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Set in a post red john time..

Will have Jane/Lisbon and Rigsby/Van pelt pairing.

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"….they did it they solved one of the most high profile cases of the country, under the very able leadership of the young but talented Agent Lisbon." The FBI is proud of its SCU." Rigsby switched off the news and threw the remote.

"The bitch she left us", Rigsby was fuming. He felt as if he was being cheated of her life.

"I can't believe she did that to us", Van Pelt was devastated. Even O'Laughlin's shooting hadn't caused her this much pain. She didn't want to abuse the woman who till recently was her most trusted friend.

"Maybe it's a setup" Cho as deadpan as usual but his eyes reflected his inner turmoil. She was his closest friend and had always had his back. He had spent most time with her how could she have done this? She was the most loyal most self sacrificing person, this was so not like her, even now after three months he couldn't believe this was happening.

Jane just sat there watching he didn't know what to say and what not. He couldn't believe this was happening. He felt betrayal and pain. Has been feeling that since the time she left.

Rigsby punched his hand into the table.

What were they supposed to do? What were they supposed to say? How could she have done this to them? Her friends.. her team.. her colleagues..

Can they ever believe that Teresa Lisbon left them just left to attain more glory? She stood with them through everything she went with them to hell and back but now she left them for a better salary package and to climb up the career ladder. What the hell was this? They all remembered that day, How could they not? It was just 3 months back…


Lisbon was standing in the doorway to her office. As usual, with a coffee mug in hand.

"We are going for lunch boss. Do you wanna come?" asked Rigsby

"Nope, I have some forms to fill why don't you guys go. Bye", with that she went into her office and closed all the blinds.

Cho noticed that there was something unusual about her that day, she seemed more drawn, tired and the way she said bye it was as if they were going to die. Something was wrong he could feel it. Jane had promised to meet them downstairs and join them for lunch. He had taken his deathtrap car for some repairs.

When they came back all hell broke loose. Jane had just commented on Lisbon's absence, when their new boss Agent Dereck Joseph came into the bullpen. None of them liked him, he was more of the kind who licked the boots of seniors to go up and was never interested in working for justice. He was a bastard and the whole CBI agreed to that particular statement. The worst boss to have ever held the same position as Minelli and Hightower. He looked at all of them took a deep breath and said just one line a line that left them stunned.

"Agent Lisbon had left us to head the country's most well known crime solving unit. The Serious Crimes Unit of the FBI."

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