Nekoken Is Out Of The Bag!

by Lord Archive

Characters are own Rumiko Takahashi and Shogakukan and are used without permission. All rights reserved.

This story takes place after Manga volume 38. While at times darker than canon, this series has its share of Takahashi styled humor.

Chapter 1 - The Cat is Out.

Akane raced down the street as a blizzard of questions ensnared her thoughts with no visible answers. Every time this had happen before, she had been in complete control. Now she felt like she was the prey.

The young Tendo girl rushed into an open door of a clinic and slammed the door shut behind her. She panted heavily, leaning against the barrier to the outside. Her eyes wild as she scanned the room for danger. She then blinked seeing a familiar face that she hadn't seen in some months smiling warmly at her.

"Why hello, Akane. Is something wrong?" Dr. Tofu questioned with a touch of concern.

"Ranma... in Nekoken... can't seem to... control... why can't I... control... don't understand...," she breathed.

The door shook behind Akane and a "Meowr" was heard. "He's found me!" Akane screeched.

Dr. Tofu thought this was rather strange. Then the door stopped shaking. "Is... is he gone?" Akane asked, only to be answered by Ranma's 'Meow!' as he leapt in through an open window.

"Ranma, NO!" the Tendo girl cried out as the boy pounced on her. Akane's body twisted as she attempted to dodge but ended up landing face down with Ranma on top of her. He bit into her hair and his body pounded into hers several times. He paused, raising himself off of her. He drew back his hand as if he was going to claw her from top to bottom when they were both doused with a huge splash of water.

Dr. Tofu's worried form, carrying a now empty bucket, was standing over them.

"Wh... What happened?" asked the bewildered and now female Ranma. She looked down at Akane and immediately jumped to the far side of the room away from the girl.

"You attacked me!" Akane shouted as she got to her feet.

"What?!" Ranma called out in shock.

Dr. Tofu bit his lip. "Ranma, she's right. You... SORT of... er... attacked Akane while under the influence of the Nekoken."

Ranma realized for the first time that Dr. Tofu was with them. "I... attacked her? Why would I do that? I mean... she's always been able to keep me in check before, why wasn't she able to now?"

Dr. Tofu grimaced. This was not the best way to approach this, but if he didn't do something soon someone would get hurt. "I think I could explain it to you, but... you might prefer it if we talked about this in private." Ranma started to head into the clinic's office as Dr. Tofu turned to Akane. "Are you going to be all right? Ranma did tackle you pretty hard..."

Akane winced as she moved her arm, but tried to hide the pain. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I doubt I was even bruised." She smiled at him. "It's good to see you back."

Dr. Tofu smiled back, a little sadly. "It's good to be back, my research kept me away for FAR too long." He started to follow Ranma into his office, and noticed the girl trying to join them. "Er, Akane, I think this would be easier to handle if you were to stay here for a little while."

Akane frowned, but nodded, taking a seat in the waiting room.

From her position, Ranma could still see Akane from where she was seated, even after Dr. Tofu partially closed the privacy curtain.

Dr. Tofu sighed, studying Ranma's face. "Ranma, do you know why some people can control you when you're under the Nekoken's influence, and others are not?

Ranma shrugged, casting a worried glance into the waiting room, but was thankful when the doctor handed her some hot water, which she immediately used to become a guy. "No, not really." She wasn't really paying much attention, after seeing Akane absentmindedly massaging her shoulder.

Dr. Tofu decided on the subtle approach. "Have you told Akane you love her, yet?"

Ranma screeched, "What?!" "Have you told Akane that you love her?" Dr. Tofu repeated. "ME!? Love THAT un-" He cut himself off when he noticed Akane looking up in his direction.

Dr. Tofu sighed, this was going to be difficult. "I take that as a 'no.' Ranma, this is very important. I will keep this in confidence, if you want, but, as your doctor, I MUST know how you feel about Akane."

"You sure you won't spill it if Kasumi shows up?" Ranma eyed Dr. Tofu suspiciously. Dr. Tofu smiled, tapping his crystal clear glasses. "Part of my research trip was to help me control myself around her. I think you can trust me... As I was saying... you DO love Akane, don't you?"

Ranma blinked. He looked at the doctor strangely. "Why do you think that I l... l... er, feel that way about her, anyway? I mean, we always fight, we insult each other all the time, we-"

Dr. Tofu decided he'd better interrupt before Akane decided to eavesdrop and heard what Ranma was saying. "WHILE I was on the research trip, I came across some... interesting... information on the Nekoken. The information explains some of why you react the way you do around certain people."

Ranma was getting a little impatient. "So what does that have to do with this? Why could she control me before, but not now?"

Dr. Tofu sighed. He'd better get this over with. "In order for someone to have a calming effect on you like Akane did, you need... well, the person needs two things from you. They need you to trust them implicitly, and... they need you to love them."

Ranma fell off the examination bed, hitting the floor face first. When he recovered, he started looking over at Akane, who was now reading a magazine in the waiting room. "Okay... t-that explains why she used to be able to control me. But... if I did l... love her, then... why has she lost that ability?" His face hardened. "Did I stop loving her? Do I no longer trust her? What?"

"No, nothing like that." Dr. Tofu considered his next words very carefully, he wanted to put it as delicately as he could. "When you fall into the Nekoken, your feelings don't change. If you love Akane as a cat, you love her as a human. If you love her as a human, you love her as a cat. However, when you change, your reactions become less human and more... cat-like."

Ranma blinked. "I don't follow."

Dr. Tofu sighed. It was time to be blunt, but hopefully he could reduce the damage a bit by explaining things further. "Well, first of all, Ranma, you didn't MEAN to attack her. Think about how cats behave: when a male and a female kitten are both kept as pets, and they are close, they tend to do certain things together. They rub against each other, they purr in each other's company, they groom each other, and they act kind of like what your cat form used to around Akane. However, as they... mature... they tend to demonstrate their closeness in other, more 'adult' ways. In other words..."

Ranma looked at Dr. Tofu in shock and stuttered, "I... You don't mean that I... I tried to... to... have... sex... with... No, I tried to... to... rape..."

Dr. Tofu nodded. "I'm afraid so, Ranma. In fact, to... lessen... the possible damage that this could cause, I think you should tell Akane about this."

Ranma stammered, "I-I can't. She won't understand."

Dr. Tofu looked at Ranma sternly. "You have to tell her. You put her at greater risk if you don't. And I think she will understand."

"I can't tell her this!" Ranma protested in a harsh whisper.

Dr. Tofu shook his head, "I don't think it is wise to delay it. You should really tell her now."

"I can't!" Ranma insisted.

Dr. Tofu insisted, "Ranma, you must tell..."

"I CAN'T!" Ranma angrily interrupted.

"Ranma!" Dr. Tofu was himself becoming upset.


"WHAT?!" Akane shouted.

Ranma froze. He just yelled what he didn't want to tell her.

Dr. Tofu smirked. "The cat is out of the bag. It's time to tell her everything."

Ranma nodded dumbly, thinking he had a decent life up until then. He awaited his execution at Akane's hands.

The Tendo girl was in Ranma's face now. "What do you mean you just tried to rape me?!"

Ranma tried to look away, but was trapped like a deer in headlights by her staring at him. He stammered, "I-I... It's just that, well, er, my cat side, well, it wanted to, um..."

Akane's eyes widen in shock, she could not believe what she was hearing.

"...m-m-mate with y-you," Ranma finished.

Akane continued to stare at him, unable to really think. "I-is this true?" she asked.

"Yes it is, Akane," Dr. Tofu answered. "Ranma, now tell her why your 'cat side' wanted to do that. I'll leave you two alone now." He left his office.

Ranma gulped audibly.

"W-why does your cat side w-want to m-mate with me?" Akane asked nervously.

"I-I can explain. Please hear me out on this," Ranma pleaded.

Akane nodded. While it was hard for her, she had been trying to listen to him before hitting for a while now, especially since the Jusendo incident a couple weeks ago.

"Remember when I first went into Nekoken and I kissed you?" Ranma squeaked out.

"Yes." Akane wanted to know where he was going with this.

"You got upset because you thought I would've kissed anyone," Ranma recalled.

Akane looked like she was about to interrupt, but Ranma motioned for her to remained quiet.

"It wouldn't have been just anyone else." Ranma swallowed hard. "I would only do that to someone that I felt similarly for."

Akane blinked, trying to figure out what he was saying.

"The feeling I have for someone when I've gone cat are the same feelings I normally have for them." Ranma took a deep breath, and looked at the floor, uncertain how she would respond. "The means to control me is be a trusted friend that I-I... l-l-love."

Akane's eyes once again widened in shock. Not believed he had finally said that he loved HER, and no way for him to deny it later. But if he had loved her before, then why had he attacked her? "Ranma, i-if you love me then... why t-the change?"

Ranma closed his eyes. "Because, I guess my feelings for you have, well, matured. I, er, well, my cat side used to react to you as a kitten would, but..." Ranma's voice trailed off unable to say anything more. As his words faded, his face became redder as he blushed.

"Now you respond to me as an adult cat would to his... to someone he loves," Akane finished.

Ranma nodded, blushing deeper than he ever had before.

Akane sat down on Dr. Tofu's chair. Her mind tried to digest what was just told to her. Ranma loved her, she knew that since China, even if he couldn't admit it until now. But, she never considered that if Ranma ever went into Nekoken, his cat form would try to express that love.

The Tendo girl looked up at Ranma. "Y-you want to have sex with me?"

"Well," Ranma admitted, "I... er, well, part of me does, at least. However, I don't really think I'm- er, WE'RE ready for this, yet."

Akane looked at the floor, still trying to figure out what to make of this.

After a long moment Ranma said, "Akane..."

Akane stood up slowly. "I... Ranma, I think we need to go home now."

Saotome followed the Tendo girl out of the clinic. He looked rather down cast. He had told her how he felt about her, yet she had yet to let him know if she returned his feelings or not. Not knowing had been killing him before, but now it was worse.

They walked home quietly. Akane was lost in thought over the revelation of what Ranma told her. She couldn't believe all the things that had happened before because of his presence, and now she had to worry about him ra... MATING with her when he slipped into his cat personality. She sighed, wondering if the insanity would ever end or just continue. Could she really live with everything that Ranma had brought and would bring into her life?

Ranma walked behind her. He wanted, no needed, to know how Akane felt about him. He couldn't bare the not knowing any longer. He nervously asked, "Akane, do you l-l... feel the same way about me as I do for you?"

Akane turned and looked at Ranma with a smile. "How about I tell you on a date?"

Ranma stared at her in confusion.

"How does Saturday sound?" Akane suggested.

Ranma wanted to know why she wouldn't just tell him. But she was smiling at him. And damn it, he couldn't say no to that smile. "You promise to tell me then."

"Yes." Akane nodded.

Ranma sighed. "Okay. You can tell me then."

Akane giggled and skipped down the street.

Ranma was pleased that she looked happy, but still desperately want to know the answer now. He was still a little scared since she hadn't told him how she really felt. He hoped the idea of the date was to tell him in a romantic setting or something, but couldn't get the nagging thought out of his mind that the date was just a set-up to let him down easy. As if being told 'I don't love you' could ever be easy to hear.

Nabiki sat on her bed trying to figure out what she wanted to buy with all the money she had acquired today through various deals she had made. She had noticed a shirt with a cute cat emblazoned on it after school was over. She was half-tempted to buy it just to upset Ranma. Especially since he had attacked Akane while in Nekoken. Something that was rather odd. But the abnormal was pretty normal for her house these days.

"Enter," Nabiki called out after she heard a knock at her door.

Akane quickly entered the room and then peered into the hallway as if afraid someone was following her. She then closed the door as quietly as she could.

Nabiki's interest was peaked from her younger sister's actions. "What can I do for you?"

Akane practically skipped to Nabiki's desk chair, and sat down. She began, "Nabiki, I need your help. I'm going on a date this Saturday with Ranma, and I want it to be perfect. That means I want no one interfering."

Nabiki calm demeanor slipped a little as she looked at Akane with her mouth slightly agape and asked, "You're going on a date with Ranma?"

Akane nodded furiously.

"It'll cost you," Nabiki answered out of habit. Her mind was already scheming with ways to make as much money as she could from this.

"How much?" Akane sighed, hoping Nabiki wouldn't charge her too much.

"Do you know why Ranma acted weird this afternoon?" Nabiki questioned, since information on the wonder boy always fetched a good price.

Akane was a bit confused that her sister would ask that. "Er...Yes."

"Okay here's the deal, you will cover all costs, tell me what happened this afternoon, and give the details of what happens on the date," Nabiki counted off her price. Course a few pictures taken during said date wouldn't necessarily interrupt it.

"As long as you don't let anyone else know," Akane replied.

Nabiki folded her arms. "Of course." She had no plans of 'just letting anyone know,' but she certainly could be paid for the information. "Now, what's the deal with Ranma going cat on you this afternoon?"

Akane fidgeted. "Not sure why it happened so easily. He only saw Shampoo as a cat for a minute before the change hit. He seemed a bit worried or afraid about something before it happened though."

Nabiki nodded in thought over what her sister said. Something was certainly going on with the Saotome boy, and she would bet that whatever scared him before Shampoo's arrival could garner her some quick cash if she could find out what that was. She could probe that mystery later as the answer to another was about to be answered for her. "Okay, do you think it could be related to why you couldn't control him?"

Akane paused to think about that. "I don't think so. You see, the reason I used to control him because of his love for me."

Nabiki eyes grew in shock.

Akane cheeks took to a deep red flush. "But now... he-he REALLY loves me. I couldn't control Ranma because he wanted to show me how he felt... um... physically."

Nabiki blinked, and then blinked again. "You mean he was trying to have sex with you!?"

Akane nodded. "I've known that he loves me, but I didn't think he felt quite that way about me. But while in Nekoken his feelings don't change, he just reacts to them as a cat would."

Nabiki didn't know what to say. This was literally the scoop of the year. She could make a killing with having undeniable proof that Ranma loved Akane. Killing being an appropriate term as Ranma's suitors proved with deadly intent at the fiasco of a wedding attempt to marry off Saotome to her little sister that they would not sit idly by and let their 'beloved' end up with someone else. However, there was one other piece to the equation that needed to be answered as well to determine the full value of all of this. "How do you feel about him?"

Akane whispered, "I love him."

Nabiki mentally swore. Unless Kuno was willing to sign over his entire estate, there was no way to reconcile the selling price and the potential damages that would result from the information becoming public. That and she really had to get used to the idea of Ranma as a brother-in-law. He wasn't exactly someone she liked to be related too, but her little sister could've chosen someone far worse. "Have you told him?"

Akane shook her head. "I plan to on the date."

Nabiki leaned toward Akane. "Why don't you tell him now?"

Akane sighed. "The way he told me wasn't very romantic. So, I want tell him in a way that was."

"Ahh. Should I come up with some ideas to solve his fiancee problem?" Nabiki questioned, knowing damage control would be needed in the near future. Sure, getting rid of the suitor brigade wouldn't help her make a lot of money, but it'd certainly help prevent unwanted expenses of replacing stuff that the jilted loves broke.

Akane nodded. "Any ideas you have would be a great help. Thanks, Sis."

It was a rare morning that Nabiki was walking with Ranma and Akane to school. While Ranma was a bit nervous about finding out how Akane felt about him on the upcoming date, her jovial mood helped set him at ease.

"Dr. Tofu didn't waste much time asking Kasumi out on a date," Akane commented.

"Nope, but that's why he went on his research trip," Ranma replied.

"Speaking of dates, Ranma, what are the plans for your date, Saturday?" Nabiki joined in.

Ranma answered in his normal intellectual manner, "Huh?"

Nabiki repeated, "What are the plans for your date with Akane?"

Ranma paled. If Nabiki knew about this, then how many other people did? "How... how do you know 'bout that?" he stuttered.

Akane answered, "I asked her to prevent anyone from interfering with it."

Ranma relaxed a little, "Oh, I guess dinner and a movie, but I haven't decided where."

Nabiki got a devious grin. "How about you let me plan it? I'll make sure it's perfect."

Ranma sighed. "That would be great, but I don't have much money."

Nabiki shook her pointer finger in the air. "Trust me Ranma. I'll keep your financial status in mind while planning it."

Ranma nodded, but the idea of Nabiki planning the date made him feel uneasy. Akane's smile, however, grew bigger as she knew that if her sister planned the date, the less of a chance that interference would occur. She made a mental note to remind Nabiki later what would happen if the date turned out bad, something to do with a serious sparring session in the dojo.

"Ranma, do you know why you went into Nekoken so easily yesterday," Nabiki asked.

"Not sure," Ranma shrugged.

"Akane said you were worried or nervous about something before it happened. Why was that?" Nabiki pressed.

"I... I was kinda going to ask Akane on a date," Ranma admitted.

Akane paled. She had splashed Shampoo for latching onto to Ranma. The young Tendo girl wanted to pound her head into a wall. If she hadn't gotten jealous, all the trouble she had yesterday wouldn't have happened. Then again, it was because he went into Nekoken that she learned of his true feelings for her. Maybe getting upset then hadn't really been THAT bad, but she vowed to control herself in the future. After all, Ranma loved her, not Shampoo or any other girl.

A small white and purple cat approached the Tendo home cautiously. The cat went over her plans carefully. She knew that Kasumi had gone on a date with Dr. Tofu. That meant only then Kitchen Destroyer would be left to cook, so the rest of the family would probably leave her beloved to deal with whatever slop the girl made. After her beloved justly insulted the horrible cooking, the Kitchen Destroyer would have nothing more to do with him. Leaving Ranma alone for Shampoo!

Shampoo crept though an open window in the back of the house and searched for Ranma. As she approached the bathing room she could hear that her beloved was inside.

Ranma was soaking in the bath, muttering to himself, "Why did she have to get upset about it? I ate half of it before I threw up. Hell, I even said she had improved." He then noticed Shampoo's feline form as she entered the room and stuttered, "C-C-C-C-CAT!"

Shampoo sauntered toward Ranma and jumped onto the ledge of the bath. She was about to jump in when she heard Ranma utter, "Meow." Her thoughts reeled at this. With Ranma having gone into Nekoken doomed her plans since she could never control him like this. If she upset him, she could get hurt.

Shampoo's moment of indecision cost her as Ranma batted her across the room into a wall, knocking her out cold.

"Meowr," Ranma uttered as he sniffed the air. He moved to the door and edged it open and exited. He went upstairs and straight towards Akane's door. He pawed at it trying to open it.

Akane, hearing what she thought was someone knocking at her door, yelled, "Go away!"

Ranma did not obey, rather he crashed through the door. He looked up and saw that Akane was clad only in panties and a bra and was about to put on her pajama top.

Akane had her back to the door and turned to the intruder, starting to shout, "Ranma! Why did... OH, SHIT!" She now noticed the boy was not only nude and rather aroused, that his stance was indicative of a cat. As if to answer her fears, he uttered, "Meowr." Her mind raced to figure out what to do.

Neko-Ranma, however, knew what he wanted to do. He took note of the strange cloth that would prevent him from doing what he wanted, and so with a swipe of his hand turned Akane's panties into confetti.

"Ranma NO!" Akane yelled.

Ranma's cat mind was determined to show how it felt, and pounced on her. She fell face first and was pinned to the floor by Ranma's weight and there was no means for her to get any leverage.

"No! Stop! DON'T DO THIS!" Akane pleaded, struggling beneath him.

Ranma started nibbling the end of her short hair, like a cat preening another cat.

Then with a scream, Akane's virginity came to a sudden end. She wanted to know why this was happening. Tears ran down her face. "Please stop, Ranma... Stop! Bad... bad kitty..."

Akane gave up struggling against him. There was no way to get him off of her until he finished and his body relaxed, and nothing she was saying was getting through to him. The only thing she could do was to try and get at least some pleasure out of this. She started to feel some sensations building up in her... but before she could really experience anything, he finished.

"Damn you! You couldn't even get that right!" She freed her arm from his now relaxed grasp and swung an elbow behind her, sending him flying across the room into the wall, head first. He collapsed, unconscious.

She sat there and began cry. She wanted to know why this happened to her. Why couldn't anything be normal between her and Ranma. Why...

Akane's thoughts were cut short as she heard, "Meow?!" She was furious when she saw the source of the noise and gave a bestial, angry shout of, "SHAMPOO!" Akane grabbed her shinnai that was resting against her wall and tried to strike Shampoo with it. The amazon decided now was a good time to leave and dodged Akane's rage filled attacks and leapt out the bedroom window.

The release of anger allowed Akane to recoup a little. She decided to drag Ranma down to the bath so they could hopefully be cleaned up before anyone got back. She grabbed her gi and a pair of panties first. She knew she was going to make gravel out of some bricks after she was done in the bath.

Once in the bathing room, she tossed Ranma under the shower. She returned to the changing room to take off her bra and then heard him begin to stir.

"Huh? Akane?" Ranma questioned as she turned around. He didn't really notice that she was naked, because of her tear-streaked face. "What happened?" he asked.

"Sh-Shampoo was here as a cat and...," she began as she looked down.

Ranma noticed now that Akane was not only naked, but had a small trail of blood mixed with white goo running down her legs. His mind reeled at the sight and looked at himself and noted that he bore similar evidence of what his fiancee was implying.

"Oh, GODS NO! I d-didn't...," he cried out, hoping what he thought just happened didn't.

"You did," Akane replied as if casting a guilty verdict.

"I-I-I'm sorry. I..." Ranma's mind raced to find something, ANYTHING, to say to her. To ask for her forgiveness. He could think of nothing he could say to correct this.

Right now Akane didn't want an apology. "Ranma. Please just clean yourself and leave me alone."

Ranma quietly did as she asked. Once cleaned, he went to the changing room and started to say repeatedly, "I'm so sorry."

Author's notes:

HOW long ago did I originally write this chapter? It amazes me how much my writing has grown and matured in the many years since I had first wrote this. Looking over this story yet again, I cringed at many things. Some of them being rather minor grammar mistakes, others being larger character issues- like Ranma talking about honor starting in chapter 3. (In Japan, honor is something that's never talked about, you live it.)

While the dialogue of this chapter has mostly been untouched save for a few lines, the changes of this revision improved the flow and level of detail of the story. Hopefully making things easier to read, characters are more in-character, and overall more enjoyable to be read.