The Chronicles of Narnia: The Telmarine Princess 2

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Chapter Six: Eustace's Escape

The entire crew went ashore on the Island, for Sophia wanted no more disasters, like the one they encountered in Narrowhaven on the Lone Islands.

After a good meal, Caspian chose four men to return to the ship, to keep it from being invaded. There was a lot of work to do before they could continue thier journey. After all, the ship was no longer looking as it did when it pulled out of Narnia. Caspian noted this with a friend.

"How are we going to fix her?" He asked Peter in a low voice. Peter sighed heavily.

"I don't know" He admitted. "She's still sailable though"

"But for how long?" Sophia asked.

As Eustace lay under a tree, he crossed his arms. There was no way he was helping with any work. Hadn't these people heard of rest, for heaven's sake. He eyed the crew, but no one was paying any attention to him. He grinned. Now was his moment to escape. He stood and brushed off his slacks.

"I'm not staying here" He muttered, to no one really, just to himself. As he began walking, he kept glancing over his shoulder, worried that someone would see him, but no one did, or if they did, they paid no attention to the sulky boy.

As he walked, the ground began sloping steeply up in front of him. The grass was dry and slippery but manageable if he used his hands as well as his feet, and though he panted and mopped his forehead a good deal, he plugged away steadily. This showed, by the way, that his new life, though he wouldn't admit it, had already done him some good; the old Eustace, Harold and Alberta's Eustace, would have given up the climb after about ten minutes.

Slowly, and with several rests, he reached the ridge. Here he had expected to have a view into the heart of the island, but the clouds had now come lower and nearer and a sea of fog was rolling to meet him. He sat down and looked back. He was now so high that the bay looked small beneath him and miles of sea were visible. Then the fog from the mountains closed in all round him, thick but not cold, and he lay down and turned this way and that to find the most comfortable position and fell asleep.

After his nap, when he awoke, he did not enjoy himself as he had planned. He began to feel lonely, being up there all alone. He tried to ignore the feeling, but it wouldn't go away.

"I wonder how long I've been gone" He muttered to himself. "I wonder how long I've been asleep for" He stood and once again brushed off his slacks. Suddenly, a horrible thought occured to him. Perhaps the others had left, not caring about him at all. He quickly began to descend the mountain.

At first he tried to do it too quickly, slipped on the steep grass, and slid for several feet. Then he thought this had carried him too far to the left - and as he came up he had seen precipices on that side. So he clambered up again, as near as he could guess to the place he had started from, and began the descent afresh, bearing to his right. After that things seemed to be going better. He went very cautiously, for he could not see more than a yard ahead, and there was still perfect silence all around him. Every moment the terrible idea of being left behind grew stronger. If he had understood Caspian and the Pevensies at all he would have known, of course, that there was not the least chance of their doing any such thing. But he had persuaded himself that they were all fiends in human form.

"At last!" Eustace said, as he came slithering down a slide of loose stones and found himself on the level. "And now, where are those trees?" He said looking around, remembering that he had come through a wood. He blinked. "Why, I do believe the fog is clearing" And it was. The light increased every moment and made him blink again. The fog lifted. He was suddenly in an utterly unknown valley and the sea was nowhere in sight.

"Oh No" Eustace whispered to himself. "Now how am I going to get back" What Eustace didn't know was that his adventure had only just begun.

AT that very moment the others were washingup in the river and generally getting ready for dinner and a rest. The three best archers had gone up into the hills north of the bay and returned laden with a pair of wild goats which were now roasting over a fire. Caspian had ordered a cask of wine ashore, strong wine of Archenland which had to be mixed with water before you drank it, so there would be plenty for all. The work had gone well so far and it was a merry meal.

It was while she was eating that Razier posed the question.

"Where's Eustace?" Lucy and Edmund looked up. Edmund narrowed his eyes.

"He probably left to avoid all the hard work" He said, frowning.