The Chronicles of Narnia: The Telmarine Princess 2

Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Chapter Eight: Transformation

It had been a week since landing on the Island and the crew was beginning to talk about leaving the Island. Caspian, Sophia, Lucy, Peter and Edmund knew that they could not leave Eustace behind.

"What are we going to do?" Lucy asked, when she and Sophia were alone. Sophia sighed.

"I don't know" She replied honestly. "I wish Aslan was here" Lucy nodded.

"So do I" She said. She turned to her sister-in-law. "It's so hard to return to my own world, especially when Edmund and I are the only ones who know where Peter really is" Sophia glanced at the younger girl in surprise.

"Surely Susan knows this as well" She chided the girl. Lucy shook her head.

"Seeing Peter's body like that caused her to snap" Lucy said quietly. "I think she wants to believe that he's dead to avoid the pain that Aslan didn't send him back"

"Surely she still believes in Narnia" Sophia said. Lucy shrugged.

"I don't know anymore. She sits in her room, staring at the wall and she visits Peter's grave every week" She replied. "Whenever Ed or I mention Narnia, she brushes it off as a game" Sophia couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"How could she do that?" She asked. "How could she just forget about us like that?"

"Because she believes Aslan stole Peter" Edmund's voice came from behind them. "Those were the last words she said before she began to convince herself that Narnia was just some made up game while we were bored at Professor Kirke's house" He sat down beside them.

"Have we decided what to do about Eustace?" Sophia and Lucy shook thier heads.

"We can't just leave him here" Lucy said. "What will Aunt Alberta say?" Ed shook his head.

"I don't know, Lu. I thought perhaps he could fly, but there could be stretches of water before we find land again" He said. Sophia nodded.

"Yes, and he could get too tired to fly all that way and he can't land on the ship" She said.

Eustace was of course a dragon and as such, his hearing was much better than it was when he was a boy. He flew to the cavern where he had become a dragon and sat there and wept. His cousins wouldn't leave him, of course, but how could he go with them. Were they all doomed to the island forever. As he wept, he began to scrape the scales off his flesh in hopes that he could tear the dragon skin off of his body. Suddenly, standing before him was the most majestic beast and he recognized him at once as Aslan, the lion that his cousins were so fond of. Aslan padded closer to Eustace and shook his furry head.

"You alone cannot get rid of those scales" He told the dragon. "I must help you" Eustace shuddered a little as Aslan came closer. He had never seen a lion up close and even though he knew that Aslan was a friend, he was still frightened by the intensity of Aslan's stare.

"You have learned from your greed and selfish ways" Aslan said. Eustace nodded, though it was not a question. Aslan breathed on Eustace causing the dragon to stumble backwards. Eustace fell into the creek and was completely submerged. While he was under, he heard Aslan's voice.

"You have become a dragon because of your greed. Now I will cleanse you and make you new again" As Eustace rose from the water, his scales fell off and his body shrank. As he stepped out of the water, he realized that he was once more human. He wanted to thank Aslan, but the lion was gone. Thankfully, due to his endeavors as a dragon, Eustace knew the way back to camp.

Lucy was sitting in the grass humming when she saw him come running towards her. Tears filled her eyes and she stood up as he crashed into her, giving her a bone crushing hug, which, if you knew Eustace from before, you would think he had lost his marbles. Lucy wrapped her arms around her cousin, returning the hug.

"Eustace, you're back. What happened?" She asked. Eustace's face lit up and Lucy knew at once what had happened. "You've seen Aslan, haven't you?" She asked.

Later, as they decided to spend one last night at the camp, Eustace told them about his encounter with the lion.

"So, what was it like... when Aslan changed you back?" Edmund asked.

"No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't do it myself" Eustace replied. "Then he came towards me. I was submerged in water and when I cam out, I was a boy again. I just want to apologize for how rotten I've been" Peter smiled and ruffled the boy's head.

"Ed had his own personal experience of that sort the first time we came to Narnia" He said. "It changes you" Eustace smiled. He did not ask about Ed's experience as he sensed that it was not something his cousin wished to talk about.

"We'd better all get some sleep" Sophia said. "We'll be heading out at first light"