Hello wonderful fans! I apologize 100000000 times and more for making you wait so long for this chapter. I feel utterly terrible and I really hope you don't hate me by now. Jesus I feel like Moffat making people wait for Sherlock season 3 -_- I've been working on an original book I'm writing and it's kind of taken over my life and I have a job now so I'm working all the time! So yes, enough rambling. Enjoy this chapter! You guys have definitely earned it with being so patient and all! I'm so sorry that Cas isn't actually in this chapter, but I promise you will get to see him trying to seduce Dean next chapter, which I swear on my life will not take another six months to be written.

"So, what were you and Cas doing in your dream last night?" Sam inquired with an amused grin.

Dean glanced away from the tv and frowned, eyes narrowing. "What? Nothing. Just drop it."

Shaking his head, Sam stood and stepped in front of the tv. "Nuh uh. You're gonna tell me what's up, Dean. You've been acting weird all week and so has Castiel. I need to know what's going on."

"It's nothing!" Dean growled, fighting the urge to chuck the remote at Sam.

"It's not nothing! What is going on with you and Cas? Do I need to ask him about it?"

"Don't you dare talk to Cas about it." His teeth were gritted now, jaw tight. Why did Sam have to be so damn nosy all the time?

"I won't if you just talk to me, Dean!" Sam exclaimed.

Dean swung his legs over the side of the bed and covered his face with his hands, sighing deeply. "I don't even know how to say it out loud."

"Say what? Just tell me what's going on."

"What exactly did you hear...from my dream last night?" he asked, pulling his face up slowly.

Sam pressed his lips into a thin line. "Well, I heard you mumbling Cas's name a bunch, and you were tossing around over there pretty bad."

"Remember a few days ago when Cas showed up with physical wings and he put you to sleep so he could talk to me?"


Dean paused, mustering up all the courage he had to tell his brother the truth, which was something he could barely even admit to himself, let alone someone else. "The reason he did that was because he needed to tell me why his wings were part of his vessel now."

"Okay, and why did he have to knock me unconscious to do that?"

"Because it's...weird."

Sam cocked an eyebrow. "Weird? Weird how?"

"Apparently if an angel is in a vessel, they'll grow wings if they find their...mate..."

"Their mate? Cas has a mate? Huh, who knew!" Sam breathed a small laugh.

Dean shook his head, feeling like he was about to barf up his entire insides. "This is not a good thing, Sam... It's bad...possibly the worst thing I've ever had to deal with."

"Seriously? Wedefeated the apocalypse, and Cas finding himself a girlfriend is the worst thing you've ever had to deal with? Why are you taking it so hard? You should be happy for him."

"I didn't tell you who the mate is..."

"Okay, well do we know her or something?"

Dean swallowed thickly. This was even harder than he'd expected, and he'd expected it to be damn near impossible. "It's not a 'her'."

Sam nodded in understanding. "So...it's a guy. Okay, I still don't see the big deal, I mean it's—"

"It's me, Sam!" he shouted suddenly, standing up and throwing his arms up.

Eyes widening, Sam slowly began to register what his brother just said. "It's...you? You're...the mate? Cas's mate? What...I don't, I mean, huh?"

"Trust me I am just as confused as you are." Dean sat back down and buried his face in his hands once more. They sat in completely silence, with nothing but the sound of the clock ticking away on the wall. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours, before Dean finally felt his brother's large hand on his shoulder. He glanced up. "What?"

Sam gave him the 'I'm a sympathetic puppy' eyes, which only made him even more annoyed. "Okay. So, if you're Cas's mate, does that mean you have feelings for him?"

Dean groaned in exhaustion. "I don't know! I keep having all these thoughts and dreams telling me yes, but my gut instinct is saying no! I mean, this is Cas we're talking about! He's a junkless angel who has no social skills whatsoever. I didn't even know he could have feelings for someone. I didn't even know angels could mate!"

"Well...I mean, yeah they can mate. Where do you think other angels come from?"

"I thought they were all just created by the big guy! I didn't know there were angel babies!"

Sam repressed a laugh. "Well...if you and Cas mated, there wouldn't exactly be any angel babies—"

"Not helping, dude!"

"Sorry, I'm sorry. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. My brain is about to explode from thinking about it for so long. I can't take it anymore! I wish he'd never have told me in the first place. Now I think he's expecting me to...'mate' with him."

"Would it be the worst thing?" Sam asked.


"You 'mating' with Cas. I mean, if you have feelings for the guy, then I say go for it. You guys would have a better shot at happiness than I ever will. I mean, we know we're never settling down. We're never getting out, and I've pretty much come to terms with that. If you and Cas were together, you wouldn't have to settle down. Dean, you've found someone you don't have to settle down for. You've found someone who can keep up with the traveling, and who'll go out fighting just like us."

Dean stared at his brother like he had a two heads. "I can't even think about that, Sam. Me and Cas? As a couple?" His face contorted at the thought. "I'm not gay. I never have been, and I never will be."

"Cas technically isn't even a guy, though. He's your best friend, and he's even said it himself that you two have a 'profound bond' or whatever."

"I know he's not a guy, but it's not just about the guy thing. He even offered to switch to a female vessel for me, but I couldn't be attracted to him in a female vessel. Cas is a guy, regardless of 'angel anatomy'. It's just...Cas. I can't...he's family. I trust him, I count on him."

"And how will that change if you just admit you're in love with him?"

"I'm not in love with him, Sam! I can't be. It's Cas!"

"Yeah, it's Cas!" Sam's voice was beginning to raise. "You care about him and he cares about you. He's died for your ass several times and you'd die for him as well. You guys are so meant to be together it's obvious to just about the whole fucking world, and you're the only one who can't see it!"

Dean stared at Sam, mouth agape. "Where's all this coming from Sam? Exactly how long have you thought me and Cas 'belong together'?"

Sam sighed. "Awhile. I've just been waiting for you to come to terms with it, but you never did. And now finally Heaven itself is saying you belong together, yet you still choose to deny it! You can't deny your feelings, Dean!"

"I'm not gay," Dean muttered, staring at the floor.

"Okay, so you're bisexual! Who the fuck cares? You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. You love Cas, so be with him. Why is it so hard?"

Dean stood, quietly walking to the door of the motel room. "I can't, Sam. I just can't."

Before Sam could say anything else, Dean was out the door and down the street, pulling his jacket collar up to shield his neck from the icy winds.

Again, so sorry for making you guys wait so long for this! Since you guys have been so amazing and patient, next chapter I promise you'll get Cas trying to seduce Dean, some very hilarious moments, and a guest appearance from Gabriel once more :D