two men headed towards their desk, pressing a button and waiting for them to boot up. Almost instantly all the Wall-e droids awoke, waiting for their orders. The men giggled like little school girls, hearing the soft hum from the wall-e circuits.

"Good morning Wall-e's!" one man said, "Let's get to work!" The army of robots nodded, marching off. They followed their programming, grabbing their uniforms hanging, then their tools belts wrapped securely around their waists. They left orderly, going to clean the dead world. The men cheered, watching them for a bit longer.

"Let's go! They won't wait on us forever!" The two human's ran off, towards the future. They didn't notice that one Wall-e was examining his uniform, then checking each tool in his belt. He fumbled with his small laser, crying out in shock as he turned it on and cut a hole into his sleeve.

"ooo" he hummed, turning the laser off and carefully putting it back. He examined the other tools, small compact thing that could turn into large shovels or any other tool Wall-e might need to clean up the earth. Once he finished that he his emotionless face examined his hands, looking at all the mechanical joints. He twirled his hand around, finding it a bit fun. He looked down, unzipping his uniform and looking at his body. Again he examined all the joints, curious about the buttons he had on the upper half of his chest. He didn't know what they were for, and he slowly and carefully moved a hand to press one. He paused when he heard a sound, loud and frightening.

He looked in the direction of the exits and hurried out, following the sound towards the sky. He saw the source of the sound, a large space ship flying up and out followed by a large white line. Wall-e watched it shrink and disappear into space, turning to look down when new noises got his attention. His brother's had completely ignored the sound, working silently. They had all chosen a random pile of trash, a shovel in their metallic hands and flinging the debris into a compactor. Connected to the compactor was what looked like a tractor or a door less truck. The wheels on the vehicle were like a bulldozers', dragging the compactor and the vehicle.

Once the compactor was filled the Wall-e's stop throwing trash, heading over to the large machine and pressing a button to turn it on. The machine groaned angrily as it compressed all the trash, sighing when its job was done and opening from the back. Several cubes of compressed trash fell into a jumble; the Wall-e's organizing them so they wouldn't be a problem and going back to shoveling.

Wall-e watched in fascination, turning and finding his own compactor vehicle waiting quietly for him. He hurried over to it, whistling at it to show he liked it. He climbed into the driver's seat, examining all the levers and buttons the machine had. After some quick and terrifying jerks of the thing Wall-e got the hang of driving, his programming already telling him how to work everything out. Ever so carefully he drove to find his own pile, looking over at his brothers. He whistled at them from time to time, but none of them responded or showed any awareness to him. He found a nice sized pile a bit away from where they were turned on, turning the vehicle off and jumping out. From his tool belt he pulled out the compact shovel the others were using, fumbling with it until he found the button. He screeched as the shovel clicked and grew, dropping the thing in shock. He stared at it as it jerked on the ground and continued growing into the shovel it was meant to be. With one last click it went still, Wall-e cautiously picking it up and examining it. He followed his programing to hold the shovel correctly, looking up at the pile. With one determined whistle and tighten of his shovel he set out to defeat the pile.

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