The Chronicles of Narnia: The Telmarine Princess 2

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Chapter One: Setting Sail

It was finally time. Caspian was turning 21 and he hadn't forgotten the promise given to him by Peter and Sophia. Even though they were only a few years older than him, he looked to them for wisdom and guidance to help him rule Narnia properly. Razier adored his cousin, though he often refered to Caspian as Uncle and considered Peter and Sophia his parents.

"Uncle Caspian, when are we leaving?" Razier asked excitedly, jumping up and down. His best friend, Gael was also extremely excited. Gael was the daughter of Master Rhince and Lady Helena. Rhince was an expert sailor and had been recruited for the voyage. He decided to bring Gael along so that Razier would have someone to play with. Caspian laughed and ruffled Razier's dark hair.

"Drinian and Rhince are putting the finishing touches on the ship" He replied. "We'll be setting sail soon, I promise"

"Will we see Aslan?" Razier asked.

"That I can't answer" Caspian replied. "I haven't seen Aslan in many years"

"Doesn't he care about us?" Gael asked.

"Very much" Caspian replied. "But Aslan shows up in our greatest hour of need, to help us" Razier nodded and grabbed Gael's hand.

"Come on Gael. Doctor Cornelius said we had to finish our lessons before we could go" He said. The two children raced off and Caspian laughed. Peter entered the room and Caspian bowed. Peter sighed.

"Caspian, how many times have we been through this. You needen't bow to me. I am a king no longer" He said.

"Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen" Caspian replied. Peter smirked a bit.

"Drinian said that the ship and crew was ready. We can set sail whenever you are ready" Caspian nodded and laid out a map over the table.

"I want to start at the Lone Islands" He said.

"The Lone Islands, hmm" Peter said thoughtfully. "No one has heard from them in such a long time. Do you think they acknowledge you as thier Lord and Emperor"

"It's hard to say" Caspian said. "We must be cautious when we venture there. Father used to tell me that they were barbarians that lived there" Peter nodded.

"We shall keep a low profile. We mustn't let anyone there know who we are unless it is absolutely necessary" Peter said. Caspian nodded.

The next morning, Caspian and Peter were in the King's study looking over the map.

"Are you guys ready?" a female voice asked from the doorway. "We're burning daylight" They turned to see Sophia dressed in brown slacks, a red tunic and black boots.

"Are you sure you're up for the journey?" Peter asked, walking over to her. "What about..." He placed a hand on her stomach. Sophia batted his hand away playfully.

"Relax. It's another six months before I'm due. I doubt we'll be at sea for that long" She said. "The children are already on the ship. They couldn't wait for you two to be done" Peter chuckled.

"Alright, we're coming, sweetheart" He said. The two kings followed her out of the castle and down to the ship, where the crew was waiting.

"Your cabins are just below, milords and milady" Rhince said. Caspian nodded and they went below deck. Peter and Sophia had a joint cabin with Razier and Gael. Rhince didn't want his daughter to bunk with the crew and Sophia didn't blame him. The rooms were massive and Razier and Gael were in awe.

"It's just like my room in the castle" Gael said excitedly. Peter laughed at thier enthusiasm. Caspian's cabin was a bit smaller, but not by much.

"It looks like its time to set sail, Drinian" Caspian said. "Are you ready"

"Aye, Your Majesty" Drinian said.

As the ship left the dock, Razier set up his chess set. It was a solid gold set that Peter had crafted for him on his seventh birthday. Gael's pieces were silver though, to differentiate.

"Check mate" Razier said, grinning, as he won the third game in a row. Gael sighed.

"There has got to be something else that we can do on this ship" She complained. "I'm tired of chess" Razier thought for a moment.

"Maybe we could practice our swordplay" He suggested.

"Where?" Gael countered.

"Up on deck" Razier said. "C'mon Gael. It will be fun"

"Absolutely not" Sophia said, staring down at the two children.

"But, Mum" Razier complained.

"No buts" Sophia said. "What if one of you fell off the side of the ship, or hurt one of the crewmen with your swords?"

"There's nothing to do around here" Razier complained. Sophia sighed and shot a look at Peter who shrugged.

"It's your call" He said. Before she could say anything further, they heard a shot from the lookout.

"Pirates" Rhince called. "Get Sophia and the children below"

"I am not leaving you" Sophia told Peter, glaring hard at him.

"But," She held up a hand. "Terrence, please escort Prince Razier and Gael to the cabins" Terrence nodded and led the children away. Once they were in the cabin, Razier fumed.

"Mother never lets me have any fun" He said.

"Fun!" Gael shrieked. "Pirates might kill us and you think its fun?" Razier rolled his eyes.

"I was tallking about the swordplay, Gael" He said.

"Oh" Gael was quiet. They heard a clattering and shouting overhead. "What do you think is happening?" Gael asked fearfully.

"I don't know. Let's go find out" Gael was scared, but she wanted to make sure that her father was okay. The two children slipped past Terrence who was standing guard and ran up onto deck. Razier spotted Sophia, who was kneeling beside Peter, pressing something to a wound in his side.

"Mother!" Razier called. He ran towards her, but he was scooped up by a gruff pirate. "Let me go!" He kicked the man in the shins and the pirate dropped him.

"Raz! Raz!" He heard Gael screaming and turned to see her being dragged towards the edge of the ship by a pirate. He ran towards them, but was grabbed by the shoulder.

"Razier! Gael!" Rhince shouted as the children were taken off the ship and onto the pirate ship. The pirates left, leaving the Dawn Treader in a mess and the crew flabbergasted.