The Execution

Hi everyone, VickyT36 here with my first Wreck-it Ralph fanfic, great movie by the way enjoy!

Vanellope had just crossed the finish line, and was lifted out of her kart. "Hey, what's going on. What's with all the sparkles?" she asked as she slowly spun.

He regular clothes transformed into a pink gown, and her hair went up into a bun, and she soon had a scepter in her hands. All the racers and Sour Bill suddenly had flashes in their eyes.

"Oh, now I remember. All hail Princess Vanellope, the true ruler of Sugar Rush." he said. "I remember now, she was our princess." said Candlehead. "We're so sorry, about how we treated you." said Taffyta.

All the racers started apologizing. "I was just doing what Taffya said." said Candlehead, putting Taffyta on the spot. "Tut, tut, as your fair princess I hearby decree that anyone who was ever mean to me shall be...executed." said Vanellope simply.

All the racers were shocked and started begging for mercey. "Take them to the castle dungeon." said Vanellope. The doughnut cops took the kids one by one to the castle.

"This is all your fault, Taffyta, if you didn't make us bully Vanellope, we wouldn't be about to die." said Rancis. "Do me a favor Rancis before I die, drop dead." said Taffyta.

When they entered the dungeon they saw Vanellope above them standing the edge of the balcony. "Please, Vanellope reconsider." begged Taffya. "We'll do whatever you want just let us live." begged Rancis.

"Load the cannons." ordered Vanellope. The doughnuts then loaded the cannons, and turned them towards the kids. "Please, please we don't want to die." they all said.

"FIRE!" yelled Vanellope. The doughnut cops fired the cannons, at the kids. "We're dead, we're dead." said Taffyta. When everyone opened their eyes, they saw they were covered in Oreo cream.

Vanellope came down in front of them and laughed. "Did you guys really think I would execute you?" she asked. Then everyone laughed.

The End

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